LSC 16-14 - Discontinuation of NILSC DX Network Service

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Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission Circular 16/14
22 August 2014
Dear Practitioner,
Discontinuation of DX Network Postal Service
1. I write to provide you with advance notice that, with effect from Monday 1st
September 2014, the Commission will discontinue the use of the DX Network
Postal Service for our outgoing mail only. The Commission will, therefore, no
longer be able to send any outgoing correspondence via the DX Network
from that date.
2. The above change is as a result of a formal re-tender process whereby the
Commission will replace its existing postal providers with ONE POST. During
the coming weeks, the Commission will be liaising with the new provider and
revising its internal processes to ensure a seamless transition. One of the
most obvious changes will be the address used on correspondence to
Practitioners; the full address including postcode will now be used, with the
DX reference removed.
All mail from the Commission will be delivered to
Practitioners through the Royal Mail postal system as part of the commercial
partnership arrangements used by the new provider.
3. DX Network Postal Service will continue to deliver all mail sent by individual
DX members to the Commission from the above date without any interruption
Remittance advices sent via email from the NILSC remittance mailbox may still contain your DX address. We
will be undertaking a rolling programme of work over the coming weeks to replace the DX address with your
postal address. Please note that this will not affect your payments.
to this element of their service. The Commission’s DX number will remain
unchanged at Legal Services Commission, DX 2930NR, Belfast 5.
4. Should you have any queries about the Commission’s new postal
arrangements, please contact Linda Norris, Head of Personnel and Office
Services Branch, by email at [email protected] or by telephone on
028 9040 8888.
5. If you need any clarification regarding your ongoing DX service then please
contact DX directly on 028 9445 9185.
Yours sincerely,
Paul Andrews
Paul Andrews
Chief Executive