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biotopian trialogue
a new language for fashion and design winter 14/15
In a reaction on the complexity of the multi-dimensional-highspeed-world, we are longing for the opulent beauty and rich
stories of history. Designers and industries explore cultural and
historic heritage, both to preserve and relive it in a modern
setting. In particular the European Golden Age is a treasure
box of inspiration. The beautiful paintings of the Dutch and
Flemish masters of the 17th century and the supreme artisanship
of this era contain all the ingredients for a new feel for fashion
and design. Beautiful fabrics, expressive ornaments, opulent
embellishment, wonderful silhouettes and details, and an
amazing color palette.
We celebrate nature and strive to reconnect with it by exploring
the unknown. As a result of the exponential developments in
science and technology we learn more about nature every day.
We learn that nature is not only a holistic ecosystem, but also
resolves its own problems, evolves with time and creates its own
innovations. Human being is also part of this ecosystem, but we
do not behave accordingly…
Fortunately, designers and (some) industries listen the more and
more (of: increasingly?) to ‘the voice of nature’ . New resources
are discovered, renewable energy is an upcoming phenomena,
we grow our own food, learn about new edible plants and
seeds and try to diminish wastage by consuming (almost) each
and every part of the animal . Nature also helps us in our
search for balance and contemplation. Because in this nervous,
hectic time frame we need to recharge the battery every now
and then.
We are in an exponential phase of science and technology.
New insights in quantum physics for instance stretches our
imagination and generates new ideas and perspectives. The
sky is no longer the limit and this fact alone produces loads
of creative energy. Nanotechnology reveals a beautiful realm
of molecules, atoms, bacteria and viruses with all their weird
and wonderful shapes. This challenges designers to explore
the boundaries of imagination and investigate new possibilities
for art, architecture and design. Buildings look like microbe
organism, fabrics seem to be made of foam and the amazing
logic and intriguing regularity of crystals is used for new
silhouettes, package design or fabrics.
We are at the dawn of a new era. With the upcoming BRICS
economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa the
balance of economic power is shifting to a multi-polar system.
In the same time the world experiences a systemic crisis which
forces people to find new solutions for old systems. The good
news is that creativity is inversely proportional to this crisis.
On grass root level a new societal order is emerging, driven
by free spirited individuals, taking matter in their own hands.
Slowly but surely we can see the contours of a new timeframe
appearing. And with a new timeframe comes a new language,
a new visual vocabulary. Fashion and design are redefined,
cultural heritage is reinvented and redesigned by gathering
meaningful products. We celebrate the iconic, care for timeless
quality, merge vintage with new design, play with ethnicity
and add a touch of light-hearted humour. The result? Beautiful
people, creating their own style, gathering their own cabinet of
curiosities, combining the best off all worlds in a very personal
and unique way. The connotation of ‘trends’ is making way
for ‘inspiration or style’ and the idea of ‘new’ is replaced by
Christine Boland
Als trendanalist en consultant is Christine Boland al
ruim twintig jaar werkzaam voor de retail, mode
en media-industrie. In haar presentaties neemt zij u
mee langs de culturele, sociale en maatschappelijke
ontwikkelingen en schetst hiermee het veld waarbinnen
de consument van nu zijn keuzes en afwegingen
Hoe beïnvloeden deze veranderingen het
consumentengedrag? Scherpe analyses die
informeren, inspireren en het blikveld oprekken maar
die vooral ook aan de hand van vele voorbeelden
laten zien waar kansen liggen om de consument te
blijven bereiken en te raken.
Vanuit dit perspectief ontwikkelde Christine het
Mindsets© model. Aan de hand van dit denkmodel
kunnen merken en bedrijven op een efficiënte manier
hun eigen stijlfdefinitie bepalen.Een praktische tool
die breed inzetbaar is en inhaakt op identiteit als
onderscheidende factor. Regelmatig publiceert ze
artikelen in vakbladen als RetailTrends, Textilia en
Second Sight.
Christine Boland
Trends & Mindsets©
Victorieplein 27-III
1079 KM Amsterdam
Fotografie: Anne Timmer
The Netherlands
Hester Jong
[email protected]
T: +31 630 253 580
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