Appointment of Planning Consultant

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation
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No.15734 / BMC, Bhubaneswar, Dated- 21/11/ 2014
Town Planning Consultant
1. Applications are invited for appointment of a Town Planning Consultant in
Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, Bhubaneswar. The applicant should have
a Post Graduate Degree in Planning / Regional Planning / City Planning or
equivalent qualification and should have worked in Government / Development
Authority having at least 30 years experience.
2. The Consultant should not be above the age of 65 Years as on date of issue of
this advertisement.
3. The appointment is only for a period of six months.
4. The detailed guidelines indicating the eligibility criteria, terms and conditions,
application form, last date of submission of application form etc. can be down
from the
of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation
Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation
1. DURATION OF CONTRACT: Duration of the Contract shall be for a period of 6
months. Any extension to the Contract shall be mutually agreed upon between
the Client and the Consultant, at least one month prior to the termination date.
2. LEAVE: The Consultant will be entitled to avail the Gazetted holidays of the
Client and casual leave as admissible.
3. REMUNERATION: Payment shall be a lump sum of Rs.60,000/- (Sixty
Thousand) only per month for the period of engagement under this contract and
terminating on completion of this assignment. All extensions and revisions of
remuneration will be based on performance reviewed by the BMC.
 Payment shall be made on monthly basis.
 Payment shall be made in Indian Rupees after deduction of taxes as
per the prevailing rules and regulations.
 Payment shall be made by account payee Cheque or by transfer to the
consultant’s bank account.
4. TRAVEL: Under this assignment, travel or other incidental travel costs shall be
paid as per the BMC norms.
5. REPORTING: The Town Planning Consultant shall report to the Commissioner,
6. TOOL OF TRADE: The Town Planning Consultant shall be provided office
space, furniture, computer etc. as necessary for fulfilling the Terms of Reference.
The Consultant shall provide handholding support to BMC in the following matter;
Operationalisation of the Planning Cell in BMC.
Operationalisation for Building Plan approval in BMC
Any other planning related work assigned by BMC from time to time.
7. Last Date of submission : The last date for submission of application is 15th
December, 2014 before 04:00 PM.
1. Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Present Address
4. Permanent Address
5. Email Id & Mobile No
6. Past Experience
7. Educational Qualification &
work experience
8. Any special qualification/specialization
9. Any outstanding achievements in
preparation of CDP, ZDP, Town Planning
Scheme, ICMP and any other projects