Programme - Main Scientific Session

College of Anaesthesiologists & Intensivists of Sri Lanka
Programme - Main Scientific Session
Day 1 – 31st January 2015
07.30 – 08.15
08.15 – 08. 45
08.45 – 09.15
Plenary Lecture – Chief Guest
Regulation and Accreditation of Healthcare in the UK: What are the implications for
Anaesthesia - Dr Peter Venn (UK)
Guest Lecture – Guest of Honour
Bandwagons in Critical Care - Dr Anna Batchelor (UK)
Anaesthesia and critical care
09.15 – 10.30
10.30 – 10. 50
10.50 – 12.15
12.15 – 13.15
13.15- 14.25
14.25 – 14.30
1. Anaesthesia for Emergency Laparotomy & NELA
Dr Ian Clement (UK)
2. Managing Asthma in Anaesthesia and Critical care
Dr Reddy Vennugapal (USA)
Dr Alistair Gascoigne(UK)
Critical care and Emergency Medicine
1. Prevention of Pressure ulcers in Critical Care
Dr Anna Batchelor (UK)
2. Surviving sepsis – what is new
Dr Ian Clement (UK)
3. Pulmonary complications in Critical Care Practice
Dr Alistair Gascoigne(UK)
4. A Novel approach to Pain Management in the Emergency Department
Dr Lalith Gamage( Australia)
New Developments in Acute Pain Management
1. Ultrasound in Acute Pain Management
Prof Robert Raw (USA)
2. Regional Anaesthesia in the ischemic limb
Prof Robert Raw (USA)
3. Complications of Interventional Pain Management
Dr Subodha Thanthulage (UK)
4. Developments in regional anaesthesia for knee arthroplasty - a jaundiced view
Prof Robert Raw (USA)
14.30 – 15.50
15.50 – 16.05
16.05 – 17.20
17.30 – 18.30
Critically Ill Mother
1. GA in obstetric patients : National UK audit of unintentional awareness
Dr Felicity Plaat (UK)
2. Learning from critical incidents - UK maternal mortality data
Dr Felicity Plaat (UK)
3. Fetal distress & intrapartum fetal resuscitation
Dr Kokila Thenuwara (USA)
4. Collapse in the delivery suite- challenges of resuscitation
Dr Felicity Plaat (UK)
Discussion & refreshments
Nerve blocks and beyond
1. Mechanisms of postoperative peripheral nerve injury unrelated to peripheral
nerve blocks.
Prof Robert Raw (USA)
2. Spinal Anaesthesia and a negative view on long acting opiates
Prof Robert Raw (USA)
3. Perioperative Hyperalgesia – how best to manage it
Prof Robert Raw (USA)
4. Are Intraneural nerve block injections so bad, and are we missing the point?
Prof Robert Raw (USA)
B S Perera Oration
“Creating a culture of safety within the labor and delivery suite”
Dr Kokila Thenuwara
Clinical Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia,
Department of Anaesthesia, Caver College of Medicine,
University of Iowa, USA
Day 2 – 1st February 2015
08.15 – 08.45
08.45 – 10.10
10.10 - 10.30
10.30 – 12.00
12.00 – 13.00
13.00 – 14.15
14.15 – 14.40
14.40- 16.00
20.00 onwards
Guest Lecture Dr Peter Venn(UK)
Sleep Apnoea – What the Anaesthetist should know
Quality improvement in Anaesthesia
1. Enhanced Recovery
Dr Ramani Moonasinghe (UK)
2. Revalidation – The good, the bad and the ugly
Dr Alison Twigley (UK)
3. Anaphylaxis in anaesthesia and Critical Care
Dr P M Fernando (UK)
4. Quality control in Anaesthesia and Peri-operative care
Dr Ramani Moonasinghe(UK)
Research and Patient Safety
1. Human Factors & Patient Safety
Dr Malathi Peiris(UK)
2. Haemodynamic monitoring
Dr Reddy Vennugapal (USA)
3. Fluid Resuscitation in children
Dr Malathi Peiris(UK)
4. Risk Prediction in Major Surgery
Dr Ramani Moonasinghe (UK)
Best Practice in Critical Care
1. Airway management in Critical care
Dr Anna Batchelor (UK)
2. Nutrition in Critical Care
Dr Ian Clement(UK)
3. Ethical Dilemma in Critical Care
Dr Vasanti Pinto (SL)
Anaesthetic considerations in special circumstances
1. Anaesthetic considerations for Endovascular aortic procedures
Prof Anuja Abayadeera (SL)
2. State of art procedural sedation
Dr Suneeta Goel(India)
3. Anaesthetist Role in Damage Control Resuscitation and Surgery
Dr Deepani Nandasena (SL)
4. Anaesthesia for Bariatric Surgery
Dr Suneeta Goel(India)
End of the Session