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Corpus Christi Church - Langbank Avenue, Coventry. CV3 2QP
St. Anne’s Church - 2, Dunsmore Avenue, Coventry, CV3 3AG
Tel: 024 76448170. Email: [email protected]
Parish Website: www.cccov.org
Deanery Website: www.coventry-catholicdeanery.org.uk
Registered Charity No: 234216
The Parish Priest: The Reverend Father David Gnosill, B.D., S.T.L.
Times of Masses and Services: 31st January - 8th February 2015
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Saturday Corpus Christi 5.00 pm Walter & Kathleen Fearick: Caroline Thomas:
Gemma Clifford: Margaret Gavin
Sunday St Anne’s
9.00 am Thomas & Mary Gleeson: Mary McEnery: Jack Furlong
Corpus Christi 10.30 am May Powell: Kathleen McLean:
Anthony & Bridget McGuinness
10.00 am
7.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am
9.30 am
9.30 am
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10.00 am Corpus Christi Convent No Service this week
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Sacred Heart Requiem Mass Joan Lynch
Corpus Christi Patrick Diver: Sr Marguerite
Corpus Christi The Holy Souls: Winnie Beech
St Anne’s Esther McGrath: Michael & Julia Johnson
St Anne’s To End Abortion: The Holy Souls
This weekend
Catholic Education
Next weekend
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Saturday Corpus Christi 5.00 pm Nora Shannon: Karen Cunningham: Frances Baxter
Sunday St Anne’s
9.00 am Esther McGrath: Kazy Bieliauskas: Bob & Christine Angliss
Corpus Christi 10.30 am Confirmation Annie, Sean & Fergus Conlon: Peg Fox
Exposition & Benediction of The Blessed Sacrament:
Every Tuesday evening in Corpus Christi beginning at 6.00 pm
Confessions - After all Masses, and by appointment, except Sunday.
St. Anne’s Sanctuary
Lamp Intention
This week:
Next week:
The Rosary - Prayed in St. Anne’s, Thursday & Friday mornings starting at 9am.
Saturday 31st January
5.00 pm Caroline Ward
Pat Timmons: Christine Angliss: Marie Anne Bowell
Sunday 1st February
9.00 am School Teachers/Governors
Bob Angliss: John Fallan
10.30 am School Teachers/Governors
Lucy Ojomo: Mary Pearson: Trevor Bloodworth
Saturday 7th February
5.00 pm Claire Reay
Tony Kirby: Helen Ward: Stewart Richardson
Sunday 8th February
9.00 am Bob Angliss
Jim Rossiter: Pat Kennedy
10.30 am Confirmandi
Sacred Heart Candle
This Week: Robert Lee
Next Week: Margaret Duddy
Infant of Prague Candle
This Week:Malcolm Knight
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Our Lady Candle
This Week: T Mann & Mona Hall
Next Week: Jose Janota
St Padre Pio Candle
This Week: Margaret Duddy
Next Week: Mary Pearson
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Corpus Christi
St. Anne’s
Second Collection
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St. Anthony Candle
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St. Clare Candle
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St. Joseph Candle
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Next Week: Malcolm Knight
St. Juliana Candle
This Week: Malcolm Knight
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Candle: £3.50.
Sortitio / Lottery
Winner: M. Fern
Winner: T. Hogan
Amount: £25.00
Amount: £25.00
This is Corpus Christi’s weekly Parish Lottery. Numbers are
on sale before and after Mass in the Church porch. Each
number costs £1. Half the money goes to the Re-decoration
Fund and the other half is divided equally between two lucky
Confirmation Day
Next Sunday, the 8th February at 10.30am in Corpus Christi Church 15 young members from the parishes of Corpus
Christi and St. Anne’s will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. His Grace Bernard Longley, the Archbishop of Birmingham will be the main Celebrant at that Mass. His Grace will be joined by his secretary Rev. Fr. Dominic Cosslett, who
will concelebrate Mass along with Fr. David.
Let us remember these young people and their families in our prayers and let us make welcome all our visitors that day.
As there will be a lot of visitors in Church that day reserved seating will only be for the Confirmandi, their sponsors and
the choir.
Communion Classes for Children attending non-Catholic Schools
Classes for Children attending non-Catholic schools begin on Saturday 7th February at 10.15am in the Fr. Tuite Room.
Communion Dates for all, Catholic and non-Catholic schools in the two Parishes are:
Corpus Christi Parish -Saturday 6th June at 10.30am.
St. Anne’s Parish - Saturday 13th June at 10.30am.
Unused Rosary Beads
The Catenian Association are looking to send any unused Rosary beads to the islands in the Pacific. If you have any Rosary beads that you are not using and would like to donate them to this worthy cause then please leave them in the sacristy. Thank you to those who have already brought some in.
Of your charity
Please pray for the souls of Joan Lynch, Anne Deehan
(formerly known as Anne Hingley) and Josephine Janota who
have recently died. Joan Lynch’s Requiem is on Tuesday 3rd
February at 10am in the Church of the Sacred Heart. Fr. David will be offering the Mass. Anne Deehan’s Requiem is on
Thursday 19th February at 10.30am in Corpus Christi. Her
body will be received into church the night before at 5pm.
Josephine’s Requiem is on Thursday 12th February at 10am in
Corpus Christi. Her body will be received into church the night
before at 7pm, followed by the Mass of the day.
May these and all who sleep in Christ find light, happiness
and peace.
The Forever Young Club
The Forever Young Club, meets every Thursday at 1pm
in the Fr. Tuite Room in Corpus Christi.
The club is a group that meets for socialising and friendship; a cup of tea and a game of bingo. The group is
open to all. If you would like to meet new people, then
why not pop in next Thursday, and come and see for
The Feast of St. Blaise: Tuesday 3rd February
The traditional blessing of the Throat will take place after
the 7pm Tuesday evening Mass in Corpus Christi Church.
Corpus Christi Church and School Grounds
As work on the extension of the school comes to an end we as Church and School will be in a better position to address
the condition of the service road and the exterior lighting. We are probably best to wait for the cold weather to pass before we start any major work on the road. In the meantime you are asked to be vigilant of pot holes and take extra care.
Ash Wednesday
St. David’s Day
St. Chad
St. Casimir
Mothering Sunday
St. Patrick’s Day
St. Joseph
The Annunciation
Palm Sunday
February 18th
March 1st.
March 2nd
March 4th
March 15th
March 17th.
March 19th
March 25th
March 29th
April 5th
Education Sunday: 1st February
This Sunday is Education Sunday. On this day we are reminded why Education
and Catholic Schools are important in the life and mission of the Church.
The first reason why Catholic schools exist is to place Christ and the teachings
of the Catholic Church at the centre of peoples lives. The second reason is to
assist parents in fulfilling their role as educators. The third reason is to be at the
service of the local Church and finally the fourth reason is to contribute to the
creation of a society that is highly educated, skilled and cultured.
On this Sunday let us pray for all those who teach and work in and for our
schools. May they be given every respect as they continue to bring variety, joy
and inspiration to those children who have been entrusted to their care, and
may their lives proclaim the Gospel Values to all who meet them.
Candlemas Day: The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord
The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, 2nd February, falls on a
Monday this year. It’s hard to think it will be 40 days that day since
Christmas . (less than 9 weeks to Easter if you're interested). There
will be no Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion in Corpus Christi Convent that day. If you are going to Mass in one of the nearby
churches then please be generous and offer those without transport
a lift who would like to go and attend Mass that day.
Parents Meetings for First Holy Communion for both parishes
First meeting
Second meeting
Third meeting
Thursday 26th February .
Thursday 26th March.
Thursday 14th May.
All the above meetings will take place at 7.15pm in Corpus Christi
Catholic Partnership Supply Service (CPSS)
The CPSS is provided by the Birmingham Catholic
Primary Partnership. The aim of the service is to
develop a qualified and professional Catholic supply team. Are you a teacher or a teaching assistant? Would you like to become part of this valued
supply team?
For more information visit: www.cpss.org.uk
email: [email protected] or phone: 01216656314
Ash Wednesday: 18th February
Ash Wednesday falls during half-term this year.
Can parents/grandparents/guardians please encourage your children to begin Lent by attending
Mass with the distribution of ashes that day.
St. Anne’s
Corpus Christi Mass