KVPL Doubles Cup Draw Quarter Final

KVPL Doubles Cup Draw Quarter Final
Sun 8th Feb 2015
Rob Freeman & Ben Crame (Marlborough Rugby B) V Steve Frost & Tom Mildenhall (Ramsbury Legion)
Venue: Marlborough Rugby Club
Bob Evans & Micky Witts (Burbage Legion B) V James Hawkins & Dave Ind (Bruce Arms A)
Venue: Burbage British Legion
Ricky Swatton & Jon Gregory (Burbage Legion A) V Kyran Atcherley & Ben Miles (Roebuck)
Venue: Burbage British Legion
Alan Kimber & Ian Preston (Ramsbury Legion) V Alistair Hunt & Mike Martin (Moonies Blue)
Or Alison Ward and Katie Ward(Bear A)
Venue: Ramsbury British Legion
* Matches are best of 3 games Unless Semi Final or Final where they are best of 5 games.
* Matches start at 8:00pm - players should give opponents until 8:30pm before declaring a no-show.
* Ensure your result is sent in.