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Storing data in the cloud
June 2014
The security, integrity, reliability and recovery of your
data is of paramount importance to us, and we
believe that a cloud solution meets our requirements
for storing data.
confidentiality, integrity, and availability of company
and customer information.
Why do we send backup data to the cloud?
The data is stored in Sydney and is copied to two
locations for redundancy.
To ensure your data is readily available and
accessible if one of our offices should be 'down'.
With multiple offices, we need to have backed-up
data readily available for any office in the event of
a disaster.
To mitigate the risk of data loss from technology
failures, the cloud can provide for multiple copies
of data in diverse locations.
Who do we use to send backup data to the
We use a managed service provided by Fronde, who
uses Asigra software to send backup data to Amazon
Web Services (AWS).
Fronde currently uses cloud services for a number of
Government departments, as well as some of New
Zealand's largest banks and energy companies.
Asigra is a backup solution specifically written and
optimised for cloud-based backups.
Amazon is one of the top three largest cloud service
providers in the world. Gartner, an American
information technology research and advisory firm,
says no other company comes even close to AWS.
Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3), where your
data is kept, achieved the ISO 27001 ISO certification
in 2010. In order to achieve the certification, Amazon
showed they have a systematic and ongoing approach
to managing information security risks that affect the
Where does the data reside?
Is data encrypted before it leaves AJ Park?
Yes, data is encrypted before it leaves us. It is in an
unreadable format before it leaves our office, and
remains encrypted in the cloud.
What level of encryption is used?
AES (advanced encryption system) 256 bit encryption
is used. This is the standard the US government uses
for top secret data.
Who has access to the data while it is in the
Only AJ Park has the keys to decrypt the data. Even
Amazon cannot access the data.