Fifteen millionth appliance produced in Lienz

Fifteen millionth appliance produced in Lienz
Lienz (Austria), September 2014: Liebherr-Hausgeräte is a specialist in the field of refrigeration and
freezing, and is a leading European supplier with an annual production of almost 2.2 million appliances.
The brand’s success is based on Liebherr’s renowned quality, its classic designs and its ability to
implement innovative ideas that offer real benefit to customers.
2014 年 9 月現在、LIEBHERR は冷却技術の分野における主要なヨーロッパメーカーとして年間の生産高が約
220 万台にのぼります。*成功の要因として、のお客様へ本当の利益を提供するクラシックなデザインと革新的
In 1980, a new production company, Liebherr-WerkLienz GmbH, was established in Austria to support
the existing plant in Ochsenhausen (Germany).Liebherr is understandably proud of its long tradition in
the refrigeration and freezing industry, and this year, Liebherr-Hausgeräte Lienz GmbH celebrated a
particularly special milestone: the production of its fifteen millionth appliance. The Austrian site, in the
city of Lienz, originally produced chest freezers and, just one year from its founding, its 42,000m²
production hallwas turning out 500 appliances a day and employing 250 people.
1980 年に既存のドイツオクセンハウゼンの生産工場をサポートするかたちで、新たに LiebherrLienz GmbH をオ
ーストリアリエンツに設立しました。Liebherr は冷却技術の分野での長い伝統を誇りに思います。そして今年、
同社は累計生産台数 1,500 万台に上る特別なマイルストーンを祝いました。設立当初は 250 名のスタッフが
42,000m²の工場内でチェストフリーザーを 1 日に 500 台、生産していました。
Liebherr in Lienz
Nowadays, the site coversan area of 210,000m², and produces the highest quality refrigeratorsand
freezers, chest freezers and wine cabinets. It also focuses onproducing appliances for professional use;
appliances which need to meet particularly high standards in terms of cooling performance and hygiene.
In addition, these appliances have to be able to cope with frequent door opening, storing of large
quantities of food or drinks, and operating at higher than usual ambient temperatures. The LiebherrHausgeräte Lienz GmbH team currently stands at around 1,320 employees.
今日では工場敷地を 210,000m²に拡張して、最高品質の冷凍冷蔵庫、及びチェストフリーザーやワインキャビ
せん。LiebherrLienz GmbH では現在、約 1,320 人のスタッフで運営されています。
Image: Liebherr anniversary appliance, the Vinidor WTes 5872. (photo: Martin Lugger)
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