Monthly Newsletter

1st Tuesdays Readers Club
February 3rd
1st Tuesdays Readers Club
March 3rd
The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan Philipp Sendker
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
Valentine’s Day Dinner
February 14th
6:30 Cocktails, 7:30 Dinner
Lobster-stuffed Mushroom Cap
Strawberry Spinach Salad with Candied Pecans
Salmon Wellington with Basmati Rice
Baked Asparagus
Balsamic Butter Sauce
Mini Chocolate Cake with Strawberries and Fresh Whipped Cream
Coffee and Tea
St. Patrick’s Day Buffet
March 17th
Special Members’ Meetings
February 17th and 26th (tentative)
Ladies’ Luncheon
February 24th
11:00 Social Hour, 12:00 Lunch
Homemade Lasagna Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread
Warm Gingerbread Cake with Fresh Whipped Cream
Speaker’s Luncheon with Rishin Behl and Peter Goggin, Resson Aerospace
February 25th
11:15 Registration
11:30 Reception
12:00 Lunch
Beef Bourguignon on a bed of Basmati Rice
Lemon Crumble
drizzled with Homemade Raspberry Sauce
$19.99, or $150 for a table of eight
Easter Brunch
April 5th
1st Tuesdays Readers Club
April 7th
A Measure of Light by Beth Powning
Mother’s Day Brunch
May 10th
Lobster Dinner
June 5th
Prices are subject to tax and gratuity.
Please call for reservations.
At the Fredericton Garrison Club
Club Luncheons
February 4th and 18th, 12:00
Brewbakers, King Street
The Great Canadian Winter Bar B Q
February 7th, 6:00 for 7:00
Oakland Farm and Lodge, New Maryland
Moose Milk
French Canadian Pea Soup
Juicy Strip Loin Steaks·Baked Potatoes
French Cuisine Night
February 27th, 6:00
Delta Hotel
You will be in the kitchen with Chef to do and
learn cooking tips and your dinner will be served
in the restaurant.
Please call the Fredericton Garrison Club at (506) 454-6744 for reservations.
February 2015
Annual General Meeting Update
Offer Evaluation Committee made up of yours truly, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Tom O’Neil, Doug
Gord Mouland, Elspeth Williams, and Peter Josselyn had a very busy January. We
held three meetings during the month, bringing our total to four since inception, and presented
our findings to the Board this past Monday, January 26th. The Committee’s work focused on
“drilling down” into the offer, essentially meeting with the potential purchaser to clarify and
propose terms and conditions, preparing financial models with various revenue and expense
scenarios based on the evolving offer, and identifying and coming up with solutions to issues
that would need to be dealt with should the offer be seen by our members as the best option.
We contemplated issues ranging from the known to the Rumsfeldian “unknown unknowns”.
The financial modelling was also conducted for the option of keeping the building and
continuing with a special members’ assessment of $200/year over each of the next three years.
Armed with the Board’s feedback and blessing the work now in late January/early February is to
crystallize the best and clearest offer possible prior to its review by the Board toward
determining a recommended option to present to the membership.
To this end we plan to hold two Special Members’ Meetings in February, tentatively scheduled
for the 17th and 26th. While it is possible the dates may change we will hold both meetings
before the month is over. The first meeting will be for information purposes only. Your Board of
Directors, supported by the Committee, will explain in detail the facts associated with each
option, the rationale used to evaluate them, the assumptions made, the outcome operationally
and financially, and the recommendation as to whether to proceed. Questions, comments and
feedback will be encouraged.
The second meeting will be to review in summary the salient points of each option and ensure
the membership feels it understands these points to the level necessary to make an informed
decision. We will then present the recommended option for a vote. If it passes we will move on
to make it a reality. If it does not pass we will present the next option for a vote. In other words,
we won’t leave the meeting until we as a club have voted on an option. And, at the risk of
repeating myself from earlier meetings, the status quo is simply not an option. I look forward to
a large member turnout.
Tim Ellis
Here we are in February with thoughts of spring on the way — please
Love is in the air — the smell of roses and chocolate swirls
around. It must be February! The Club will be celebrating
with a cocktail party and dinner on Saturday, February 14th.
Unfortunately the snow has interfered with a few of our January functions,
but we did managed to rebook for later dates
I know we have just finished Christmas, but the calls are coming in looking
for openings for December 2015, including return bookings. Word is out
that the Union Club is the place to be.
Please save the dates: check out the list of events coming your way.
Thanks to Neill McKay they will be posted on our website, so there will be
ample time to make a reservation! As we try to update our email list please remember to send your updated
email address so we can keep you informed on all the happenings at the
With your help we can make this a great year. See you at the Club.
May Spavold
General Manager
125 Germain Street
PO Box 7030, Station A
Saint John NB E2L 4S4
Tel (506) 634-6184
fax (506) 642-5469
[email protected]
Twitter: @unionclubsj
Facebook: Union Club
Tim Ellis
Vice President
Jamie Grant
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We have a great menu planned
for you. Treat that special someone in your life. Book a table for two or a group of friends. I look forward to cooking for
Chef's Tip of the Month:
You always get more juice from your lemons and oranges by warming
them first. Put them in the sun for a half an hour or in the microwave for
5 seconds.
Chef Don
Union Club Merchandise
The Union Club is pleased to offer a variety of useful and
fashionable items with the Club’s logo:
Lapel Pins
Approximately 1” by 3/4”, polished stainless steel with the Club’s
logo inset in blue. Equally suitable for ladies and gentlemen. $12
Past President
Tim Ellis
Janice Waldschutz
Peter Josselyn
Board Members
Nick Fanelli
William Kean
Robert McVicar
Secretary Emerita
Shirley Buckley
President, Ladies’ Section
Barbara Kelly
Past President, Ladies’ Section
Elspeth WIlliams
Vice President, Ladies’ Section
Magdi Nyers
100 per cent silk, blue with the Club’s logo and diagonal stripes in red. $65
Secretary-Treasurer, Ladies’ Section
Isabel Quayle
Note Pads
81/2” x 51/2”, 50 sheets, high-quality bond with the Club’s logo. $6
General Manager
May Spavold
The next ladies’ luncheon will be on February 24th, and we
are having a card party fun time after lunch. You may want
to organize a table of your friends to play bridge, 45s, or
euchre just for fun. We are also going to dig through our
closet to find Scrabble, dominoes, etc. to play as well. The
50/50 draw is back and perhaps one of you can be a
We always appreciate it when everyone brings their friends
to the Club and you can all enjoy the food, fun, and
amazing atmosphere. (The more the merrier!)
Please note Stevie Piekarski has retired from the Ladies’
Section. She will be missed (thank you Stevie for your help
in the past).
Hope to see you all on the 14th and the 24th.
Barbara Kelly
[email protected]
We have reciprocal agreements with
other private clubs by which we are
welcome to use their facilities.
Please consider using our sister clubs in
Halifax and Moncton when you are
travelling for business or pleasure. They
have daily lunch, Friday evening dining,
and, like The Union Club, rooms to rent
for meetings or private functions. The
Clubs are elegant and steeped in history
and you can be assured of a warm
The Garrison Club in Fredericton does
not have a club property, but they do
have events that are published in our
Club News. We also have a reciprocal
arrangement with the Royal
Kennebeccasis Yacht Club.
To use any of the reciprocal clubs please
contact General Manager May Spavold
634-6184 for a letter of introduction and
more information.
A suggestion box is now available at the front desk.
Please take a moment to jot down any ideas or
concerns you have about the Club as you’re passing
Halifax Club:
Moncton Club:
Garrison Club:
The Union Club has received a very generous donation of a set of books from NBCC Saint John.
Jane Donovan from the L.R. Fulton Library has provided us with a series of “The Empire Club of
Canada.” There are twenty-two hard cover yearbooks, all beautifully bound in red, containing the
speeches from the speaker’s forum.
Established in 1903, the Empire Club of Canada is recognized as one of Canada’s oldest, largest, and
more important speaker’s fora. The membership and speakers comprise some of Canada’s most
influential leaders from various professional, businesses, labour, education, government, and cultural
You will find this set in the Members’ Office on the third floor.