STORM UPDATE (Tues., Jan. 27, 2015 12:00 noon

STORM UPDATE (Tues., Jan. 27, 2015 12:00 noon)
The parking ban in Meriden is still in effect and will remain in effect overnight tonight, Tues., Jan. 27,
2015, so that all roads can be cleared. A total of 50 cars were ticketed as of 8:00 am this morning for
parking ban violations.
Public Works crews worked through the night to keep up with the storm. Most roads have been plowed
at least once except for some difficult cul-de-sac's and dead end roads.
The State travel ban is still in effect. We are asking all residents to remain off the roads so that the
Public Works crews can clear all the roads in time for the morning commute.
There were 733 power outages reported in the Crown St/Willow St area. Power was restored in less
than 2 hours.