COACH outing to
Saturday 18TH APRIL 2015
We shall be visiting the recently opened World War One galleries at the
Imperial War Museum in London. We can discover the story of World
War One through the lives of those who experienced it both on the
frontline and at home.
From the IWM’s website: See how the war started, why it continued,
how the Allies won and its impact on people's lives across the globe.
Walk through a recreated trench with a Sopwith Camel plane swooping
low overhead as a Mark V Tank looms above you. Explore the war at sea and campaigns in the
Middle East, Africa, Gallipoli and the Western Front. Find out what life was like at home during the
First World War in Britain and its former Empire. Discover the reasons why men signed up to fight
and how Britain came under enemy air attacks. Uncover the contributions women made in
factories, hospitals and elsewhere to keep the troops fed and fighting.
We shall leave Purton at 8.30 am by executive coach (coffee/tea and toilet on board) and depart
from the museum at 4 pm, giving us plenty of time to explore, not only the WW1 galleries, but the
rest of this stunning museum. If a whole day in a museum is too much for you there are plenty of
other attractions nearby.
The outing is available to everyone (you don’t have to be a member of the society) at a cost of £15
per person.
For further information ring Helen Dixon on 01793 770648
Departing Purton 8.30 am Leave Museum 4.00 pm
Return Purton approx. 7.00 pm
Top: the iconic frontage of the museum
Right: a restored Mark V tank from about 1917
------------------------------------------------Booking Slip
To book your seat, please complete this slip and return with money at the Society’s meeting or to
Helen Dixon, Quarry House, 51 The Hyde, Purton SN5 4EA. or to In Touch Services, 115 Pavenhill
or for further information ring 01793 770648 or email [email protected]
Number in party:
Coach Booking
………@ £15.00*
Contact phone no
Preferred pick-up point (tick)
Witts Lane corner
Lower Square
Scout Hut
*Main museum entry is free.
Total payable
£ …………………
(please make cheques payable to Purton Historical Society)