Compostela Courses PR15

Name oCthe tcacher: Brenda Ivonnc García Portillo
Institution: Universidad de Monterrey
lntcrnational Education
Position Title: Director of Internationalization Projccts
Email: [email protected]
Phone Numher: +52 (81)8215-1496
Skypc ID: brcndadcparral
Name of)'our
¡ntended class/group:
Interculturat Competences
Brief dcscriptioll oC fhis c1ass and fhe type oC partocr c1ass yon are looking for: 1
would like to find a partner to do collaborative projects in the intercultural
communication module in spccitic. [n this module, our studcnts \ViIIexpericncc fram
tirsthand what is lo communicate with an individual from a foreign country. On a
collaborative project students from both institutions can disCllSSissues relatcd to the
topie ofintereultural eommunication, such as its barriers (stereotypes, prejudice, racism,
among others) and dcvelop strategies to haye an efTectiye intercultural communication.
PIC~lse, provide information abont the cxisting conrsc on which )'our proposed
coursc may be bascd (programme, typc of degree, etc.):
The course is for undergraduate students from all majors who are interested in going
abroad or interested in international relations or eommunication.
Numbcr of students that would participatc in the CDIL acti\'ities:
begin with. But \Ve have other groups that can incorporate latero
Preferred start and end date of exchang:c (formal:
time bctween August until December)
Firsl language
25 students to
Fall 2015 (any
Target language (if an)') and Ic\'eI2*: Spanish / English
Target Compctencies:
Intereultural Communication,
Intercultural Understanding.
Intereultural sensibility
What are the primar)' reasons for \\'anting lo bring a COIL perspeetive lo your
course? We would likc to expand our COIL aetivities with other partners from around
the world. This course is a good start due to the nature ofthe tapies eovered (mainly
intereultural tapies). It is also a goo opportunity to proYide an intemational experienee
to those students who are not able to partieipate in our study abroad programs.
1Ple¡¡s~. lill in allthe liclds in blank with no lllore lhan 250 words (exeepl thc la~t une if )OU wish). The cnmplded
form should bc senl,juintJ)' with a CV ofthc tcachcr lo¡!
1 Sce hltp://
for lhe dcfinilinn uf lhe levets.
Compostela Group 01 Unlv(lrsities
Rua da Conga, 1 (Casa da Cuncha), 15782 Santiago de Compostela, (Spain)
Tel.. +34 881 812934 I Fax: +34 881 812932 e-mail noelia.martinez.cagiao@usc,esl
Are there specific topies or moduh.'s in your course that )'OU fecl urc especially
interesting for eOIL collaboration?
lntercultural Cornrnunication
Picase describe any previous expericnec you have ,","'itbonlinc le~lrning aud/or
using technology in your teaching3• \Ve have participated in previous COIL activities
with this course with partners fram USA, South Africa and the UK.
J E.Xp~'TiCllCC
is nOl rcqlJircd.
Compostela Group 01 Universities
Rúa da Conga, 1 (Casa da Cuncha), 15782 Santiago de 8ompostela, (Spaln)
Tel.: +34 8818129341 Fax.: +34 8(11812932 e-mail: noelia.marlinez.cagiao@Lsc,esl
Brenda García es Directora de Proyectos de Internacionalización en la Universidad de Monterrey.
Anteriormente se desempeñó como Directora de Estudios en el Extranjero y durante su gestión la
UDEM se convirtió en la universidad mexicana con el porcentaje más alto de alumnos enviados al
extranjero. También ha sido profesora asociada en el Departamento de Humanidades y
actualmente imparte el Diplomado en Competencias Interculturales en la UDEM.
Brenda cuenta con 14 años de experiencia en el área de educación internacional. En la actualidad,
su mayor responsabilidad es la coordinación tanto del programa de Formación en Competencias
Interculturales en la UDEM como de las actividades de internacionalización en casa. También ha
hecho investigación en la evaluación de objetivos de aprendizaje en las experiencias
internacionales y en el desarrollo de competencias interculturales. Ha sido miembro activo de la
Asociación Mexicana para la Educación Internacional (AMPEI), desde 2001 y actualmente ocupa el
cargo de Coordinadora del Capítulo Noreste. Ella tiene estudios de licenciatura en Estudios
Internacionales y una Maestría en Educación, ambos de la Universidad de Monterrey. Cuenta con
un Diplomado en Internacionalización de la Educación Superior por el Colegio de las Américas, así
como varios certificados en el tema de Competencias Interculturales y Educación Internacional de
instituciones norteamericanas y europeas. Actualmente cursa el Diplomado en Estudios
Interculturales por la Universidad de British Columbia en Canadá
Brenda García is Director of Internationalization Projects at Universidad de Monterrey. Previously
she was Coordinator of Study Abroad. During her term, UDEM became the Mexican university with
the highest study abroad participation rate. She also served as an associate professor in the
Department of Humanities.
Currently her main responsibility is the development of the Intercultural Competencies Program at
UDEM as well as Internationalization at Home activities. She also does research on international
learning outcomes and assessment. She has been an active member of AMPEI, the Mexican
Association for International Education, since 2001, currently serving as the Coordinator from the
Northeast Chapter. She holds a M.A. in Education and a B.A in International Studies, both from
Universidad de Monterrey.
M.A in Education (Universidad de Monterrey)
Certificate Program in Internationalization of the Curriculum (Colegio de las Américas)
B.A in International Studies (Universidad de Monterrey)
I have been working in the international education area for about 14 years. I have attended
several workshops related to the development of intercultural competencies. I have done research
on assessment of intercultural competencies.