Last Date to register: 17th April 2014

Dear Sir / Madam,
Greetings from the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce!
A delegation from the German state of Thuringia led by the Thuringian Minister of Economy, Labour
and Technology, Uwe Höhn will visit Delhi, Pune and Bangalore from the 22nd to 27th April.
This delegation will have political as well as business representatives.
The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce will organize B2B meetings for business delegates who wish to
explore opportunities to work together with German companies in India.
The schedule for B2B is as follows:
Venue: J W Marriott, S B Road, Pune
Date & Time: 24th April from 14:00 hrs onwards
Last Date to register: 17th April 2014
List of all delegates participating in the B2B forum is given at the end of this email.
The delegates participating in the B2B forum are from the below mentioned sectors.
Automotive, Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Optical industry, Testing and Measuring & IT
Research and Education
Health Care and Pharma
Detailed profiles of all the participants are available on this link:
Profiles will be updated if more information is available from the participants. The most updated copy
will be available on link above.
In case of interest in meeting the participants, we request you to fill-in the form available on this
and send it to us.
Contact Persons:
Dipti Kanitkar / Tanaya Gupte:
Tel: 020-4104 7100
Email: [email protected] OR [email protected]
Please note:
The B2B meetings will be organised basis of matching of requirements as specified by German
companies and by prior appointment to ensure smooth flow of event.
Best regards,
Indo-German Chamber of Commerce,
Brief Profiles of the participating companies:
Sector: Automotive, Industrial Machinery and Equipment
1. BMW Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH (Only in Pune)
Looking to source from India - tools/dies for outer skin und structure parts for car bodies.
2. Dreiling Maschinenbau GmbH (Only in Delhi)
Design and develop, processing and assembly of complete special purpose machines like
presses, fixtures, milling heads or plants for the automotive or machine tool industry and many
3. Eurocylinder Systems AG
Manufacturer of high pressure steel cylinders. Wish to meet customers, suppliers of rings &
caps and product development partners (high pressure cylinder Manufacturers)
4. Flanschenwerk Thal GmbH
Metal Work manufacturers. Wish to meet manufacturers of : lead screws in stainless steel,
flanges in stainless steel (plasma cut or forged DN 50- DN 500), metal working equipment
(welding, turning, drilling etc.)
5. GSAB Elektrotechnik GmbH
Manufacturer of high-class electrical outdoor distribution pillars and cabinets for power
distribution in the low voltage range.
Wish to meet:
 Power distribution and transmission utilities or companies with good contacts to them.
 Manufacturers of Feeder Pillar Boxes/Flat Cabinets/Distributions Enclosures
 Supplier of copper for import from India
 Toolmakers for plastic processing tools
6. H.M. Heizkörper GmbH & Co. KG
Manufacturers of radiators/heaters (for room heating) and accessories.
Wish to meet 1. Customers 2. Suppliers of steel 3. Software solution providers for smart homes
7. SAMAG Saalfelder Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Design and manufacture machine tools - 2-4 spindle horizontal machining centers, multi-spindle
deep drilling machines & SPM.
Wish to meet: 1. Customers who are manufacturers of parts for front axles & suspension units
2. potential partners for collaboration either for manufacturing components or machine-tools on a midterm basis.
8. Metall- und Systemtechnik METSYSTEC GmbH
They produce assemblies and precision components according to our customer’s requirements,
using modern production machinery and equipment.
Product range includes- Special tools, Mechanical assemblies, Magnetic systems, CNC turning
components, CNC milling components
Wish to import these products into Germany.
Sector: Optical industry, Testing and Measuring & IT
9. Jenoptik AG
It is an integrated optoelectronics group with five divisions: Lasers & Material Processing,
Optical Systems, Industrial Metrology, Traffic Solutions and Defence & Civil Systems.
Looking at meeting Customers from automotive, machine tool, medical industry as well as
government institutions for road safety and infrastructure development.
Wish to collaborate with software developers for product development.
10. KMF Messtechnik und Verwaltungs GmbH
Manufacture electronic measurement devices for quality assurance in cable industry - main
devices are pull testers, micrograph systems, crimp force controllers.
Looking for customers for complete range of quality testers
11. Lehren- und Meßgerätewerk Schmalkalden GmbH
Supply full range from standard to special gauges (thread gauges, taper gauges, setting ring
gauges) and measuring fixtures according to customer’s specifications
Wish to meet potential customers and distributors of gauges
12. Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH (Only in Delhi)
Product portfolio includes custom micro-electronics, mechanical systems and LTCC technology
as well as infrared detectors, emitters and gas sensors for e.g. NDIR gas analysis, flame
detection and pyrometry.
Wish to meet sales agencies, distributors and industrial customers
13. piezosystem jena GmbH
Offer development, design and engineering of piezo electric actuators. These positioning
systems are ideal for micro- and nano-positioning and nano-automation.
They offer solutions from one to five axis postitioners, gippers, mirror tilting systems, optical
fibre switches, shutters rotary stages, objective positioning systems, piezo stack type
actuators, high load piezo actuators and peizo composites for material testing and shock
14. Bsys GmbH
Provide wide range of IT applications and solutions as well as consulting services. These are in
general for medium-sized enterprises but also branch-specific for public utilities, real
estate/home & office, environment, transport and recreation.
Wish to meet collaboration partners in technological areas -IT-consulting, especially for
utilities eg. for smart metering to support Meter Data Management functions.
Sector: Research and Education
15. CiS Forschungsinstitut fuer Mikrosensorik und Photovoltaik GmbH
Competence in silicon development. Development and production of optical captive and
piezoresistive microsensors and systems; Photodiodes, radiation detectors, humidity and
pressure sensors
16. Erfurt Bildungszentrum GmbH
State-approved private technical college and Vocational School for Technology & Economics
 Offer Initial training and ongoing qualification for more than 50 occupations
 Training for master tradesmen in electronic and mechanical engineering
 Training programs for companies and management staff
Sector: Health Care and Pharma
17. Königsee Implantate GmbH
Medical technology company in the trauma market, developing, manufacturing and distributing
medical implants and instruments for traumatology, orthopaedics and spine surgery for upper
and lower extremity and spine.
18. LeyhPharma GmbH
manufacture pharmaceutical medicines and skin care products.
Wish to export a wide range of cosmetics for children & source Bethanecol from India
19. Toskanaworld GmbH
The group operates in the fields of rehabilitation, spa and wellness, hotels and
hot/mineral/salt springs. Its trademark treatment is Aqua Wellness/Liquid Body Work.
Wish to meet representatives of Spa Hotel in India, Medical Spa in India & looking for
partnerships in this field
20. FZMB GmbH
FZMB GmbH is a research and development institute working in the fields of medical
technology, diagnostics and veterinary primarily for immune diagnostics and microbiology.
Interested in joint product development and collaborative research for immune diagnostics, vet
diagnostics, rapid testing of food.