The Calgary Zone Fall Prevention Initiative recommends the Timed Up & Go (TUG) test as a screen to
identify falls risk, and for identification of gait and balance abnormalities.
We recommend a cut-off score of ≥ 15 seconds as predictive of falls risk (referenced from the Canadian Fall
Prevention Curriculum, 2007).
It is recommended that this score and/or any noted abnormalities in gait, balance or difficulty rising from the
chair requires further assessment of falls risk factors, with appropriate facilitation of intervention(s) and
Time to Complete:
 1-2 minutes
Equipment Required:  Armchair – approximate seat height = 43-46 cm and approximate arm height = 65 cm
 Measuring tape to measure 3 meter distance referred to below
 Line on the floor 3 meters away from chair
 Walking aid, if required
 Stopwatch
Client Start Position:
 Wears regular footwear
 Seated in arm chair
 Back against the chair, arms resting on chair arms
 Uses customary walking aid
 Client: From start position, client stands, walks a distance of 3 meters (there must
not be any obstructions), turns, walks back to the chair, and sits down
 Assessor: Start timer on the word “go”; Stop timer when the client sits down
i.e. client’s buttocks contact the chair
 One practice walk is allowed - Record test result on 2nd trial
 ‘On the word “go”, get up, walk at a comfortable, safe pace to the line on the
floor, turn, return to the chair and sit down’
 Note difficulties in getting out of the chair, walking, turning and/or sitting down
* A score of >15 seconds indicates client has increased falls risk
Time in Seconds to
Complete (TUG) Test
Gait Aid Used
 Cane
 Two canes
 4-Wheeled walker
 2-Wheeled walker
 Solid walker
 No mobility aid
Reference: J Am Geriatr Soc 1991, 39:142-48; Phys Ther 2000, 80:896-903
Calgary Zone Fall Prevention Initiative - August 2009
Difficulties Identified