Carlton P. Taylor
609 Shadetree Blvd.
Marietta, PA 17547
[email protected]
Engineering and Software Experience
Penn State Applied Research Laboratory (UARC)
Research & Development Engineer
University Park, PA
Jan 2013-Jan 2014
Advanced Synthetic Aperture Sonar Imaging eNgine (ASASIN) for high resolution sea floor imaging
(ASASIN is a GPU based SAS image generation software tool that generates faster than real-time imagery)
• Reduced memory consumption of real-time GPU parallel processing engine by 50%
• Adapted architecture to support data processing from multiple UUV's (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles)
• Designed GUI elements and features utilizing signals and slots
• Converted Python SRAD algorithm to run on GPU using a DLL
• Constructed plots in Matplotlib to display algorithm performance and GPU memory consumption
• Created engineer-level debugging tap points for data validation
• Developed Windows installer for installation of packages and dependencies
Technologies: Python, PyQT4, C/C++, CUDA, NumPy/SciPy, HDF5, XML, Matplotlib
Vehicle processing and sonar tools
• Constructed program to transmit/receive UDP multicast messages over network
• Converted on-board MATLAB vehicle processing toolbox to Python
• Created binary sonar data file reader
• Processed navigation data and sonar ping returns
• Created plots and graphs to visualize data correlations and vehicle motion
• Charted run paths to visualize vehicle path on Google Earth
Technologies: Python, NumPy, Matplotlib, KML, Linux
Sonar System Status Monitor
• Modified existing sonar vehicle status monitor to accept messages from a new vehicle
• Send/receive new commands to vehicle over network
Technologies: Java, Linux
Penn State Information Science and Technology Department
University Park, PA
Software Developer
May 2011-Dec 2012
Semantic Procedure Analyzer (SPA)
• Developed software tool for automation and knowledge management of standard operating procedures in
the petrochemical industry
• Program parses text files and applies natural language processing in order to gain semantic knowledge
• Output of program is stored in a MySQL database for data-retrieval, data processing and learning
Technologies: Java, MySQL, machine-learning
Penn State Senior Design Project
University Park, PA
Sponsored by Boeing
Aug 2011-Dec 2011
• Worked with an engineering team to design binoculars with the ability to measure distance to
aircraft, local wind velocity, and direction
• Performed Wind-Tunnel experiments to analyze and validate circuit performance
• Programmed arduino microcontroller to interface measurement devices, perform calculations and
output to led display
The Pennsylvania State University
College of Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
GPA 3.22
University Park, PA
December 2011
Coursework Highlights
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Digital Image Processing
Operating Systems
Communication Networks
Signals and Systems
Algorithm Design
Other Work Experience
Workouts/Gold’s Gym
Membership Sales and Promotions
Lancaster, PA
2005 – 2007, Summer 2008 & 2009