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What We Do
The Four Feathers Rural Courses offer structured and bespoke,
outdoor courses for all ages. Using the centuries old techniques of
hunting and outdoor living we aim to re-engage individuals with
these innate, multi-generational skills and their numerous benefits.
Focusing on the development of hands-on, practical skills and
improving knowledge and awareness of the countryside, our courses
provide first-hand experience of every step of the hunting process,
exploring the full web of connections we have with the natural
world, our place within it and how our interaction influences it.
Shooting Disciplines
What we Believe
Why do this - what’s the problem?
Why does this matter?
In the space of just one generation, the
opportunity for children to experience the
natural world and the accompanying rural skills
has dramatically diminished.
Not only has this led to the near extinction
of many hands on skills but also reduced the
physical, mental and philosophical benefits that
the natural world provides.
Through HSE, modern agricultural practices
and commercialization of rural roles the
opportunities to expose the young to the
countryside have reduced to very few and will
continue to be reduced.
Many new texts have started to investigate
the relevance of a natural connection in both
young and mature persons. The overall finding
is that a lack of meaningful connection has
a fundamentally detrimental effect on the
individual and the sooner it is re-established
the better.
The individuals who 30 years ago would have
been available as mentors – gamekeepers,
woodsman, rural craft practitioners – have been
turned to a more commercial enterprise with
little or no space for apprentices.
This unnatural state of being is starting to
show itself with the abundance of stress related
illnesses and other contemporary ills.
Current Research
Where is the proof?
Resulting Identifiable Personal benefits
A reconnection with nature produces:
After even a brief natural exposure the
following improvements are often observed:
- A
noticeable improvement of our senses once
out of the urban/technological lifestyle
- Increased understanding of foods/dietary
origins and natural connection
- s enses provide enhanced interpretation/
enjoyment of experiences
- dietary health benefits
- self-sufficiency and contentment
- R
eduction in contemporary ills such as
depression, loneliness, attention deficient
disorders and autism.
- first-hand skills development
- Increased development of innate creativity,
“Nature Intelligence (NQ)” and play
- development of strong survival reflexes
(from both physical and technological/
lifestyle challenges)
- P
ersonal ownership of thoughts and
- greater appreciation and respect for the
natural environment
- P
ersonal development of risk- reward
principles/responsibility/ autonomy
- Development of dexterity and co-ordination
Sources: Robert Louv - Last Child In the Woods
Lorenzo Gonzales - Deep Survival
Outdoor Living
Why Choose Us?
Four Feathers Rural Courses strongly believe
that the natural world has an essential part to
play in the lifestyles of both young and mature
people and have tailored our courses to offer all
the opportunities that are being closed off.
Our instructors are all experienced practitioners
of their disciplines with first hand knowledge
of the environments. On top of this, all are
experienced in teaching all age groups and are
qualified in the relevant first aid requirements.
Through skills such as tracking, shooting,
bushcraft and butchery we allow our students
to re-engage with the natural world in the most
hands on format possible giving them a new
perspective on the world around them.
The courses are run in enclosed areas on a
private estate with qualified staff members
available 24hrs of the day.
Species Identification
Knife handling
Water sourcing
Natural Studies
Game dressing
Friction Fire & firecraft
Tracking & Awareness Skills
Carving, cordage
Natural Camouflage
Wild foods
Rifle Shooting
Natural shelters/hides
Example Itinerary
2.00pm – Arrive & Set camp
6.30am – Sit spot
6.30am – Sit spot
4.00pm – Introductions
& Theory
7.00am – Breakfast
7.30am – Breakfast
8.00am – Tracking
9.00am – Butchery/Bushcraft
5.00pm – Nature Awareness &
Sensory Exercises
11.00am – Shooting / Firecraft
12.00pm – Wild Food Foraging
1.00pm – Lunch
1.00pm – Lunch
2.00pm – Shooting / Firecraft
2.00pm – Deer Run/Bushcraft
5.00pm – Game Dressing
5.00pm – Wrap Up & Depart
8.00pm – Supper
8.00pm – Supper
Butchery & Field Dressing
Further details:
We are based on a private estate in South Wiltshire, between Salisbury and
Warminster. Transport by road is recommended but train connections from
London are available as well. Directions are forwarded after booking.
Courses are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have a group
bigger than 4 then please ask about our Bespoke Course as we will likely need
to structure something specifically for you.
More details are available online at www.ff-ruralcourses.co.uk or by request
at [email protected]
Natural Studies