flyer - Austin Trials

Smithville Off-Road and Trials Authority
ROUNDS 1 & 2
FEBRUARY 7th & 8th, 2015
Saturday: AM – Wayne McMahan / PM – Tony Wedgeworth
Sunday: AM – Corey Reece / PM – Bobby Reece
open 8:15-9:15 & 12:30-1:30
9:30 A.M. Start on Saturday; 9:00 A.M. Start Sunday
All riders are expected to attend AM riders meeting, all riders are expected to judge if asked.
The Trialsmasters have come up with some great ideas ready to challenge all classes at Smithville.
AM Classes: Cadet, Cadet Sr., Rookie, Novice, Adv Novice, Amateur, Sr. Amateur, Veteran, Women,
Vintage (dual shock) both Novice and Amateur Lines
PM Classes: Intermediate, Advanced, Sr. Expert (+35), Senior (+40), Expert, Master
Awards follow PM finish both days, finishing points count toward State Series championships in all
Pre-Entries must be received by Feb 6th.
Pre-Entry at $25/Day plus $10/day gate fee
Day of Event at $30/day plus $10/day gate fee
Dependent children at half price entry fee plus normal gate fee for PRE-ENTRY ONLY.
Pre-entry please note class you are riding.
Wayne McMahan-­‐ [email protected] or (806)790-­‐8038.
Bonus notes:
*Free camping all weekend, gates open 10:00 a.m. Friday thru Noon Monday
*Monster Energy Supercross viewing Saturday night in the barn.
Texas Trials State Series – Rounds 1 & 2
Pre-registration Form
Pre-entry form for rounds 1 & 2, Feb 7-8, 2015
Mail this form with your check to:
Wayne McMahan
PO Box 1260
Smithville, TX 78957
All pre-entries must be received no later than Feb. 6 .
I hereby agree to confirm to and comply with the rules governing this contest or event and common rules of safety. I
further agree to hold blameless the contest committee, sponsoring organizations, or the property owners for any loss
or injury to me or my property which may occur because of my attendance and / or event participation on these
premises. Riders under the age of 18 years may participate only with the consent of a parent or legal guardian as
shown by that person’s signature on this form.
City, State, Zip:
Email address:
Phone: (
Rider’s Signature:
Parent / Guardian Signature:
(If the participant is under the age of 18 years, the parent or legal guardian must sign this form)
Circle Class:
Cadet | Rookie | Women | Vintage | Vintage EX |Novice |Adv Novice I Amateur | Sr. Amateur (40+) |
Vet (50+) Intermediate | Sr. PM (40+) | Advanced | Sr. Expert (35+) | Expert | Master
Entry Fees:
Cadet, Cadet Sr. FREE entry
Rookie, Vintage, Vintage/EX, Women $15.00 per round (No discounted fees)
Novice-Championship $30.00 per round (see “Discounted Fees”)
Out of State Competitors $25.00 no pre-entry required
Non-Competitor $10.00 Rookie -Vintage – Women
Non-Competitor $15.00 Novice-Championship
Discounted Fees:
Pre-Entry discounts of $5.00 per round (full price entry only) apply if the entrant pre-enters by each round’s
designated pre-entry deadline.
Dependent children of a competitor ride at discounted rates (in Classes Novice-Championship) with the purchase of a
full price entry fee. Entry fees for the first and second dependent child is $12.50 if pre-entered, or $15.00 on the day of
the event. Additional dependent children ride at $7.50 per round.
Land Use/Insurance Fee: $10.00 per person/day