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For Immediate Release – January 29, 2015
Wheels of Liberty Patriotic Exhibit Announcement
The Wheels of Liberty patriotic display highlighting exceptional Veteran, mobility-challenged and
Motorcyclist’s accomplishments will be announced at 9:00AM, Tuesday, February 3 at the Eau Claire
Travel Center, located at 29 Pines, 5924 33 rd Ave, Eau Claire, in the Town of Wheaton/Chippewa
County. The exhibition promises to be unique, exceptional and creative!
Wheels of Liberty is committed to helping the mobility challenged drive Motorcycles and other vehicles.
Success stories are many. Exhibits include:
I. The Million Mile Motorcycle exact replica – the 1991 Harley FXRT will include the original faring,
saddlebags, tour pack and seat. Also the 6 gallon spare gas tank used on the world-long distance ride,
31,068 miles in 31 days will be highlighted. The ride included 48 states in eight days.
Former State Senator, Dave Zien, used this cycle whenever the original was getting repaired. “People
expected to consult me and would stop me many times daily when they saw the Motorcycle and flags,”
said Zien.
The original, the world’s only Million Mile Motorcycle is on display at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum
and Hall of Fame in Sturgis, SD. Workers at the museum say that we have more requests to see Zien’s
Motorcycle, than all others combined!
Over the years, many individuals and groups have asked that Zien officially be designated in 157 World
Motorcycle related records (see enclosure). Some of these are perhaps unimaginable, much less
In retrospect, the difficulty and expense of maintaining a high mileage Motorcycle is insane. It is easier
and better to purchase a new one every few 100,000 miles.
Most repair and maintenance work order receipts, along with gas slips, back to 1991 are available.
Competition and challenge welcome!
A signed on the front, business card collection is exceptional. This was started in the 1972 during Dr.
Lorraine Missling’s UW-Eau Claire Business Communication Class. Several 100,000 signed cards are still
being collected. “Competition and challenge again are welcome,” said Zien
II. Zien’s 2011 Harley Trike with over 122,000 miles will also be displayed, along with the World’s largest
flags to fly on a motorcycle! These flags were flown with pride at the Harley 110th Anniversary Parade
in Milwaukee in August 2013. They were also flown at the Madison Veterans Day Celebration at the
State Capitol in November 2013.
Prominent are the 6x10 ft. USA and Don’t Tread on Me flags. The 4x6 ft. Christian flag along with 3x5 ft.
flags for POW-MIA, Canadian, and World’s indigenous peoples, NRA and the USMC totaling 219 sq. ft.!
(note: these flags were not flown on Zien’s 2014 Harley Trike, which had its seven year warranty,
stopped because of flag resistance. The Harley Company has since reinstated the warranty and
admitted that the clutch and transmission failure was not due to flags. But there is still controversial
negotiation occurring about flags, flag mounts and patriotic initiatives!)
-2III. Pictures, a short history and artifacts will be available for Zien’s 2009 Harley Tourglide . It was
used to log 252,970 miles in 23 months. A horrendous crash in Florida on March 11, 2011 saw the cycle
and Zien bounced and skidded 342 ft. The front end continued on for another quarter-mile.
Zien’s left leg, with over 50 compound fractures, was amputated 7 inches above the knee. He also
suffered a pulverized pelvis, broken hand and ruptured spleen which required six major surgeries and 32
pints of blood.
Amazing was the biblical passage on the front fender which was not dented or even scratched.
“Beloved I pray that in all respects, you prosper and be in good health – just as your soul prospers!” III
John 2.
This passage was also intact after being hit broadside by a deer on October 9, 2010 at 60 mph. The
whole right side of the cycle was damaged. At both accidents, the quote “Angels in Disguise and
Training – Are everywhere. Some among us, others within us. God Bless you, your loved ones and our
troops “was relatively intact!
“Prayer from my family, thousands of individuals, whole families and churches – along with the Hand of
God helped me survive! I am forever thankful and beholden, which drives me to seek a stronger
relationship with Christ, while helping others to be happy, healthy and successful!” admits Zien.
This cycle traveled the Iron Butt Association’s (IBA) ultimate coast-to-coast twice – from the furthest
south Road, Key West to the furthest north, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The second trip included the four
corners of United States and the Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills. Efforts are being made to
make this an IBA sanctioned ride and to do it again, with Zien this summer!
What remains of this cycle is at the Accident Scene Management (ASMI) Road Guardian Compound in
Big Bend, Wisconsin. The Million Mile Motorcycle Tribute Park will revolve around this display.
Just 5 months after the accident, he was on a 2011 Triglide, which now has 122,000 miles. In March
2014, he purchased another 2014 Triglide which now has 55,000 miles.
IV. Zien wrote and recited the poem, “Lonely, Wild & Free”, at the State Forensics Meet in 1967. He
served as Vice-President of the Wisconsin Better Bikers Assoc., which with Abate of Wisconsin was
primarily responsible for repealing the Wisconsin Mandatory Hemet Law. Wisconsin is the only state to
override a Governor’s veto of a Helmet Law repealed! He was the first Motorcyclists Freedom Fighter
elected as a State Lawmaker in 1988 Law.
In year 2000, he has inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum at Sturgis, SD, with Peter Fonda.
Peter and Dave also share inductions into the American Motorcyclists Assoc. Hall of Fame in Ohio,
National Motorcycle Museum in Iowa and the Freedom Fighter Hall of Fame, SD.
Each of Zien’s motorcycles has varied verbiage , biblical quotes and inspirational messages emblazoned
onto them. “The Lord indeed works in mysterious, supernatural and multi-dimensional ways!”
VI. This Wheels of Liberty Patriotic Display will be evolving for the next 6 months. To be revealed on
Tuesday, Febrauary 3, will be the first of 21 Patriotic signs being worked upon since October 2014.
-3Wheels of Liberty members are working with the Wisconsin Departments of Tourism, Transportation
and Veterans Affairs to develop Patriotic, Veteran and Motorcyclist publications. Also signage policy for
the current 44 named Wisconsin Highways and Bridges is being developed.
The first sign to be revealed is the "Wisconsin Law Enforcement, Firefighter, EMT and Citizen Soldier
Bridges", which span the Chippewa River on Hwy 29, just 5 miles East of the Eau Claire Travel Center.
"Many of us owe our lives to them" said Zien. The immediate attention he received after his March 11,
2011 crash, helped save his life. Many of us could be helped in the future.
Wheels of Liberty are coordinating a number of informational and empowering resources to be on
display. This exhibit will be continually evolving for the next 6 months.
For information contact:
Kimberly Riedel, Executive Secretary, Wheels of Liberty, 715-590-2407 - [email protected]
PO Box 8172, Eau Claire, WI 54702
Enclosure: Million Mile Motorcycle Records