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Saturday Pennant
Great effort last Saturday with 8 wins. Only 3 games till the finals. Please make the effort to get to
practice. Team practice this Thursday is sides 3 v 5 & 9 v 10. There will be special drill practice at
5pm for all other bowlers. Side 1 is now playing on Saturday afternoon.
If you are unavailable for any games please put your name on the sheet
Eastern Ranges Mixed Pairs
Evelyn Martin and Juan Tortosa were runners up in the final of the ERBR mixed pairs. They were
beaten by a team from Heathmont.
Saturday Pennant
Teams are very well placed on the ladders. Only 3 games left prior to the finals. As discussed at
the recent Player Information Night” the selectors have restrictions on which players they are able
to place in certain sides. If you have any queries please make contact with them. Please ensure
that you practice with your team at every opportunity.
To comply with recent law changes please check your bowls to ensure that the bias (small ring)
does not cover the World Bowls or serial number stamp. If it needs changing please make contact
with your side manager for a set of new rings.
Australian Open
The Australian Open has moved to the Gold Coast and is taking place from June `13 to 25 2015.
Due to the change from knockout to progression to sectional encounters players who enter the
three disciplines of singles, pairs and four will be assured of seven matches over six days. The
removal of state-based qualifying has transformed the competition to a true "Open" affair with all
participants afforded entry into the main draw to battle it out for a slice of the $140,000 prize money
and a change at a coveted National title. For more information contact Bowls Australia
[email protected] Entries are now open, visit
For Club members who may be heading north - various entry forms and details of Winter Bowls
Carnivals in Queensland during our Melbourne Winter are now in the white folder on the bench
below the Bowls Notice Boards.
New Rules
Bowls Victoria has received many calls and emails over the past couple of weeks since the
adoption of changes to the Laws of the Sport of Bowls in respect of who should now sign the
scorecard. The SECOND now signs the card at the completion of the game as they are the person
who has kept the score and checked it with their opponent. The Skip delegates all the roles and
responsibilities of the scorecard to the SECOND in fours.
In Singles; the marker is responsible for keeping, completing and dealing with the card
In Pairs; the skip of each team
In Triples; the skip of each team
In Fours; the second of each team
Mulgrave Country Club
Breaking News
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The small ring on the bias side may no longer cover the World Bowls Stamp or the Serial Number
of the Bowl. Players must now ensure that if their discs cover either of these they need to change
them. Your choices are:
1) just use the dot to cover the small engraving,
2) use the small ring if it’s not covering the WB Stamp or the serial number or,
3) you can use both the small ring and the dot.
You cannot cut or trim the small ring – you either have it on the bowl in its original size or
you remove it. Teams and Sides may have a mixture of the configurations, BUT they must
be from the same set of rings. Law 52.1.8 cover these issues:
ERBR Ladies Singles
Congratulations to Evelyn Martin for winning the final of the ERBR ladies singles.
Photo Gallery
The pictorial history of the "Bowls Section" has achieved a significant milestone with over 500,000
views since the Photo Gallery was established in 2008
Click on the following link to visit the Photo Gallery now
Don’t forget to submit any interesting photos you may have (of Mulgrave Country Club bowlers) to
John Leitch via e-mail [email protected]
Photos can extend beyond the realms of actual bowling i.e. interesting photos of significant life
events outside of bowls
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ladies Pairs Final
Congratulations to Jan Delaney and Gordana Baric on winning the Club Ladies Pairs
championship today. Gillian Horlock and Jaye Allen-Dayle put up a good resistance but a dropping
a six on the twelfth end proved decisive in a game that was otherwise evenly balanced with each
team winning nine ends.
Men’s Singles Final
The 2014/2015 men’s singles final was won by Barrie Lester.
Ladies Singles Championship
In a well fought out final of the ladies singles, Gordana Baric defeated Evelyn Martin to take the
2014/2015 championship.
Novice Singles
The 2014/15 Novice Singles winners were Lorraine Camm and Colin Ely.
Lorraine beat Jan Dawson in the ladies final and Colin beat Frank Barlow in men's final.
Mulgrave Country Club
Breaking News
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Team App Update
Do you have a smartphones or tablet? The Team App announced by Shane McCluskey at the
AGM earlier this year has now been set up to link to team selection lists for each Pennant
competition, as well as Breaking News. It is intended to send messages via Team App whenever
any of these documents is updated so that you can be immediately informed of changes and
events. The message function will also be used to send messages for such events as green
closures due to inclement weather. Quite a few members have already signed up, and the more
that do the better we can keep members informed.
Full details can be found on the following link: Mulgrave Country Club Bowls Section App
David West.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Saturday Pennant
Keeping in contact with all bowlers in a team is very important. Especially when sides are playing
away we ask that all skips liaise with their team to ensure that all the bowlers are available and
able to get to the venue. If bowlers are in doubt and have not heard from their skip they should
initiate contact.
Bowls Website
I hope you are enjoying the new format for the Bowls website, particularly those who access it on
tablet computers or smart phones. For those who only access it on a desktop computer, try
changing the width of the browser window and see how the content re-arranges to suit.
You will have noticed a change in the main icons, and we have added a more prominent link to the
Club's main web page. Thanks go to Phil Morrison for his artistic endeavours, and to John Leitch
for his input.
The Selection Committees are now directly updating the Pennant Teams and Results. My thanks
to Alison Meakin (Midweek) and Barry Fleming (Saturday), and to their assistants. Frank Barlow is
maintaining the Midweek Pennant Ladders and Bill Cook will be maintaining the Saturday Pennant
Ladders. My thanks to both.
David West.
Justice of the Peace
For any MCC bowling member who requires documents witnessed, please note that Graeme
Griffiths is a Justice of the Peace. Bowlers can either see him at the club or phone 95606987 for
an appointment.