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"Return, faithless Israel, declares the Lord. I will not look on you in
anger, for I am merciful, declares the Lord; I will not be angry forever."
(Jeremiah 3:12)
"The church ought to impart Absolution to those who return to repentance.
Now strictly speaking, repentance consists of two parts. One part is contrition,
that is, terrors striking the conscience through the knowledge of sin. The other
part is faith which is born of the Gospel (Romans 10:17)." Augsburg
Confession, Article XII Repentance.
This year's Lenten theme is, "Repent or else what?" This theme hopefully
teaches us that there are consequences for those who stubbornly refuse to
repent, even in our own lives. As Christians we are called to live in daily
repentance to avoid such consequences. But we should not lose sight of the
role that faith plays in our daily repentance; or the fact that faith is included in
repentance. This truth will likewise be heard in the series of messages during
our Midweek Lenten services.
When people speak of repentance in the church today, they are most often
focused on contrition or sorrow for sin or the terrors of conscience with no
regard for faith in God's mercy. Granted, the Greek word, "metanoia" means
"a change of mind" but this does not happen apart from faith. It is faith in
God's mercy shown to us for Christ's sake that gives us this change of heart
and mind. In other words, conversion includes dying and rising again, it
includes sorrow for sin but also faith in God's promise of love for Jesus' sake.
In Mark 1:15 Jesus preaches the Gospel in Galilee saying, "This time is
fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand, repent and believe in the
Gospel." In the original language the commands to "repent" and "believe" are
in the present tense meaning continuous action. In other words, repenting and
believing should be thought of as a way of life, not a one-time event. It is
really a call to discipleship.
Also, the term "Gospel" here is understood to mean Christ's entire teaching
that He proposed in His ministry. Therefore, the Gospel is the preaching of
both the Law and the good news of salvation freely given. In this regard, the
message of Jesus has two parts as well: repentance and faith. In the first part,
we are convicted of sin; in the second part, we are comforted by the Gospel,
the revelation of the forgiveness of our sins in Christ.
Our Lutheran Confessions teach that "Believing the Gospel, is not the
general faith that devils also have, but in the proper sense it believes that
the forgiveness of sins has been granted for Christ's sake." Thus, the
proper biblical understanding about repentance is found in the interplay
between the Law and the Gospel.
In the study of Reformation history we should note that the Catholic Church
assigned three parts to repentance or penance, the first is contrition, second,
confession and third, satisfaction. What is obviously missing here is the
Gospel itself and personal faith in it. The Catholic understanding of
repentance is this: if a person truly confesses his or her sins and then renders
satisfaction (certain prescribed good works) then he can merit the forgiveness
of sins in God's eyes. What is missing in this understanding of repentance is
faith in the promise of God that sins are forgiven solely for the sake of Jesus
Christ. Sins are forgiven not because we render satisfactions to God, but
because of grace (undeserved favor) for Christ's sake.
The reason Christian people like us return to God over and over again in our
lives is because of the promise of grace. The Gospel reveals to us that God no
longer looks down at us in anger, but with mercy. This is shown in the fact
that God gives repentance (through the Word) to people who don't deserve it;
and this because Jesus has been exalted to the right hand of God. (Acts 5:31)
Pastor Johnson
OPEN GYM is held Sunday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. We can play
either volleyball or basketball. If you have questions, contact Bill
Harland, Duane Way, or Pastor Johnson. Come and join the fun!
VALENTINE'S DINNER: The Youth Group invites everyone to
attend this year's Valentine's dinner. The meal will consist of a
soup or salad, brisket, potatoes, broccoli, and dessert. The fun
will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 21st. Thank you
for supporting our youth!
Preschool Director:
Preschool Teachers:
Preschool Clerk:
Miranda Ray
Brenda Anderson
Brittany Hernandez
Sandy Johnson
Jessica Karns
Miranda Ray
Cheryl Judd
Kindergarten Teacher:
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5th / 6th Grade Teacher:
School Office Manager:
Karen Boettcher
Karen Holt
Kayla Foss
Ted Boettcher
Cheryl Voss
Becky Pankratz
"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to His
great mercy, He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the
resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead." 1 Peter 1:3. Jesus is our living
hope each day. He died on the cross and rose again for all believers. Even
when life brings challenges along the way, Jesus is our hope and stay. May
God provide you with the hope you need each day to live for Him.
~ Mrs. Boettcher, Principal
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YOU ARE INVITED! Please join us for chapel from 9:45 - 10:15, each
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SCHOOL TOURS - Mrs. Boettcher will offer school tours any time between
9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.
FLS NIGHT AT PIZZA HUT will be Tuesday, February 10th (the
second Tuesday of the month) from 4:00-7:00 p.m. You must give
them the PIZZA HUT form from the bulletin. This works for dinein, carry-out or delivery orders! FLS will receive 20% of your
FLS NIGHT at PANDA EXPRESS will be Friday, February 20th,
from 5:00-7:00 p.m. You must give them the PANDRA EXPRESS
coupon from the bulletin. FLS will receive 20% of our purchases.
Be sure to thank them!
LUTHERAN SCHOOL began in January for Faith
Lutheran Church members, current students and their
siblings. Open enrollment for the public begins Monday,
February 1st. Reserve your spot now in the Preschool
and Elementary School (Kindergarten through 6th
grade). Preschoolers must be at least three years old by
September 1, 2015, and Kindergarten students must be
five years old by August 31, 2015. Please contact the school office for
registration forms and information: 788-1715, ext. 103 (school office), or 115
(preschool office). Early bird discounts for K-6th enrollment are available
through February 27th!
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 Pizza Hut: Let your cook have the night off and take your family out for
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your Faith Lutheran flyer. We receive 20% of our sales for the evening
with the flyer.
 Dillons Card: Beginning February 1st, Dillons will begin tracking
purchases made with your 'Plus Card' to benefit Faith Lutheran School.
You may register online; FLS code is 10127. Secretaries at the church and
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Ash Wednesday, February 18th
"Repent or Be Overthrown!" (Jonah 3:1-10)
Wednesday, February 25th
"Repent or You Could Lose Your Head!" (1 Samuel 17:40-51)
Wednesday, March 4th
"Repent or Be Lost Eternally!" (Genesis 22:1-14)
Guest Preacher – Missionary Rev. Daniel Conrad (Kathryn)
Wednesday, March 11th
"Repent or Be Plagued!" (Exodus 8:16-24)
Wednesday, March 18th
"Repent or Eat Your Manna with Worms!" (Exodus 16:2-21)
Wednesday, March 25th
"Repent or Be Cursed!" (Jeremiah 26:1-15)
Thursday, April 2nd
Maundy Thursday – Holy Communion
Friday, April 3rd
Good Friday – Tenebrae Service
Ash Wednesday is February 18th this year and marks the
beginning of the Lenten season. Dinners are served each
Wednesday during Lent (except for Spring Break) from
5:15 - 6:15 p.m.
Feb 25: Circle of Peace - Sloppy Joes
Mar 3: LWML - Soups
March 11 & 25: Available
If your group would like to serve a meal, please contact the church office at
[email protected] or 788-1715.
2014 CONTRIBUTION STATEMENTS are in your church
mailboxes. Please check the information carefully and, if you
find a discrepancy or would like a condensed statement, contact
our financial secretary, Marty Leimer at 777-1624, or call the
church office at 788-1715, ext. 223, as soon as possible.
IF YOU ARE IN CRISIS … 24/7 feel free to call Colleen Ervin (Chair of the
Board of Evangelism) at 316-871-9548. There's nothing you can't talk
through; no sin is unforgivable. This is completely anonymous; and we're not
here to judge, but to bring you closer to the Lord. If you're not having a crisis,
give me a call, maybe I'm having one!
Thursdays • 6:00 p.m.
Faith Lutheran Church • Room 202
PICTORIAL DIRECTORY: Reminder that sign-up for
the church directory begins February 15th and will continue
through March 8th. Directory pictures will be taken on
March 26, 27 and 28. The directory will be done by
Lifetouch. Please take pictures of activities at our church
and school and email them to the church office. Thanks
much! Peggy Dwire (641-2173)
Lutheran Women's Missionary League will meet
on Tuesday, February 3rd, at 7:00 p.m., at the home of
Nadene Henderson. We will have a devotion and
discuss upcoming projects.
All ladies of the
congregation are invited to attend.
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
Enclosed is a copy of our newsletter article [posted on the narthex bulletin
board]. Left out of the letter was the 99 year-old lady from Hoisington. She
makes all of our quilts for us to give to families. They are beautiful.
We thought it would be of interest to you to know what and how we distribute
your grocery gifts through our ministry.
Grace is truly blessed to have members and non-members continue to support
our ministry and we are so very grateful.
Enclosed is a list of the items we give on a typical Tuesday. Nothing we
receive is wasted. When families are large, more is given.
Grace Social Ministry wishes to thank everyone and wishes you a blessed,
fruitful, prosperous 2015 and may the love of Christ continue to inspire us to
help those in need.
Thank you!
Love in Christ,
Grace Social Ministry
[Note: Grace Food Pantry was the recipient of our Christmas food donations.]
All donations of groceries are appreciated to
help the Grace Lutheran Food Pantry. Each
month specific items are suggested. The
suggestion for February is Soap products:
laundry soap, dish soap, and bath bar
soap. You may place your donations in the
shopping cart in the breezeway.
As always, any non-perishables are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Help for Moms in Crisis
Circle of Peace is sponsoring a collection of baby items
for FRESH HOPE as their Sanctity of Life project this
year. As a Christian-based organization, FRESH HOPE
of Wichita offers physical and emotional support as well
as positive Christian relationships for single moms with
minor children. Some are exiting domestic violence, some are overcoming
addiction, some have been raised in generational poverty; it is all they have
known, but it is NOT all they want to know.
Suggested items are: Diapers (preemie - size 6); Wipes;
Onesies; Bottles; Formula; Baby Food; Blankets;
Clothing (boys & girls, infant - size 6); Socks; T-Shirts;
Used Baby Furniture Items in good condition (High
Chairs, Beds, Pack & Plays, Infant Seats)
If you wish, you can "Let Us Do the Shopping" and place your monetary
donations in a Special Gifts envelope and note: Crib Project. Final day for
donations is February 22nd. Thank you!
YOUTH & FAMILY CANOE TRIP to Noel, MO, is being
planned for June 17-19, 2015. The cost is $190 per person.
Letters with information have been put in mailboxes of 6th - 12th
graders; however, anyone may attend. If you are interested and
need more information please contact Julia Voss at 788-1371.
Reservations and deposit must be submitted to Julia Voss or the
church office by February 15th.
SHROVE TUESDAY BREAKFAST: Mark your calendars for Tuesday,
February 17th and let the Tuesday Morning Guys prepare your breakfast!
More details to come…
ONLY THREE SUNDAYS REMAIN: The flower calendar
for 2015 is posted in the narthex, above the Bible bookcase.
The remaining open dates are July 26, August 2, and
September 27. The cost is $15 and the flowers are yours to
keep after 2nd Service.
LORD'S DINER: Please join us in volunteering at the
Lord's Diner in Wichita. We volunteer the 2nd Saturday of
every month. You may contact Deb Doesken (788-4354)
for more information.
Food Handlers Cards issued by the City of Wichita are required for all persons
working or volunteering in food establishments within the city limits of Wichita.
For more information, please call (316) 268-8351 Monday-Friday.
Dear Faith Lutheran Church,
On behalf of Derby Operation Holiday, I would like to thank you for sharing
your facility with the Upward Bound Basketball Program. With the
Powerhouse being used as the 2014 Distribution Site, it put Cameron Wilson
and his teams in a position with no place to practice. Using your gymnasium
during this time helped us to have the Powerhouse, the larger facility we
needed for this community wide event. Thank you again.
May your New Year be blessed.
Carol Jones, Co-Chair
A Stewardship Message…
"Be merciful as your Father in heaven is merciful" (Luke
6:36). The word for mercy that Jesus uses here has a more
concrete meaning than what we typically associate with
mercy. It means more than just being kind. It means to be
concerned about your neighbor's state and well-being. Thus,
Jesus taught that we are to care, to be concerned about our
neighbor's state and well-being even as our Father in heaven cares for and is
concerned about our state and well-being.
How has our Father in heaven cared for our state? How has He shown His
concern for our well-being? How has He showered this mercy upon us?
He gave of Himself. He sent His only-begotten Son in human flesh, to
become one of us - a man - and to suffer all that we suffer and to endure what
we endure - a fallen world full of sinful people, temptation, the attacks of the
devil, and death. He took upon Himself what rightfully belongs to us - sin and
death - in order that He could give to us what rightfully belongs to Him righteousness, purity, eternal life, and victory over the temptation of Satan and
this fallen world. That is how He cared for our state. That is how He was
concerned for our well-being. He entered into our state for the sake of our
well-being, died in our place, rose for our justification, redeemed us to make
all things new. He entered our state so that by water and His Word we would
be granted entrance into His state as children of our Father in heaven. In other
words, He had empathy toward us, which resulted in true sympathy.
Jesus, therefore, calls the church to empathy and sympathy for her
neighbors. "Be merciful even as your Father in heaven is merciful." He asks
the church to give of herself, to enter into her neighbors' state for their wellbeing. And the church gives of herself the only thing in her that is worth
giving. As the Body of Christ, she gives Christ to her neighbors. She gives
out the same mercy that she has received. She gives the mercy that the
heavenly Father poured out upon her through the sending of His Son. And she
does it through the preaching of the forgiveness of sins in Word and Deed, in
Word and Sacrament. For this is how the church lives - in the forgiveness of
sins received in the means of grace - and, therefore, this is what the church
does. What else can she do?
And since this is how the church lives and what the church does, this is
likewise how Christians live and what Christians do. That is why giving to the
church is so important. It ensures that the proclamation of the forgiveness of
sins in Word and Deed continues. It ensures that our neighbors' state and wellbeing is cared for and attended to. It ensures that our neighbors have access to
our heavenly Father's mercy just as we have received it here in time for all
Therefore, I say, let us be merciful even as our Father in heaven is merciful.
Dear Saints of Faith Lutheran,
All is well here in St. Louis. Classes are
up and running and I'm as busy as ever. It
has been COLD! The first week of
January had temperatures in the single
digits for a few days with snow. A friend
of mine snapped this picture of the Martin
Luther statue on campus. It is an exact
replica of the statue in Worms, Germany,
where Luther famously told the Roman
Catholic authorities he would not recant
his teachings and writings.
Christmas break was a time for me of relaxation with family and friends. I am
so thankful for a family that is so supportive of my decision to become a
pastor. Also, for possibly the last time, my brothers and I were together for
nearly a full week, so I tried to cherish every minute.
I'm looking forward to helping with the high school youth group at my
fieldwork church over the next few months. They have been without a steady
youth leader for the past few years, but I am looking forward to the challenge.
I know how crucial the middle school and high school years are for faith
formation, and I'm anxious to gain every experience I can. I continue to teach
a Bible study to an awesome group of young adults at my church, too. They
are very easy to teach, and every time we meet is a blessing.
Thank you again for your support. I pray God continues to shower his
blessings upon you in the New Year!
The Lord be with you,
Andy Hatesohl
Andy Hatesohl • 801 Seminary Place • St. Louis MO 63105
Hi friends at Faith!
I hope your new year has started off well. I
am back for my final semester of classes at
Concordia. I had a great Christmas and was able to spend the first week of
January with my parents in Washington before school started again. This
semester, I am taking ESL (English as a Second Language) part 2, Language &
Linguistics (a language class required for both my English and ESL
concentrations), and my Gen. Ed. science classes: Physics, Science of
Everyday Things, and Science and Society. I'm also sitting in on a Doctrine
class again to hear a different professor's perspective, and doing band and
Speaking of band, I have exciting news! We are going on tour during spring
break and our last (and best) stop will be in Wichita! We're mostly touring
through Texas, but we're stopping in Wichita on March 14 and 15 as we
complete our tour and head back to Nebraska. We'll be playing an evening
concert at a Lutheran church in Wichita and most likely be helping with
worship services on Sunday morning, too. I don't have all the details yet, but I
will by the next newsletter!
You may think that was the most exciting news I have, but I'll let you decide
between the last bit and this: Justin Kathman, who some of you met when we
were there around Thanksgiving, asked me to marry him, and I said yes! He
asked my dad for permission to propose when they came to the big Christmas
at Concordia concert and surprised me with the ring while we were watching a
Christmas light show. Justin is from Hastings, Nebraska, and he's also a
Secondary Education major, but his concentrations are Math and Special
Education. We've set the date for January 2, 2016 at St. John's Lutheran
Church in Seward. That will be right after I finish student teaching and
graduate in December of this year.
Thank you for all of your support these last four years!
Love, Rachel
Rachel Dahlke • 800 N Columbia Ave • Seward, NE 68434
The LHM has been a witness for more than 90 years! The Lutheran Hour
proclaims the salvation of Jesus every week to hundreds of thousands of
listeners on more than 900 radio stations.
Tune to LHM radio on Sundays for a one hour broadcast when you can't be at
church to worship with us. It's the next best thing to being here!
Max Ayers, Faith's LHM representative
KFTI Wichita, 1070AM on Sundays at 8:30 a.m.
KFTI Wichita, KS 92.3 FM on Sundays at 8:30 a.m.
KAWZ Wichita, 88.7 FM on Sundays at 9:00 a.m.
XM Radio #170 on Sundays at 12:00 noon
Or listen online at
Note: Our congregation supports Rev. Daniel Johnson
with $50 monthly donation from our budget.
On Tuesday, January 13th, the missions committee went to Trinity Lutheran
Church in Wichita for a Divine Service and Mission Presentation. The Divine
Service was preached by Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin of Novosibirsk Siberia. The
Missission Presentation was presented by Pastor Daniel Johnson and Bishop
Lytkin. A third part of the presentation was a powerpoint presentation put
together by a professional photographer.
As you know, Catechist Daniel Johnson is supported by Faith Lutheran and it
was great to hear him speak about his mission work in Siberia and the Baltic
area. Catechist Johnson is based out of Frankfurt Germany and he explained
that Germany is a friendly place to work out of and has the advantage of flights
and trains to so many of the areas where he is needed. A great powerpoint
presentation gave insight into the lives and homes of many of the people that
are being served by Catechist Johnson.
Bishop Lytkin spoke about his work in Siberia and other parts of Russia. It
was interesting to see the living conditions and the roads in remote parts of
Siberia. Mongolia is a stone's throw away and the strong Asian influence is
seen in the faces of many of the people.
Note: Our congregation supports the
Norton family with mission donations
from our budget.
"You live in New Mexico, it must be so hot there." Since moving here over a
year ago we have heard these words on countless occasions. And while it is
usually warm enough in the summer (although cooler than the town I grew up
in, in the state of Oregon), at 7,100 ft. in elevation, it can get quite cold in
Navajo, New Mexico. It is not uncommon to have temperatures below zero,
and the record temperatures are as low as ‐30º to ‐50º!
On Christmas Day we got five inches of snow. The photo (on newsletter
posted in narthex) was actually taken in November, but we've been blessed
with three snowstorms this winter and another is predicted for New Year's
Day. Since Christmas we have been hit with a cold snap with temperatures
below zero or in the single digits at night. Thankfully, God has provided …
we were blessed with gifts of many coats from Faith Lutheran Church in
Sequim, WA (my parent's home), and scarves, hats, and gloves from Lorene
Schuster, a member of Grace Lutheran Church in Caldwell, Idaho. Lorene was
a part of the LWML team that came this past summer, and she and the other
team members have blessed us even after their departure.
Another way we've been preparing for the cold, but doing ministry at the same
time is taking groups of men from our church out "wood hauling". We've gone
four times since the beginning of November. Because of the arid climate we
aren't allowed to chop down any live trees, but we try to get downed ones that
aren't rotten and thus provide warmth for our church members who don't have
other sources of heat. It is a great way for our men to be of service, for us to
grow closer and share in fellowship in God's beautiful creation.
On Christmas Eve we had a great celebration with two new community
members coming to hear the Good News of Great Joy for all people, that is the
birth of Our Savior.
The challenging news to report is that we have had three break-ins in the last
month. No one has been injured and the damage to the church hasn't been that
heavy (three broken windows) but it is frustrating. One time the person was
caught and apologized, but the other two times they made a mess, and went on
their way. It is a difficult situation, but we're praying that the person
responsible would repent and stop damaging our church.
In all, there has been a lot to be thankful for in 2014. Consistent ministry at
Shepherd of the Valley (something they hadn't had in some time), the visit of
the LWML group from Idaho, the participation in the servant event in Alaska,
the visit of the group from Risen Savior, Wichita, KS, and the gifts of warm
clothes from Faith Lutheran in Sequim, and Grace Lutheran in Caldwell.
Thank you for your support in prayer through it all. We pray that your 2015 is
blessed abundantly.
Please Thank God with us for:
 the gifts of clothing from Faith L.C. Sequim and Grace L.C. Caldwell
 the joy of celebrating Christ's birth with our regular members, and new
In Christ's Service,
Tim, Heidi, Philip & Leslie Norton
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the important work of the
missionaries that we at Faith Lutheran support.
It is important to keep this ministry alive and strong.
Thank you,
For The Missions Committee,
Ernie Morrison
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Happy Birthday…
Marsha Gerbitz
Sandra Bartlett
Gerald Faley
Thaddeus Goertz
Levi Stark
Glenna Hufford
Sandy Leithoff
Velma Schroeder
Bill Harland
Cindy Woods
Lauren Ganow
Evan Bradley
Beckett Clark
Darrell Downing
James Noble Jr.
Happy Anniversary…
18 Dan Groskurth
Kevin Mason
Jeremy Watson
19 Bill Ham
20 Mandi Forward
Carli Osgood
22 Michele Poss
Doris Weber
23 Darlene Newkirk
24 Joyce Jackson
26 Conner Holt
Michele Murray
27 Kayla Foss
Rita Showalter
28 Mindy Sowden
Kevin & Mandi Forward
Charles & June Trapp
Cliff & Tammy Honn
Shannon & Jerry Avery
Gerry & Teresa Faley
21 Rita & John Showalter
23 Henry & Dorothy Nolting
If we have incorrect information or have missed your special date,
please contact the church office so we can correct our records.
Your Elders of Faith
Duane Way
Brad Bohm
Larry Hare
Lyle Blue
Mark Doesken
Max Ayers
Steve Davis*
Steve Klepacki
[Adams - Bradley]
[Campbell - Faley]
[Finkbeiner - Helmers]
[Helzer - Kreps]
[Landsverk - Nelson]
[Newkirk - Seeney]
[Showalter - D Voss]
[F Voss - Zaragoza]
School Board
Chr Ed, Y&F
The new year always brings fresh starts, new goals and renewed energy. As an LCEF
investor, you can renew your partnership with a new, exciting limited time offer the
PartnerPLUS investment option offering a 2 or 2.5% fixed interest rate.
If you are not currently an LCEF investor, the great fixed rate that ConnectPLUS offers
(3%) would be a perfect way to begin your new year's financial resolution and be a part
of something bigger. Contact either Becky Elliott at 405 627 0049 or Jeff Maltz at 785
230 4112 and visit to get started today!
Be Part of Something Bigger
When you invest in Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF), you become part of
something bigger. As an LCEF investor, you are empowering the ministries of The
Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.
 StewardAccount
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 Young Investors (Y.I.) StewardAccount
 Term Notes
 Dedicated Certificate
 Coverdell Education Savings Account
 ConnectPLUS Term Note
LCEF investors help make funds available for loans and support services that help
ministries share the Gospel.
See the narthex bulletin board for updates; learn more at or call 800-843-5233.
Senior Center (611 N Mulberry Rd) the fourth Tuesday of each month at
6:30 p.m. Perhaps, you could benefit from joining us, or you know of
someone who could. Please help us spread the word. [See the flyer posted on
the narthex bulletin board.]
RECRUITING MEMBERS Bell Choir and Adult Choir have
resumed practicing on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. If
you would like to join one or both of these choirs, please contact
director Ted Boettcher at 682-5193, or speak with any current
ALTAR GUILD: Sandy Johnson & Robin Groskurth
1st Service
2nd Service
Dan Groskurth
Lonnie Hossfeld
Gerry Faley
Ernie Morrison
February 1
Duane Way
Hannah Nelson
February 1
Lyle Blue
Reise Holt
February 8
Brad Bohm
Steve Davis
Alexis Williams
Ana Landsverk
February 8
Max Ayers
Larry Hare
Aidan Stark
Trent Bradley
February 15
Steve Davis
Heather Mills
February 15
Lyle Blue
Alex Thorpe
February 18 - Ash Wednesday
Steve Davis
Acolyte Xandra Thorpe
February 22
Steve Klepacki
Brad Bohm
Tristin Zaragoza
Tiffany Voss
February 22
Duane Way
Mark Doesken
Tim Johnson
Erika Doesken
February 25 – Lenten Service
Max Ayers
Lily Vincent
our chart posted on the narthex window keeps creeping forward!
We received another $100 last week for our parking lot project, so we have
now collected $7,298. That's 43.09% of the total cost of the project, enough
for 81 of the 186 stalls. THANK YOU to all who have donated! If you would
like to donate toward this project, please use a Special Gifts envelope and
notate: parking lot.
HALF PRICE CALENDARS: "2015" calendars from Circle of Peace
featuring beautiful pictures and selected Scripture references are now available
for $3 each. They are located on the mailbox table. Payment may be placed in
the box attached to the greeting cards in the cloak room or given to Sandy