The Tigard Post
A monthly newsletter of American Legion Post #158
VOL. 17
8635 SW Scoffins Street • Tigard, Oregon 97223
Jim Waggoner
1st Vice Commander
Kent Erickson
2nd Vice Commander
Tom Curran
Bernie Healy
Finance Officer
Gary Baldwin
Service Officer
Tom Startin
Sgt. at Arms
Dean Johnston
Dick Gallien
Tom Harris
Judge Advocate
Jim Holton
E-Board at Large
Amber Stevens
Joe Bustos
Brenda Sherlock
1st Vice President
Helen Sullivan
2nd Vice President
Susan Hughes
Jim Waggoner
If you have been in the Post lately you
will see us updating our facility. I would ask if you could please have patience
while these updates are taking place.
This month there will be no reason NOT to come to your Post. We have a special activity going
on every week. Starting with The Sunday Super Bowl game and Potluck. The Starry Nite Players
will be here on Legion Steak night, the 7th (what a Hoot they are). Then the Auxiliary Valentines
Dinner, the Americanism Dinner, the Legion Prime Rib Dinner, and finishing off the month a
50’s-60’s Sock Hop. It will be a great month!
Note that beginning in February our Breakfast menu has changed. The price for the standard
breakfast remains the same, however we had to make some changes to reflect our costs.
Last, I would like all members to consider the servers that volunteer here are just that, non-paid
volunteers and should be treated with patience and respect.
God Bless, Jim
Nancy Scott
Phyllis Parent
Joanne Harris
Georganne Dorr
Sgt. at Arms
Sandy Watson
“E” Board
Nora Pirrie • Jane Erickson
Junior Past President
Joanne Harris
1st Vice Legion & S.A.L.
Membership is 85% (goal). 584 for
American Legion 2015, SAL membership
at this time is about 65% of goal. Take
advantage of Dual membership, only 15.00 a year for current Legion
Kent Erickson
This month is Blue Shirt meeting night.
Bret Lieuallen
1st Vice Commander
Kent Erickson
2nd Vice Commander
Jeremy Howard
Bernie Healy
Finance Officer
James Waggoner
Sgt. at Arms
- OPEN Chaplain
Jim Haworth
Brent Sherlock
2nd Vice
Tom Curran
New Year’s Party was a big success. Thank
you Riders and Legion members
for your help.
Next up will be Jim Holton’s Crab Feed January 31st. Tickets are $19.00
presale and $20.00 at the door.
I can always use volunteers for Legion Steak Dinners and servers Friday and Monday nights.
Be Well, Tom
The Tigard Post
Bernie Healy
FEB 2015
From The National Commander Mike Helm: Because of its
dedicated members, The American Legion is the nations largest and
most powerful veterans service organization.
Strength in numbers allows us to fight for--and win--legislation
benefiting veterans on Capitol Hill. Our large membership fulfills
vital missions on behalf of veterans and active-duty service
members in every community across our great nation. It is the combined strength of the Legion, Auxiliary, Riders and Sons of
The American Legion that honor those who served in ways no one else can-from laying flowers at grave sites to raising funds to
help military families in need.
Your membership plays a critical role in sustaining American Legion
programs, such as those that provide comfort items for wounded
service members,scholarships and programs for young people, as well as
immediate financial assistance for veterans coping with the aftermath of
natural disaster or economic trouble. Your continued membership is so
very important to keep our programs and services strong. If you have not
renewed please do so now. Thank you if you are a current member. Please
help us by reaching out to get your comrades to also renew.
Are you a member that likes your post but would like to see some changes
made, why not run for an office? Talk to one of the nominating committee Bob Sullivan, Joe Bustos or Mac McLaughlin and tell them what office you
would like to run for at the April elections, or have a member nominate
you from the floor the night of elections. NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE
Key Cards
If you have trouble
opening the door with
your card, please follow
the steps below:
• When you insert
your card in the lock, you will feel it stop.
• When it stops, give the card just a little
more of a push.
• You will hear a buzz - just pull the
door open.
Beavers Salute
Brandon M Praye - Brian R Blair
Dennis C Dimbat - Steven T Young
Kyle J Volk and Douglas D Bessert
Oregon State Athletics has begun a new
initiative this year called BeaversSalute
throughout the year choosing games from
various sports that we are offering free
admission to all active and veteran members
of the United State Armed Forces and up to 3 family members. At
these events we will also be providing BeaversSalute lapel pins to all
military. Below is the list of upcoming events. Please call our ticket
office at (541) 737–4455 to reserve your tickets.
Welcome to the Post!
1/17 – Wrestling vs. CSU Bakersfield @ 11am
Dennis W Hearn - Mitchell S Matthews
Allen Chamberlin - Edward Pavese
John Hanan II - Bruce C Logan
and Jon Carleton
New SAL Members
January 50/50 WINNER:
Bruce Scott
The #158 LOSER:
Matt Dailey
1/19 – Women’s Basketball vs. Washington @ 5pm
2/21 – Men’s Basketball vs. Colorado @ 8pm
Amber Stevens
Administrative Assistant - American Legion Department of Oregon
(& member of 158, Executive Board Member At Large)
FEB 2015
News From The Auxiliary
Auxiliary President
1st Vice President
Brenda Sherlock
Helen Sullivan
I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy this winter. It’s
cold outside but we have a warm atmosphere inside the Post.
Come down on a cold evening and spend time with friends.
Come join us for a special Valentines
Dinner on Saturday, February 14th. We
will be having our Americanism Dinner
on February 17th. If you would like to
hear from our Department President
Linda Liebenow, the participants of Girls State, the Fireman
and Policeman of the year while having a great turkey dinner
then please join us.
Our District 1 President, Ardis Snyder, was with us at our
last meeting and shared lots of information from the DEC
meeting that she attended the previous week. There is always
something to learn at the monthly meetings so please join us.
2nd Vice President
Susan Hughes
Another great month! Hope everyone had a great Holiday
Our January Auxiliary breakfast was great, and our 15th
annual Chili Cook-off was so much fun. It was hosted by
Millie Healy. Our Unit President, Brenda Sherlock won
1st place and the people’s choice award. SAL member Pete
Mapham won 2nd place and Phyllis Parent won 3rd place.
I want to thank our judges, Joanne, Brenda, Rose, Byron
and Steve and everyone else who donated food and desserts.
Also thank you contestants.
February 1st is our breakfast and February 14th Valentine’s
February 17th is Americanism Dinner.
Hope to see you at the Post.
Susan Hughes
If you haven’t paid your 2015 dues, please do so soon, because
if you come to the Legion, your card won’t work to let you in.
Also, you aren’t eligible for the Saturday night drawing if your
dues are delinquent. Further, the bartenders will ask to see
your 2015 card.
Be sure to come to the Legion on Saturday, February 14
(Valentine’s Day). The Auxiliary will be serving steak, potatoes
and the trimmings. And best of all, Bernie will be cooking!
Rainy Day Work Party!
On Saturday the 17th Jack Galbraith had a work party to clean the
post yard. If you remember it was raining quite good! Well, the
work party went on despite the weather, 7
members did a great job on the yard.
When you see any of them you might
want to thank them. Along with Jack there
was Pete Mapham, Byron Prickett, Ralph
Queahpama, Bob Beasley, Steve Kimball
and Harold Martin.
It was mentioned that Carolyn Wojan had some credit with the
landscaper and she offered to let him use it for the clean up.
(Auxiliary Emergency Fund) Chairman
Button, Button
Who’s Got the Button?
Please bring any buttons (shirt, blouse, dress or
pants) you don’t want to the Post for me to use for
a fund-raiser in March to benefit the AEF.
Put my name on them and I will get them!
Joanne Harris, Chaplain
As Auxiliary Chaplain, please let me know of any
sickness or distress. You can send me e-mail at
[email protected] or call 503 625-5143.
American Legion Post #158
Post Office Box 23482
Tigard, Oregon 97281-3482
February Events
February 1 - Superbowl Potluck
February 3 - E-Board Meeting - 7pm
February 4 - S A L Meeting - 7pm
February 7 - Starry Nite Players - 7-9pm
February 10
General/Auxiliary Meeting - 7:00 pm
February 17 - Americanism Dinner - 6pm
February 19
Legion Riders Meeting - 7:00 pm
February 28 - Sock Hop
with 50/60’s music “The Boneheads”
post 158
tigard, or
You know they say it takes a village to do a lot of
things and I am here to assure you it does take us
all working together to accomplish the task of 150
Christmas Baskets. We did assist 150 families in our
community to have a better holiday time than they
would have without all us working so diligently to
provide their baskets.
There is not enough space in our bulletin to individually
thank each and every one of you who contributed so much to the
preparation and distribution of the baskets and toys. Many of you spent time from
a few minutes to many, many hours to assure this program was a success and I
thank you all for your help. I learned a long time ago not to try to publicly thank
everyone as you take the chance of forgetting someone and then their feeling are
hurt. I just have to say how much I appreciate the support from those of you who
started the process with donations for toys back in August to the folks who were
hanging in there until the last basket was picked up on Monday the 22nd.
It takes a great deal of coordination with many folks in the Legion, in the Auxiliary
Unit, in the community and the businesses who support us with donations of
space and time. Some of you donated time to the shifts in the grocery stores as we
gave out information about our community involvement and asked for donations
of food or cash. Many of you came and wrapped on the 10th and the 18th so we
had great toys to give out with our baskets. Some of you were in the community
when we had to load groceries, then unload them at the Post and put them all
away and handle them several times in between. We could not have delivered the
amount of baskets we did without the people willing to drive and help in the low
income housing areas.
I just want to thank you again for your very hard work and your commitment to
the people in our community. We did a good job and we should be proud. ~Larrie