Current Prayer Needs

Prayer Requests (2-8-15)
*For our men and women in the armed services.
*Missionaries in harm’s way throughout the world.
Kenny Bisha Goma asked our church-wide prayer chain to pray for him and
his orphanage in Zambia. He is running an orphanage with 34 children, and
asked us to pray for God's provision for it. Also, Dirk & Sue Schnarr asked our
church-wide prayer chain to please pray for them as they go to live in
Lusaka, Zambia.
Please pray for protection for all missionaries who risk their lives to proclaim
the Word all over the world. Pray for God’s protection over them and that
their ministries will bring many to Christ.
*For those grieving:
Please pray for the family and friends of:
Aunt Joan (Gretchen Browning’ aunt), Kyliah Walker, (premature baby)
Charlotte and Curtis Collier’s neighbor Dawn’s baby, Barbara Ward, (Michael
Widner’s son-in-law’s aunt), Casey and Colleen Spencer’s daughter-in-law’s
dad, James Moore, Chris Burton, and David Berry’s cousin, Margo’s husband,
Rick (Bob Darden’s brother). The Green family; Shirley Jones' niece passed
away in a tragic car accident. Her husband survived, but she and the baby
did not. (They also have two smaller children). Danny VanDyke (Tiffani
Goodin’s friend’s dad), Robert Hoke, Sherry Murray's sister-in-law Linda’s
mother, Jerry Polk, Michael Spiess (friend of the Brownings), May
Norris(Pauline Coburn’s aunt), Shane Schafer’s father, Ken Schafer, the son of
a friend of Nana Rodgers, Joshua, Larry Dillworth, and Linda Douglas (a friend
of DeeAnn Novakosky’s), Lane Smith, Charlsie Swadley, and Larry Norris.
*Praise for Who God is.
*Our Country’s Leadership: Godly wisdom and direction for our leaders.
*Pray for Ongoing Ministries:
Estelle Faith First Initiative: Pray for the teachers and inmates who will be
living and teaching in the new Faith Based Wing at the unit. Pray for
Christian growth for all and for the ministry to expand.
Restore Texas Ministries: Our mission is to equip men to succeed in life by
discipling them in Christian character and training them in skilled work. RTM
will be taking men who have completed a Christian addiction recovery
program and training them in on-the-job work programs. Please pray for
qualified applicants who will be entering the program very soon.
*Those who have cancer and for their families and caretakers
Debbie Pool (Leukemia, in remission at this time. Pray for continued good
health). Sherry Murray is done taking chemo and her last scan results were
good. Thank God that her body has responded to this treatment. She
began a preventative drug recently. Pray for very minimal side effects and
that she will continue to feel well and her cancer will continue to be in
check. Pray for strength and peace from God for her and Terry, and that she
will be completely healed. Thanks so very much for your prayers. Please
pray for Marvin Raney, Cordy Raney's father, who is battling colon cancer.
He seems to be doing pretty well right now. Please continue to pray for
healing for him and peace for his family. Thank you for all your prayers!
Georgia Williams is asking that we pray for her healing as she goes through
the chemo treatments to treat her breast cancer. Pray that God will give
strength to her and her family. Alua, (Karla Darden’s friend) has been
diagnosed with breast cancer. Please pray for healing for her as she
undergoes chemo. Susie Cecil, Melissa Purgahn’s aunt, was diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer which is in remission at this time. Please pray for God’s
care and grace for Susie and that the cancer will be controlled. A close
friend of Max Coleman’s has been diagnosed with a type of cancer. Please
pray that the treatment the doctors prescribed for him will be used by God
to The first of two surgeries to reverse heal him. Please pray for Tanya
Johnson’s aunt Arlene Mullally. The first of two surgeries she needed went
very well. Please continue to pray for wisdom for the doctors, healing for
Arlene and peace for her and her family. Cheryl McCracken is undergoing
chemo treatment for a cancerous breast tumor. Please pray for healing and
comfort at this time. Keary Vaughn's niece, Crystal, is 15 years old and went
into the hospital recently to remove a lump in her breast. The lump was not
cancerous, but they discovered another lump beneath the first one. They
will biopsy the second lump and if it comes back positive for cancer, they
will have to remove it. Please pray for the best outcome for the test and
pray for peace for Crystal and her family and wisdom for the doctors who
treat her.
Please pray for Jamie Skaggs’ uncle, George Kelly. He has recently been
diagnosed with liver cancer. He is at home now and making the best of the
time he has left. Please pray for him to be drawn back to the Lord during his
remaining time.
*Those who have heart problems:
Donn Seale (Please pray for God’s continued protection over Donn. His last
check- up was great. Praise God for his care and healing). Please continue
to pray for Don Keil. His cardiologist prescribed new medication to strengthen
his heart. Please pray that the treatment the doctor prescribed for Don’s
heart issues will be successful and will not affect his kidney function adversely.
*Those with other health issues:
Please continue to pray for T.F. (Gretchen Browning’s sister). Her leg wound is
not healed, but it is not worse. Her lifestyle is very limited because of her
health issues. When the LORD brings her to mind, please pray for HIS glory
and will in her life. Also pray for Norma and Chuck, (Gretchen’s parents).
Please pray for pain relief for Norma and for strength for Chuck, the
caregiver. Pray for God’s grace for this family. Please pray for Len George,
who became paralyzed almost two years ago. He has been battling bed
sores for all of that time. Please pray for his bedsores to heal completely and
for no more infection so that he can start the rehab he needs soon. Please
continue to pray for Bobby Reynolds. Praise God, his physical condition is
good, but his problems with mental clarity have worsened. Pray that God
gives him peace and takes away the mental turmoil that sometimes affects
him. Parker, 15 mos. old, (Nana Rodger’s friend’s nephew) was born with a
severe heart defect. He was scheduled for surgery for his heart in February,
but the surgery was postponed. He has improved and his surgery is back on
for February. Please pray for Parker and parent s and for a successful
surgery. Please continue to pray for the Henderson fami y, Beth Primm's
friends. Their adopted daughter Maggie has had a stroke and two brain
surgeries to relieve abscesses in her brain. She has been at home for several
weeks and is doing miraculously well. She has a heart defect that will have
to be dealt with in the future, so please pray for God to heal her and give her
family peace and strength as they go through this illness with her. Andrea
Schafer’s friend’s baby, Amira, was born at 22 weeks and had some heart
and hearing issues at birth. She is doing miraculously well and her hearing
issues are improving. Please continue to pray that she may be able to
develop normally. Please pray for Keary Vaughn's back. Please pray for
complete healing as he is in constant pain, although his current treatment is
helping some. Please pray for wisdom for the doctor as he decides on further
treatment. Please continue to pray for Tiffani Goodin's mom, Ronda Goodin.
She has been fighting many complications since her surgery. She developed
blood clots in her legs, her surgical wounds have not healed correctly, and
most recently, she had a skin graft that did not take. She is taking blood
thinners to dissolve the blood clots. Please pray for her wounds to heal, that
the medicine will dissolve the blood clots and that God will protect her from
more complications. Tammy Hensel is asking prayer for her brother-in-law,
Aaron Meyrick. He has an aneurysm in his brain. He will be having the
surgery soon. Please pray for a safe and successful surgery and God’s grace
and protection through this surgery. Please continue to pray for Wayne Pool.
His heart has continued to decline and he now in Cardiac ICU at St. Luke’s.
He is now #1 on the transplant list and is waiting for a suitable transplant to
become available. Pray that this happens soon and please pray that God’s
hand is in this process and will be evident to all who are involved, Also,
please pray for peace for the Pool family. Please continue to pray for Evelyn
Nagle who is battling health issues and problems with her legs. Please pray
for complete healing to her legs. Please pray for our pianist, Randi Jackson,
who is recovering from a cracked rib and is recovering from the flu. Nicki, the
daughter of Dave Smith, Director of the Good Shepherd Mission, had her
second baby recently by emergency C-section at 26 weeks. The baby was 2
pounds 9 ounces and will be in neonatal for 10 weeks. The next day Nicki
had surgery for an abscess around the C-section incision due to a staph
infection. Please pray for Nicki’s healing and for the baby to be healthy and
to develop normally. Please pray for healing for Sylvia Elmer. She has been
suffering from an inflamed duodenum, several ulcers, C-tiff (loss of good
bacteria due to prolonged antibiotic usage) and weight loss. She is feeling
a little better, but is a long way from normal. Please pray that God will give
wisdom to the doctors and a miraculous healing for Sylvia. Please pray for
Patrick Novakosky. He had his first radiofrequency ablation treatment on his
esophagus Jan. 30th. Pray that this will be very effective with minimal
discomfort. Trish Bowman is asking for prayer for her friend, Millicent’s
grandbaby, Tori, She still has blood clots and a heart condition called SVT.
Please pray for healing for Tori and for comfort for her family. Chris and
Christina Shippey (Cordy Raney's friends) are expecting their second child.
FOHC prayed for their first baby, Malakhi, last year as he was born
premature at 31 weeks. Christina is now 32 weeks with her daughter,
Brooklyn, and they believe she's going into labor prematurely again. Please
pray that Brooklyn stays healthy, that her labor stops, and she is able to carry
her until closer to term. Please pray for Tanya Johnson’s sister-in-law’s dad,
David DePrang. He was taken to the ER at Baylor Medical Center at
Grapevine because of his red, swollen feet last week. They are concerned
with a blood clot. There was little or no pulse in his feet. Please pray for
wisdom for the doctors and for healing to David’s feet. Please pray for
Mandy and Jared Murphy (Melissa Purghan’s brother and sister- in- law)
who are expecting twins . Mandy went into labor last week (30 weeks ) but
the labor stopped and she is on complete bed rest. Please pray that she will
be able to carry the babies until closer to term. The babies are girls and their
first children.