WFG Puerto Rico stands out for its investment-with-a

WFG Puerto Rico stands out for its investment-with-a-heart training
orld Financial Group’s (WFG) success in
its commitment to provide financial advice
to people from all walks of life and at any stage
is due to its approach in educating and training
its financial professionals. Last year, WFG, a
leading financial-services organization, opened
a state-of-the-art 7,500 square foot training center
in Caguas, just a year after the company established its corporate headquarters on the island at
Guaynabo’s City View Plaza.
“This growth is a sure sign that our mission
to provide people with the education and training to, in turn, provide top and relevant financial
advice and guidance to our clients is well under
way in Puerto Rico and bearing fruit,” said Julio
Velázquez, senior marketing director for WFG
Puerto Rico. “In today’s financial environment,
we train professionals to work hand in hand with
their clients, providing the options and solutions
that best fit their needs.”
One area that WFG Puerto Rico is focusing
on is people’s worries and concerns about planning for their later years. The economic environment in the past years has led to a change in the
traditional options that Velázquez termed “the
three-leg concept,” consisting of Social Security,
pension plans and other work-related options, as
well as insurance.
“There has been uncertainty about Social Security during the years, as well as the changes or
even the fade out of work-related options, such
as pension plans, and while people may have savings, they need the right orientation,” Velázquez
said. “However, people need not only the right
orientation about how to make the most out of
those savings, but they also need to feel they can
really trust those who are offering that advice.”
He noted WFG also offers the opportunity of a
very rewarding job to those who wish for a career
change more in tune with their interests, abilities
and needs, whether full-time or part-time. WFG
associates enjoy the reward of knowing they help
to provide people with feeling financially secure
and thus, enjoying their later years in a life based
on their hard work.
WFG Puerto Rico holds its training session
“In today’s financial environment, we train professionals to
work hand in hand with their clients, providing the options
and solutions the best fit their needs.”
—Julio Velázquez, senior marketing director,
WFG Puerto Rico
every Tuesday, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., with plans
to expand in terms of additional days and times.
The WFG quality training and education of its
associates is transformed to a commitment to
their growth as professionals through WFG’s
mentoring-based model. This approach puts the
associate under the direct tutelage of some of the
company’s best field leaders, who offer advice
and inspire these new associates as they apply
their knowledge and skills to benefit their clients.
This WFG business platform allows all those interested to pursue a new full-time or part-time
career as a WFG associate financial adviser, no
matter what their professional background or current experiences with financial services are.
Velázquez said that WFG Puerto Rico’s success
carries on the spirit of the original promoters of
the company on the island 18 years ago, including
Peter Lugo, Ángel Ramos and José González.
“Since two years ago, I have had the privilege to
lead what we can call the new blood, the new generation, with the support of our whole network,
keeping the WFG commitment alive and growing
in Puerto Rico,” Velázquez said. Among those on
the WFG core team in Puerto Rico are Alberto
Llerando, Alberto Dávila, Carlos Navedo, Roger
Rodríguez, José Rangel and Antonio Rosario.