2015 Area VI Adult Team Challenge Guidelines and Qualifications

 Area VI Adult Team Challenge 2015 Twin Rivers Ranch, April 9-­‐12 DIVISIONS A. The Adult Team Challenge is offered at Beginner Novice, Novice, Training and Preliminary levels. 1* Riders may not ride on an ATC Team, due to scoring compatibility issues. However, the Area VI Adult Riders will be hosting special Adult Amateur Awards at the 1* level at this show. B. Non-­‐amateur Adult Riders may participate on a team, with a maximum on one non-­‐
amateur per team. Non-­‐amateurs may not have completed a USEA horse trials at two levels above the level competing in the ATC, in the past two calendar years. For example, a non-­‐amateur riding at the Prelim level may not have completed a USEA horse trials at advanced in the past two calendar years (2013 and 2014). C. A rider may be on more than one team if he/she is riding more than one horse, or he/she can be on the same team with more than one horse. D. There will be no special ATC division. Instead, riders should sign up for the Rider or Amateur divisions at their level – not the Open division if possible. SCORING A. Teams are of three or four competitors with the best three scores to count. B. There will be Team scoreboard, updated as often as possible. This will be similar to the Team scoreboard on the Startbox scoring system. C. For the Dressage phase, those signed up in the Rider and Amateur divisions will be judged by the same judge. Any ATC team participants in the Open division may be scored by a different judge. This is due to the large number of Open riders expected at this venue. D. The Organizer may do scoring in the “pony club” manner which indicates that a person that is eliminated in a particular phase would be given 1000 points so the team would still be in the final count. AWARDS A. Ribbons for the top ten placing individuals within each level will be provided by the organizer. B. Team ribbons (and neck ribbons for horses) will be provided for ATC Teams to third place (at least). C. Additional prizes for ATC team riders will include embroidered coolers for all first place team winners, and other prizes from our sponsors, currently including APF and Devoucoux. In addition, winning teams will be interviewed on video by Ride On Video and Frankie Thieriot of Athletux. ENTRIES A.
All riders must be members of the USEA and their Adult Rider Program. Teams constitute 3 -­‐ 4 qualified riders, all riding at the same level. Qualifications are the normal USEA qualifications for each level. Teams should notify their Area Adult Rider Coordinator of their desire to enter. To enter, riders complete the USEA Horse Trials Entry Form in the usual way and send it along with the necessary entry and stabling fees to the event secretary on or before the opening date. Please note there is a space on the Entry Form marked “Team Name and Division": Be sure to complete this section. There will be an Adult Rider social to meet and greet your fellow competitors on Thursday night prior to the competition – the location will be the porch overlooking the dressage arenas (next to the show office). Time will be about 5 pm. Please come out and join us! We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event! For questions, please contact Dawn Robbins, Area VI Adult Rider Coordinator, [email protected] or 805-­‐415-­‐6266.