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St. Michael Lutheran School
7211 Oakland Drive
Portage, MI 49024
school districts to our
middle school program and here are some of the
reasons why:
January 2015
To Stay or Not to Stay??
Several years ago I published this article in the
school newsletter but in a slightly different form.
In light of the fact that St. Michael is beginning
to register students for the 2015-2016 school
year, I thought it would be a good idea to
republish an updated version as a reminder to
parents why St. Michael Lutheran School
continues to be a great choice for their children –
particularly those students who will soon be
entering middle school.
We live in difficult times and in a culture that
continues to jettison the long held JudeoChristian values that were once the norm in
America. Childhood was once an innocent and
carefree time of life but has now become one of
the most critical times of development.
Violence, premarital sex, drugs, drinking, and
many other dangers, both physical and spiritual,
influence young people today. One of the ways
to combat those influences is to bring your child
up in the knowledge of the Lord. Regular family
worship, prayer and Bible study are key
components to sharing this knowledge. Another
piece in support of these key components is the
Christ-centered, strong academic program at
St. Michael Lutheran School.
If you have a child nearing the middle school
grades this is a particularly important time to
make an informed decision that will positively
impact their high school experience. Some
parents choose to leave and begin a new
experience at the beginning of the 6th grade year.
While each parent needs to make what they
consider the best choice for their child, I would
like to challenge all current families to consider
staying the course through the 8th grade
regardless of the grade your child is currently in.
The St. Michael middle school program is
vibrant and continues to grow. We continue to
add students from a number of other public
St. Michael offers sports programs for grades
5-8 where each student has the opportunity
to play.
St. Michael offers a technology program
where middle school students in grades 6-8
use Chrome Books in ever increasing ways
in the classroom, for homework, and for
projects. This has been a program that
began in 2007 well before area schools,
public or private, offered this technological
St. Michael middle school students
participate in local science competitions and
may choose to be part of Science Olympiad.
St. Michael middle school science classes
dissect worms, hearts, eyes, and brains as a
regular part of the science curriculum. Most
students don’t have these hands-on
experiences until high school.
St. Michael students consistently out-score
their local public school district peers on
standardized tests.
St. Michael offers both beginning band and
concert band programs.
Algebra I is a regular part of the 8th grade
curriculum with 9th grade Geometry I is
available in the 8th grade for advanced
Middle school students learn apologetics of
the Christian faith, what we believe, why we
believe it, and how to defend it.
All St. Michael students share in prayer,
religious instruction, chapel, and many
opportunities to grow and share their
individual faith. What a great way to ready
your child for their high school experience.
Over the course of the last 10 years
St. Michael has awarded more than $180,000
in tuition assistance to eligible families.
Small class sizes allow for more individual
Education with Christ at the Heart
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St. Michael Lutheran School remains the
most affordable option with the greatest
diversity of programming among area
private schools.
We hope that you will continue to trust the
preparation of your child to St. Michael
Lutheran School especially through the critical
middle school years. We are currently enrolling
students for the 2015/2016 school year and if
you have any questions about our programs
please feel free to speak with me.
Greg Johnson
Snow Day Closings
In the case of inclement
weather, school closings
will be announced over
the radio and television
stations. The school and preschool will close
whenever Portage Public Schools close
(weather related closings). The childcare
will close when Curious Kids is closed.
Dear St. Michael Family,
We just wanted to thank
everyone for their prayers, love,
and gifts while our family was
going through a rough time
with the fire and smoke damage
our apartment suffered. We are in our
apartment and slowly unpacking and
washing, but feeling very blessed to enjoy
our first Christmas in the new place.
Scott, Becky, Desmond, & Reuben Mohler 
For the safety of all our students;
please do not park along the cones
or sidewalk, during drop or pick
up times. This area is designated
as a drop off/driving lane.
Important Dates
2015-16 Registration Begins
Open House
6:30-7:30 pm
End of 2nd Quarter
No PPS Busses
K-Wings Hockey
SMLS Singing
“The National Anthem”
PTL Snowball Dance
Report Cards Home
1st – 4th & Worship Team
Singing at Immanuel
Lutheran Church 10 am
Academic Showcase
Open House 2-3:30 pm
Spring Pictures
No School
Mid-Winter Break
Spring Mom to Mom Sale
New Security Door
A new security measure has
recently been added to the school
in the form of an access-limiting
door security system. Anyone
wishing to enter the school outside of the
designated drop off/pick up times will need
to use the buzzer located on the wall just
inside the first set of double doors to gain
access to the building.
Outdoor Recess
Keep in mind that our students continue to
enjoy outdoor recess. Please dress them
appropriately so they can continue enjoying
this time!
Non-Marking Soled Shoes: Students
should wear non-marking shoes on a daily
basis. In addition, students must wear a pair
of gym shoes during their formal gym times
each week. Students will not be allowed to
participate in gym class without appropriate
shoes. For more information see page 9 of
the student handbook.
2014/15 Theme Verse “Be Devoted To One Another In Love. Honor One Another Above Yourselves”
Romans 12:10
Thank You to JulLea Stolsky and her
volunteers who made the Holiday
Basketball Tournament a success!
Trip Drop Off and Pick Up
Drop Off On Thurs
Pick Up on Thurs
By 11am
Reporting Illnesses
It is very important to report any illnesses to
the school office. The school is required to
report this information to the Health
Department. Thank you for your assistance
in this matter.
Please check the Lost and Found box,
located next to the display case outside of
the school office, for any missing items!
SMLS Drama & Music Day!!
Directed by
Mrs. Melissa Taylor
Who can participate?
Children going into grades 1st -8th
When is Drama & Music Day?
Saturday January 31, 2015
12:30-4:30pm with a short performance for parents at 4:15pm that day.
What is the cost?
$25 for the day for the 1st child, $10 for each sibling after that!
How do I sign up?
Contact Melissa Taylor by email ([email protected])
or by signing up in the school office!
* At least 10 students must be signed up by Jan 28, 2015 in order for
Drama & Music Day to happen. Thank You!!
Board of Early Childhood and School Ministries Members
Chris Stolsky – Co-Chair
Todd Foster
Greg Johnson –
Rob Sullivan – Co- Chair
Louann Palmer
Karen Taylor
Alan Rea
Emily Newkirk –
Carla Bradley
Mike Dinsmore
CFK Director
Jennifer Pangburn
2014/15 Theme Verse “Be Devoted To One Another In Love. Honor One Another Above Yourselves”
Romans 12:10