Adult Bible Classes, Spring 2015

Adult Bible Classes, Spring 2015
I Corinthians: A Church with an Identity Crisis
Teachers: John Wilson and Randall Chesnutt
Plaza Classroom 190
Time: Sundays 9 A.M.
Some people say that modern churches are suffering from an “identity crisis.” But at least we don’t appear to be as mixed
up about cultural issues and true priorities as was the church of Christ in ancient Corinth. In this class we will see what
insights we can gain from the brilliant letter Paul wrote to them, trying to help them know how to live in a hostile world, and
keep from majoring in minors.
Grasping the God of Genesis
Teacher: Danny Mathews
Plaza Classroom 189
Time: Sundays 9 A.M.
This class will be a study of the book of Genesis focusing primarily on how God is portrayed in the book and how this
portrayal can help us improve our relationship with God and others.
A House On The Rock:
Coordinators: David Lemley, Gary Selby
Site: Fireside Room
Time: Sundays 9 A.M.
This class is a focused examination of Matthew 5-7, and will include both memorization and class discussion of selected
Matthew and the Margins: The Gospel of Matthew
(A class developed for School of Law Students/Young Professionals)
Teacher: Albert Sturgeon
Site: 24508 Mariposa Circle (Drescher Campus)
Contact Number: 310.506.7695
Time: Sundays, 9:00 A.M.
“Matthew and the Margins” is a textual study of the Gospel of Matthew for graduate students.
Al Sturgeon will lead the verse-by-verse discussion.
The Supremacy of Christ: Surrendering Our Idols
(Campus Ministry Discussion Group)
Teacher: Rich Little
Site: Fireside Room
Time: Sundays, following worship (noon)
Dating and Preparing for Marriage*
(A class for seriously dating or engaged couples)
Susan Giboney
Site: AC Classroom 290