Parish Bulletin - St-peter-in

Welcome to the Cathedral! If you are visiting today, know that
we are honoured by your presence. Our parish serves the needs of the
community in many different ways. If we can be of service, do not
hesitate to call on us.
We pray for the Sick
Maggie Benson, Anita Blackbourn, Kathleen
Condon, Lois Farrace, John Found, Fr. Reg Haines,
Fr. Bernard Heffernan, Frank Hoar, Bob Jaynes,
Martin Jonathan, Orm Kemp, Steven Killen, Glen
Lecour, Betty McPhie, Leah Michel, Mike
Rutherford and Theresa Witzes.
St. Vincent
Vincent de Paul
Monday Feb 2,
2, 2015
Presentation of the Lord
7:30AM ●Clare Shaughnessy – Sr. Sarah OCD
12:10PM ● Carlo Arcieri-Piersanti – Itala Arcieri-Piersanti
Tuesday Feb 3,
Saint Blaise
3, 2015
7:30AM ● Mrs. Jean McIsaac – Passionist Sisters
12:10PM ● Rita Heffernan – Madill Family
Wednesday Feb 4, 2015
7:30AM ● No Intention
12:10PM ● Rolf Hetzler – The Family
Thursday Feb 5,
5, 2015
Saint Agatha
7:30AM ● Special Intention – Edna & Family
12:10PM ● Holy Souls in Purgatory – Margaret L’Heureux
Friday Feb 6,
Saint Paul Miki & Companions
6, 2015
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
First Friday, 11am-12pm
7:30AM ● Living & Deceased Donors of the Perpetual Fund
12:10PM ● Barbara Murray – The Family
Next weekend is the First Weekend of the month and is, therefore,
the monthly St. Vincent de Paul collection day. Please be
generous in your support and Thank You!
Feb. 2nd: Feast of the Presentation of the Lord
Of the various Christian holy days that take place throughout the
year, Candlemass (or Candelaria), on February 2nd, may be one of
the least well-known ceremonies in the Christian world.
The celebration of Candlemass originated in the late fifth century as a
tribute to the light of God's glory that was manifested in Christ Jesus.
The earliest known observance within the Church was in the year AD
496, during the time of Pope Gelasius. In AD 542 the Emperor
Justinian ordained that the Eastern Church celebrate the festival,
which he called Hypapante, or "Meeting". The name was derived
from the Gospel of Luke 2:22-40, wherein Simeon the priest and
Anna the prophetess met the infant Jesus in the temple at the time of
his consecration. Simeon's prophecy declared Jesus to be the Lord's
salvation and "a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to
your people Israel." This passage continues to be the focus of the
Note: Please bring your candles with you for the blessing.
Feb. 3rd:
3rd: Feast of St. Blaise, bishop & martyr
Saturday Feb 7,
7, 2015
9:00AM ● Living & Deceased Members of St. Vincent de Paul
Vigil – Feb 7,
7, 2015
5:00PM ● Elizabeth Byrne – Jim Byrne & Family
Sunday Feb 8,
8, 2015
8:30AM ● For the Intentions of a Special Couple – A Friend
10:00AM ● For the People
11:30AM ● Connie Lagana – Terry & Jermaine Donaldson &
Elizabeth Robertson
Offertory, January 25t
2014 Receipts
Please note that the tax receipts will be available prior to
February 28th.
Sunday Masses
5pm (Vigil Mass)
8:30am, 10am, 11:30am
Weekday Masses
Monday – Friday
Saturday and Holidays
7:30am, 12:10pm
First Friday
7am-7:30am, 11am-12pm
Mother of Perpetual Help
Saturday, 8:30am
Exposition of the
Blessed Sacrament
First Friday, 11am-12pm
According to his Legendary Acts, while Blaise was being taken
into custody, a distraught mother, whose only child was choking
on a fishbone, threw herself at his feet and implored his
intercession. Touched at her grief, he offered up his prayers, and
the child was cured. Consequently, Saint Blaise is invoked for
protection against injuries and illnesses of the throat.
Tobogganing with the
The CAST team (Cathedral Altar
Servers Team) is going
tobogganing on Thursday February
12th! CAST members are asked to
come to the Cathedral Church at 5:00PM for a brief training
session, after which we will head to Armour Hill to go
tobogganing! Parents can pick servers up at Armour Hill at 7:30.
Tickets for Shrove Tuesday
Pancake supper will be available at
all Masses Feb. 7/8, 14/15. Please
buy your tickets so that we can best
prepare to serve you. Cost: see insert.
Surprise guests will flip your
pancakes and serve you dinner.
Ladies, mark Feb. 11, 2-4p.m. on
your calendar for a Valentine Tea
at the Bishop Doyle Hall. Come,
have fun together over refreshments as you enjoy the
entertainment planned. Bring a friend with you. 50/50 draw and
door prizes.
Knights of Columbus
Please support the Knights of Columbus T.V. Bingo on Cogeco,
Cable 10, every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm.
Votive Lamps next to Tabernacle
Jan 31 – Feb 6
One of the candles burns this week for a Special
Intention and the second candle burns for The
Souls in Purgatory. The suggested offering is $20
each. Contact the parish office to reserve a Votive
Special Collection for New Speakers
We wish to thank all of you for your generous contribution to our
special collection for new speakers at the front of the Cathedral
Church. In order to purchase and install the speakers, more funds
will be required, so we ask all those who are willing to contribute
to this worthwhile cause to please donate by marking your
envelope 'Speaker Fund' and placing it in our weekly offertory
collection. Amount needed for these speakers is $3,700,
collections to date is $2382. WOW! Thank you for you for
your unconditional generosity!
Praying for our Diocesan Community
This weekend the Diocese prays for St. Anne’s Parish.
Year of Consecrated Life
Clergy and parishioners are invited to a celebration at
St. Mary’s Church, Lindsay, Sunday Feb. 1st. Mass at
3pm will be celebrated by Bishop William McGrattan,
followed by a reception. St. Joseph’s Academy was built
and run by the ladies of Loretto, the first Religious in the
Diocese (1874), followed by the Sisters of St. Joseph’s of
Toronto, who became the Sisters of St. Joseph of
Healing Mass – Mount St. Joseph
There will be a Healing Mass in the chapel of
Mount St. Joseph, on Wednesday, Feb. 4 at 1:30pm.
Anyone living with illness or struggling with
personal issues are invited to attend for anointing and
healing prayer.
Our Lady Queen of Peace
Community Rosary
Tuesday, Feb. 10th
Rosary: 6:15pm
Mass: 7:00 pm
St. Alphonsus.
Coffee/Tea and treats following Mass.
Everyone is Welcome
Volunteers Needed
Needed for St. Teresa’s
School Breakfast Program
St. Teresa’s Elementary School has
recently started a before school
breakfast snack program and needs
volunteers to help put out food and
clean up (there is no cooking
necessary). We require people for
approximately 1 hour (8:15 – 9:00),
twice a month. We have a special
need at the moment for helpers on
Wednesdays, Thursdays and
Fridays. If you are able to help, please contact Lisa Davies at
705-743-7073. Thank-you!
$2.4 Million from Canadian Government to
Aid Displaced Iraqis
Development and Peace has received an additional $2.4 million
from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
(DFATD) Canada to continue its humanitarian response in
Northern Iraq, where there are currently over 500,000 people who
have been displaced from their homes due to violent conflict.
With this funding, Development and Peace will work locally with
Caritas Iraq and Catholic Relief Services to bring aid to 10,500
individuals. Shelters will be upgraded to help fight the cold, and
winterization kits that include heaters will be distributed. In
addition, hygiene facilities will be improved, water supplies
extended and six child-friendly spaces will be created to allow
1,440 children to partake in recreational, educational and
psychosocial support activities.
Visit for complete story.
Certificate in Religion
Religion & Theology
Program 2015
Courses held at Mount St. Joseph. Participants will receive a
Citation for completing each six-week evening course in this
program. Four Citations results in the Sacred Heart Certificate in
Religion & Theology.
Course 2: Wednesdays 7:00-9:00pm, Feb. 4 – Mar. 11/15
the Second Vatican Council: Impact and Relevance for the 21st
Century – Instructor: Donald Graham, PhD
Cost: $60 (includes course materials and refreshments)
This course explores the most significant event in the life of the
Catholic Church over the last 400 years. We will examine the
background leading up to Vatican II, the concerns that drove it
forward and the range of interpretations and controversies that
followed it. Get ready to delve into a theological examination of
the Council’s constitutions on liturgy, revelation, the nature of the
Church, and the Church’s relationship to the world. We will also
look at the declarations on religious liberty and discussions of
non-Christian religions.
For information please see our website or call Sr.
Krolowa at 705 745 5549
Marriage Preparation Course 2015
Bracebridge St. Joseph’s Parish Hall – 118 McMurray St
(Deadline Mar. 2/15) Mar 13-15, Friday. 6:30-9:00pm; Sat.
8:30am-4:30pm; Sun, 8:30am-4:30pm