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autumn 2014
volume 49
number 1
image + identity [2]
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image+identity [2]
04 PCA General Manager’s report by Rachel Hancock
32 Al-Mutanabbi Street: keep talking… Where does one
project start… where does it end? by Sara Bowen
35 Australia in print
In the Summer 2013 edition of IMPRINT we published 14
articles on the theme of ‘Image and Identity: inventing
ourselves in print’. My call for articles in an earlier
edition of IMPRINT resulted in many other fascinating
submissions, now also included here. They testify to the
current strength of storytelling as the basis for compelling
contemporary prints.
Some of the featured artists focus on relationships with
a particular place or, by extension, stories long-associated
with it. In his Cook’s Conquest series of linocuts, Rew
Hanks mixes emblems of the old and the new, Australia’s
natives and its imports, to humorously challenge this
country’s grand myths of colonial settlement and national
identity. On a more local scale, Kim Tarpey’s prints reflect
her personal environmental concerns in the aftermath of a
major bushfire, while Juliana O’Dean’s collaborative book
with poet Les Murray documents landscapes to which
they are both connected through history or experience.
Place is fundamental to the very different print practices of
G.W. Bot and Alexi Keywan, the former well known for her
unique iconography of the Australian bush and the latter,
increasingly, for her stark emblematic urban forms.
In their empathy for refugees and asylum seekers, the
prints of Pat Waters and Inga Hanover bear witness to the
human consequences of loss of place and effaced identity.
To rebuild the ‘self’ in the aftermath of geographical
displacement and loss of order, the travelling exhibition
Semblance of Order names the essential condition for an
outward assurance of identity. Jazmina Cininas and Kati
Thamo look to their European heritage, and its folktales
in particular, to reclaim an imaginative realm for their
prints. In the context of identity politics, Cininas’s portraits
of female werewolves represent transgressive ‘others’;
Thamo also draws on archetypal imagery but weaves
a more personal narrative about family into her small
theatrical shadow plays.
Sue Fraser and Jonas Ropponen’s stories about personal
identity combine often difficult truths with humour; both
refer to the often indelible mark of childhood experiences,
broadened in Fraser’s case by her propensity for annexing
other stories to her own and, in Ropponen’s case, by his
development of alter egos to fulfill different roles in his life.
Lastly, as the West revs up to commemorate the start
of World War I, Jim Pavlidis’ print series provides a subtle
reminder of small local identities overshadowed by grand
wartime narratives. Pavlidis’ prints are the result of a State
Library of Victoria Creative Fellowship. Coincidentally,
this edition of IMPRINT also highlights the fruits of three
other recent SLV fellowships: a major exhibition (Colin
Holden’s Rome – Piranesi’s Vision), Angela Cavalieri’s
complementary print installation and Christine Johnson’s
botanical prints. I also commend to you Kerry Spokes’
article on her intriguing iPhone prints and Joshua
Searson’s article introducing seven dynamic young
Adelaide printmakers.
Happy reading… •
Sue Forster, Editor
image + identity
05 Rew Hanks: Cook’s Conquest by Elin Howe
06 Art and Community by Kim Tarpey
08 A Tale to Tell: the linocuts of Sue Fraser, printmaker,
by Sue Fraser
09 Jonas Ropponen: Seeking Identity and Selfunderstanding through Being an Artist, by Jonas Ropponen
10 Enchantment and auto-ethnography in Kati Thamo’s
Chasing Shadows by Dr Ann Schilo
11 The Girlie Werewolf Hall of Fame by Jazmina Cininas
12 Semblance of Order, introduced by Angela Butler
14 A Shadow on the Heart: seeking ‘Home’ in exile by Inga Hanover
15 Face to Face with Asylum Seekers by Pat Waters
16 Pictures of an intimate war. How a 100-year-old diary
sparked a new print series by Jim Pavlidis
17 Ancient Earth, Fresh Ground by Juliana O’Dean
exhibition p/reviews
18 Alexi Keywan – Some place else… by Travis Paterson
19 Interior murmur – the worlds of G.W. Bot by Maurice O’Riordan
20 Array – new works by Jenny Kitchener, previewed by Steven Giese
21 Explorations – new prints by Christine Johnson,
previewed by Morag Fraser
22 Angela Cavalieri’s Guerra and Amore by Sue Forster
24 Rome: Piranesi’s Vision at the State Library of
Victoria, introduced by Dr Colin Holden
26 The Print Circle’s The Sheltering Tree reviewed by
Carole Best
27 The Tree in Changing Light. Collaborative prints by Marianne Courtenay and Kathryn Orton, reviewed by Lucia Parrella
studio news
28 Adelaide’s Underground Cult of Print by Joshua Searson
30 There is no periphery. Celebrating the 5th
anniversary of The Art Vault, Mildura by Patricia Wilson-Adams
book review
33 Holding a Mirror to the World. Lateral Inversions: The Prints of Barry Cleavin by Professor Lesley Duxbury
new technology
34 IPhoneography by Kerry Spokes