All artwork must be turned in to the library by
9:00 on the morning of Thurs. March 19
Show will open for viewing the following morning.
All work must be totally original without help from others.
Artwork must be created in the current year, since last March.
No copyright violations – (don’t draw Mickey Mouse etc.)
A label will be needed on back of each entry.
Label sheets are available on the FDA website,
in the art room & on the table in the school’s front entrance.
Entering in a variety of categories increases opportunities to win.
Label Information
School - Fort Dale Academy
Student – please print first and last name clearly
Divisions- (K-5 – Gr.1), (Gr.2-3), (Gr.4-6), (Gr.7-9), (Gr.10-12)
Very important must be filled out neatly and correctly to avoid division errors
Category – see list below
Medium – What materials did you use to create the artwork?
If you are unsure of category or medium please leave it blank & Ms.TK will fill it in for you.
Painting – (on any surface made to hang) – oils, acrylics, flat glass, liquid
crayon, liquefied pastel
Water Based – watercolor, tempera, finger paint, & watercolor pencil
Printmaking – Block prints, hand or sponge prints, nature or vegetable
prints, silk screen, etching & wood burning
Color Drawing – crayon, chalk or oil pastels, colored pencil, & markers
Non-Color Drawing – pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, graphite, & black felt tip
3 Dimensional –sculpture, pottery & ceramics, fabric art, jewelry, etc.
Collage/Mixed Media – paper cut or torn and pasted in place, or 2 or more
media usually wet and dry combined (ex. crayon and tempera or ink and watercolor)
Photography – Black & White and color prints - 4X6 or 5x7 prints are both
allowed (5x7 preferred)
Maximum sizes 3D- 4’x4’x4’ all other work 2’x3’
FDA 1st & 2nd place winners will advance to the District Art Show, April 1st.
Ms. TK will take all District Art to Heart of the Home be matted.
The cost to parents is $5.00 per mat.
State Art Show, April 24th – Faulkner University Gymnasium
All 1st Place District winners & Division (Gr.10-12) 1st and 2nd place winners advance to state.
Ms.TK will need adult volunteers to help hang our show on the morning
of March 19th. Please call or text 617-6074 to volunteer.