Jerusalem Post Crossword Puzzle
by David Benkof
[email protected]
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1. Mayim Bialik joined “The Big Bang
Theory”’s in 2010
5. Paskesz ___ Toast
10. Performs a sweatshop task
14. Awards hosted by Canadian-Jewish
rapper Drake in 2014
15. Lynn Ahrens’s “___ is a Person, Place,
or Thing”
16. 1988 Conservative Jewish manifesto
“___ v’Emunah”
17. Bar mitzvah boy
20. Joel Grey’s “Cabaret” role
21. Alternative to a glass of Manischewitz
22. Canadian politician Bob
23. Dance Sammy Davis, Jr. was known for
26. Gornisht
27.___ Crown Jewish Academy (Chicago
day school)
30. 2014 “Bachelorette” Dorfman
32.___ Moines (Location of Lubavitch of
34. Scandal fictionalized in David O.
Russell’s “American Hustle”
36. Bob Hilliard song whose title is a term
of affection
39. B
acteria that may be a particular risk
with kosher chicken
40. H
e partnered with Rodgers on “South
42. Shalom from Sen. Brian Schatz
44. Embark (for) the Holy Land
45. Opposite of haredi
47. “Simpsons” neighbor Flanders voiced
by Harry Shearer
48. “Mad About You” character Buchman
and others
52. Andy Newmark band ___and the Family
53. God number in Ladino
55. Milliband and Asner
57. Uri Geller claims to have it
58. Bit of comedy on “Saturday Night Live”
61. S cholar Robert (“The Art of Biblical
63. Husband-and-wife comedy duo who
were regulars on “The Ed Sullivan
67. G
reek equivalent of the Hebrew letter
68. “___ Again” (motto of the Jewish
Defense League)
69. “___, Mikey, Jakey, Sam. We’re the boys
who eat no ham”
70. 1936 Palestine Commission
71. Alexander I, II, and III
72. “Nothing but ___” (Reform movement
anti-malaria program)
1. Part of the King’s mantra in “The King
And I”
2. He wrote the lyrics for “Under the Sea”
and “Be Our Guest”
3. Sephardic cookbook “The Well-___ Life”
4. City nearly destroyed in the Lebanon War
5. Voice actress Whitman (“Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles”)
6. Eilat-Baghdad dir.
7. Like Samson’s hair
8. The amount Gabe Kaplan spends when
he joins a poker game
9. Fanconi ___ (Jewish genetic disease)
10. “Shabbat is ___” (Paul Zim album)
11. (:-}# is supposed to be one of a bearded
man with peyos
12. Brooks of “Silent Movie”
13. Abbr. for the last word in a conservative
magazine edited by William Kristol
18. Yod preceder
19. Like a kosher hot dog
24. Levine of Maroon 5
25. He was president until he was 90
28. Indian version of the dish Esau served
29. Jeremy Ben-___, author of “A New
Voice for Israel”
31. State where Moses Alexander was once
mayor of Boise
33. In Israel, commonly heard sound in
July 2014
35. Asimov genre (abbr.)
37. Temple ___ (synagogue name in St.
Louis, Atlanta, and Beverly Hills)
38. She said, “If I believe in something, I sell
it, and I sell it hard”
40. Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs, e.g.
41. Sweeney ___ (Sondheim character)
42. Freud remarks during psychoanalysis
43. Al Capp’s ___ Abner
46. Kavannah, an essential element of
Jewish prayer
49. Six-Day War goal, vis-a-vis Jerusalem
50. ___ Y’mei Teshuvah (Ten Days of
51. Uses paint in anti-Semitic graffiti, often
54. The Old City has about 225
56. “I am ___” (2001 Sean Penn film)
59. ___ Yisrael (the whole Jewish people)
60. “___ neranenah” (Israeli folk song lyric)
62. Read Torah
63. Emulate Elijah at the seder
64. It might check the temperature of a
65. ___ neshama (yahrtzeit candle)
66. Advice-givers Laura and Ruth