Installing Side 1 av 3 Installing 1/30/2015 vw-wi://rl/N.en-GB

Side 1 av 3
– Remove soiling and coat surface of hole -arrows- completely with Molybdenum grease -G 052
723 A2-.
– Centre gripping pieces -T10205/11--3-“behind” wheel hub unit -1- with wheel bolts -3-.
Wheel bolts -3- must not protrude from back of the wheel hub unit -2-.
The gripping pieces -T10205/11- should prevent the retaining ring from slipping down the wheel
bearing during the pressing in sequence
Side 2 av 3
– Assemble wheel hub unit with wheel bearing together with the tools on the wheel bearing
housing as shown in the illustration.
1 - Threaded rod M20 -T10205/8-12 - Nut M20 -T10205/8-23 - Thrust head -T10205/134 - Hydraulic press -VAS 61785 - Bell -T10205/26 - Gripping pieces -T10205/117 - Threaded rod M20 -T10205/8-18 - Nut M20 -T10205/8-29 - Guide -T10205/15– Connect pressure gauge with connection line -VAS 6179/1- between hydraulic press VAS 6178- and hydraulic line for pressure application device -V.A.G 1389/1-.
Side 3 av 3
The pressures described below apply to the hydraulic press -VAS 6178- only.
During pressing procedure, the pressure read shortly prior to the end of pressing must lie between
90 and 140 bar.
The maximum pressure must not exceed 310 bar.
– Pull in wheel hub/wheel bearing unit retaining ring engages audibly.
Ensure the wheel bearing does not cant when pressing in.
– Install drive shaft → Chapter.
– Install ABS speed sensors → Rep. Gr.45.
– Install brake disc → Rep. Gr.46.
– Install brake caliper complete with brake carrier → Rep. Gr.46.
– Install wheel and tighten bolts or nuts → Chapter.