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“He is Finally Happy & His Family is Accepting of What He’s Doing”
(NEW YORK) – Bruce Jenner is an Olympic gold medalist, father of six and patriarch of America’s most famous reality-TV family, the
Kardashians. But through his decades in the spotlight, Jenner never felt he could show the world who he really is – until now. “Bruce
is transitioning to a woman,” says a source close to his family in this week’s issue of PEOPLE. “He is finally happy, and his family is
accepting of what he’s doing. He’s in such a great space.” When Jenner sat down with his children to discuss his decision face-toface, at least some of his kids were stunned by the revelation. “Bruce told them everything – where things stood and what his plans
were for the future, what everyone could expect,” a family insider tells PEOPLE. “The kids came around pretty quickly, but each of
them had to process it in their own way. They’re trying to show him love and acceptance.”
Some in Jenner’s circle say they’ve known for years he was struggling with his gender identity. Behind closed doors, “he dressed as
a woman,” says a source in Jenner’s circle. “It was always very closeted. He would have other people buy him [women’s] clothes.”
Following his 2013 split from Kris Jenner, he underwent subtle but significant emotional and physical changes including undergoing a
laryngeal shave to minimize the appearance of his Adam’s apple in December 2013. And over the next year Jenner was
photographed with manicured nails, highlights in his hair, diamond ear studs and lip gloss. Kim and her siblings are behind their
dad: “Kim checked with Kris first. Once she was satisfied that Kris was emotionally okay, she was able to give Bruce her
unconditional support.”
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In the days since his 21-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in a bathtub and admitted to a Georgia hospital on
Jan. 31, Bobby Brown has maintained a vigil, spending hours bedside his beloved “Krissi,” whose mom was the late Whitney
Houston. At press time she remained unresponsive, breathing only with the aid of a ventilator – but family members had not given
up all hope. As the hours and days ticked by without any sign of a response, loved ones were forced to face the unimaginable: that
she might not recover at all. “Bobby is the one who will make the decisions,” the relative says of any plans to remove the ventilator.
The tragic scene comes within a little more than a week of the third anniversary of Houston’s death – in an eerie parallel, the superstar
was also found unresponsive in a bathtub, at age 48 in 2012. (Houston’s death was ruled an accidental drowning caused by drug use
and heart disease.) “She was distraught over the anniversary,” a source says of Bobbi Kristina. For Bobbi Kristina’s father, the
situation is “his worst nightmare,” a family insider says of Brown, 46. “Losing Whitney was hard, but this is a million times worse. To
lose Krissi the same way would devastate him.”
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On an August weekend in Cape Cod in 1961, President John F. Kennedy and Jackie were just vacationers – shirtless, barefoot and
hanging out with pals. PEOPLE features never-before-seen pictures, which will be sold on Feb. 19 by Boston’s RR Auction House,
that show another side of the First Couple at the vast Cape Cod estate of Jackie’s heiress confidante Rachel “Bunny” Mellon and
her husband, Paul, one of the wealthiest men in the U.S. The Kennedys reveled in a way they never did in the limelight: Jackie is
captured laughing, not trying to hide her size-10 feet and smoking a cigarette. “She never wanted the public to see her smoking,”
says her longtime Secret Service agent Clint Hill author of Mrs. Kennedy and Me. It’s like a curtain being lifted on the White House,”
says Keogh. “This was the real Jack and Jackie – the ones their friends knew.”
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• John Wayne’s Photo Archive: The estate of film legend John Wayne now owns some 100,000 images taken by John
Hamilton, who shot stills for 77 films from the ‘40s until the ‘90s before he died in 1997. He was able to “capture those
golden, special moments,” says Wayne’s son Ethan, who runs the estate. Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas and Michael
Jackson are some of the stars featured.
(p. 20)
• Magic Mike XXL: PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the sequel to Channing Tatum’s 2012 strip classic Magic Mike.
Tatum and his band of male strippers return July 1 in Magic Mike XXL. “It’s a road-trip picture. Mike and the guys get back
together and adventure ensues,” says director Gregory Jacobs. The cast including Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello,
Adam Rodriguez, Kevin Nash and Gabriel Iglesias are seen shirtless in this week’s issue of PEOPLE.
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