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DeWitt County Producers
February 2015
Upcoming Events:
February 4-6: South Texas Wild Hog Hunting Contest
Saturday, February 14: Valentine’s Day
Saturday, February 21: Yorktown Livestock Show
March 4-6: Cuero Livestock Show
What a Start to 2015
January has followed December moisture wise and it certainly has brought a many of
smiles to everyone’s faces. What a year for those who decided to plant oats and or
ryegrass. With the moisture and warm weather this has been an exceptional year for
forage production. This is especially true for ryegrass. Normally ryegrass doesn’t provide
much grazing until March, but this year January was an exceptional month. Mark this one
down it may be awhile before you see this kind of early ryegrass production again.
One can only hope that the rain continues to help replenish the water tables after four
brutal years of below moisture condition. We have to be careful what we wish for, but we
sure could use that one tank filling rain.
Grassburs in the Hay Pasture
The biggest concern for many producers the previous years is what can I do to control
One option starts now by the use of Prowl H2O pre-emergent. You can apply it in
February at the rate of 2 quarts per acre along with a surfactant. One concern we have
now is that with mild winter have all of 2014 burs been winter killed. To help knock any
left over burs we suggest adding 12 ounces of glyphosate (Roundup). Along with the burs
the roundup will also knock out winter grasses that tend to slow Bermuda grass growth in
the spring.
Once you apply Prowl, hope for a good rain to help activate the product. According to
BASF as long as you get a good rain within 2 weeks after application you should be
okay. At this time BASF has incurred some manufacturing problems limiting the product
supply. If you want us to apply Prowl don’t delay in giving us a call.
Grassburs in the Yard
Like pastures grassburs also thrive in home yards. Also, you want to apply your
herbicides in February and then follow up with application in May. One advantage
homeowners have is that if it doesn’t rain you can always turn on the sprinkler to activate
the herbicide. Herbicides available are XL, Balan, or Amaze.
To help wage the battle against the burs follow up with Easy Gro Premium Lawn Slow
release 19-5-9 fertilizer in late March or April to help establish a good turf.
Still Time for Soil Samples
A $5 investment for a soil sample maybe one of the best investments you will make this
year. We will continue to mail samples every Friday. I know it has been wet but don’t
hesitate and guess, soil test.
Things to do Around the House
-Set out bedding plants – New plants are here now
-Seed potatoes are here so pick yours up now
-Apply dormant oil to fruit and pecan trees to control scale
Control Broadleaf Weeds in Lawn
With all the good moisture this fall and winter, weeds in the lawn have certainly
flourished. No better time than now to control these pesky weeds. There are a couple of
options available to use for control. If you wish to fertilize early you can use a weed and
feed fertilizer or you can use Bayer’s lawn weed killer which comes either in a hose-on or
Cuero Livestock Show March 4-6
After many months of hard work, 4-H and FFA members will be exhibiting their animals,
broilers, and rabbits at the upcoming Cuero Livestock Show March 4-6 here in Cuero.
Things will start off on Wednesday with the Commercial Heifers and Market hog show,
followed on Thursday by broilers, rabbits, goats, lambs, and steers. Sale of the winning
animals will take place on Friday, March 6. Make your plans to come out to support the
youth of DeWitt County.
Gophers: What Can I Do?
Gophers can easily cost 5-10% production loss in coastal hay fields. The fact that you
fertilize these areas where the mounds are and yet no production, along with the
production loss the wear and tear on hay equipment even makes this more of a reason to
control the pesky critters. At this time, we have a good supply of bait and the gopher
machines to apply it with. Also, if you wish to treat mounds around the house we have
some hand applicators for sale also. Come take a look.
Hog Hunting Contest
The 21 annual hog hunting contest will be held Friday, February 6 to Sunday, February
8. You can pre-register again this year. Contact the extension office for details @ 2750816.
Thanks for the business,