BKMIBA BBA and iMBA Brochure 2014

Global Education at Local Cost, Context and Ethos™
• 3 Years BBA Programme with
Dual Specialization
• 5 Years Integrated MBA Programme
Warm Greetings!
Welcome to B. K. Majumdar Institute of Business Administration (BKMIBA), a wing of Amrut Mody School of
Management at Ahmedabad University. At BKMIBA (HLBBA), our heritage is our philosophy. We believe and
work towards ‘nurturing excellence’ by providing the highest standards in education. Students at BKMIBA are
provided with a cohesive and coherent curricula designed not only to promote the acquisition of basic
management competencies but also that enable students achieve their academic and personal potential. With a
thrust on holistic development of its students, the Institute continuously endeavours to create future global
BKMIBA saw the light of the day in the year 1999, a decade before becoming a constituent of Ahmedabad
University. BKMIBA offers 3 years BBA with Dual Specialization in the Third Year. For the last 15 years, the
institute has attracted the best intellect from across the country.
In addition to its successful BBA programme, BKMIBA introduces a Five year Integrated MBA (iMBA) from the
academic year 2014-15. Based on Alumni tracking and student survey, the iMBA will focus on Family Business
and Entrepreneurship in conjunction with providing a rich work experience of eight to ten months to students
across the five years of iMBA. The launch of the iMBA programme is a result of the sensitivity of the think-tank at
BKMIBA who sensed the need of the Industry at large and responded to the concern of Datar, Garvin and Cullen
made in their book ‘Rethinking the MBA- Business Education at the Crossroads’. BKMIBA through this initiative
has designed balanced curricula so as to offer global students, a blend of skills and capabilities that are at the
heart of management alongwith values and beliefs that form a manager’s professional identity.
With state of the art facilities in its electronically integrated campus, BKMIBA is not a mere building made of
bricks and mortar. The Institute supports the educational experience of students by equipping them with
leadership skills, analytical skills, critical thinking and industry exposure. Furthermore the students at BKMIBA
have an incredible opportunity to become members of a vibrant academic community with its well reputed
faculty, promising young peers and dynamic and supportive alumni.
In the process of facilitating the student community, the institute assists Corporates with their recruitment,
helping them find interns as well as employees. Education at BKMIBA has a regional as well as global dimension
that gets translated through the Institute’s initiatives in providing its students international exposure by ways of
visits and short term study programmes. To further enhance the cross cultural understanding of its students, the
institute has recently signed an MoU for student exchange programme with one of the top most International
Business Schools in France and has collaborated for student project work on Affordable Design and
Entrepreneurship with the Olin College of Engineering and Babson College of Entrepreneurship, U.S.A.
I take this opportunity to invite students from multiple ethnic, socio-economic and academic backgrounds to
become branches of the oak like, BKMIBA that has its roots in tradition and yet embraces newness by expanding
its branches so as to strengthen the cultural and intellectual diversity of BKMIBA.
Prof. (Mrs.) H.D. Trivedi
where learning is seamless and continuous
With a commitment to nurture excellence, B. K. Majumdar Institute of Business
Administration (BKMIBA) saw the light of the day in the year 1999 as a self-financed
institute offering a 3 year BBA Programme. Being a member of the reputed H.L. Group of
Educational Institutes, BKMIBA reflects the H.L. inheritance in terms of fostering
intellectual, personal and professional discipline through quality education and
inculcation of values. BKMIBA, since the year 2009, is a part of the Amrut Mody School of
Management and falls under the flagship of Ahmedabad University.
Through its enviable diversity in students as well as in the courses offered at the
undergraduate level, BKMIBA has woven its educational philosophy impressively through
its programmes. The BBA programme at BKMIBA provides business education balanced in
management theory and practical insight from the industry while developing professional
skills of its students in leadership, communication and research. In the last few years, the
institute has designed and successfully delivered some signature courses that exemplify
its commitment to undergraduate success. Adding a feather to its vibrant cap, BKMIBA
has introduced an Integrated Masters in Business Administration (iMBA) from the
academic year 2014-15.
Ahmedabad University is a statutorily established self-financed non affiliating university
promoted by the Ahmedabad Education Society. Ahmedabad University is a Private
University established on 24th July 2009 under Section 3 of The Gujarat Private Universities
Act, 2009 and is empowered to award degree as specified by UGC under section 22 of the
UGC Act.
Inspired by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Ahmedabad Education Society was established in 1935
to be further illuminated and guided by luminaries like Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai (Eminent
Industrialist, Visionary and Philanthropist), Shri Ganesh V. Mavlankar (First Speaker of the
Loksabha of Independent India) and other such stalwarts. AES is the largest education society
in Western India, which has illuminated diverse fields of education with the light of
knowledge and wisdom and thus established new benchmarks of excellence for the last 75
The vision of Ahmedabad University is, “to be a temple of higher learning engaged in
gathering, generating, storing and disseminating knowledge relevant to the societal
needs, offering multi disciplinary programmes to students emphasizing their all-round
development”. AU is committed to the pursuit of inquiry and to provide better access to the
students of Gujarat and the country at large to professional and general higher education
which is contemporary in scope and career oriented in content. The University is committed
to deliver “global quality education at local cost, context and ethos”. It assures financial aid to
meritorious but economically disadvantaged/underprivileged students on need cum merit
basis who have secured admission.
BKMIBA offers 3 years BBA Programme with dual specialization and 5 years Integrated
MBA Programme. BBA programme at BKMIBA is designed for students who have passed
their 12th Board Exam with high academic scores and aspire to gain an edge in securing
admissions in renowned institutions of higher education and/or to make a career in
business whether as an entrepreneur or a professional.
For select students, the iMBA programme at BKMIBA is specially designed to be different
and more challenging with additional cutting edge industry relevant courses, 8-12
months of internships and more rigorous as well as participatory content and pedagogy.
The BBA and iMBA are Semester based programmes offering a variety of courses with
relevant inputs to prepare students for a globally challenging environment.
a cut above the rest
Distinctive Features
Wide range of Liberal arts courses as
Inculcating Social sensitivity & Ethical
International exposure programmes
Emphasis on inclusive growth
Summer Internship & Placement
Industry/Business exposure based Project
Bridge and Remedial courses
Opportunity to learn foreign languages
Interactive teaching pedagogy
Analytical thinking & Experiential learning
Effective Faculty mentoring
Globally relevant curriculum
Focus on Soft skills development
BBA with
Dual Specialization
Industry today puts forth a demand for graduates with dynamic personality, skills of
multitasking and broad knowledge base. Keeping diverse Industry requirements and
enhanced employability prospects in mind, BKMIBA offers one of its kinds BBA Degree
with Dual Specialization. The programme provides the depth and width to a student’s
professional competence. A student can choose any two from four sets of electives
namely Marketing/Finance/Human Resource/Entrepreneurship, in the Third Year so as to
give them a comprehensive understanding of distinct specialized courses with practical
Innovation - a part of the ethos at BKMIBA
Drawing upon its rich experience of providing the undergraduate students with plethora of
avenues to maximize personal and professional growth for more than a decade coupled with
a view to catering to the need of hour, BKMIBA (HLBBA) in addition to offering Bachelors in
Business Administration, is now offering a Five Year Integrated MBA programme (iMBA) for
management education aspirants.
The iMBA programme at BKMIBA is about new thinking, enthused as well as self-directed
learning, cutting edge leadership, an incredibly adept mentoring - that will provide an
invaluable experience to its students.
The iMBA Advantage
With a focus on Family Business and Entrepreneurship the iMBA programme is anchored in a
Business Management curriculum that offers a distinctive blend of courses that are designed
to help students to work effectually, think multi-culturally so as to prepare the students to be
qualified for viable employment/entrepreneurial opportunities.
Emphasis on industry interface
Curricula design includes including one full semester of Internship aggregating to about
8-12 months of varied and periodic internships over 5 years
Amalgam of innovative pedagogy with an objective of inculcating critical thinking and
leadership skills in students
Better integrated learning opportunity – exposure to humanities and social sciences
Experiential learning fostered by visiting Industries
Rural Immersion and NGO Internship
International exposure through exchange programmes and exposure trips
Building Research aptitude through Research and Industry Projects
Focus on honing academic and business writing and analytical communication skills
Unique choices from a basket of hobby and skill courses like painting and calligraphy,
photography, adventure sports, performing arts etc.
Research Culture
The institute endeavours to give its students first-hand experience in the research process
- right from finding the research problem to suggest solutions based on their study. For
this, research groups are formed comprising first, second and third year students. A
Research Project Presentation Competition is held at the end of the year where students
are put through rigorous evaluation process by Industry and Academia experts. Students
are also encouraged to present their work at National and International Conferences and
publish in reputed journals.
Think local, and act global is the value that is imbibed in students through the international
exposure at BKMIBA. Over the years, numerous groups have been given the opportunity to
widen their horizons by visiting countries across the globe.
In 2010 BKMIBA organized a study tour to China and Hong Kong; students visited Shenzhen
Special Economic Zone and the 108th China Import Export Fair (Canton Fair) apart from
visiting manufacturing units in China.
In 2011 a group of students visited Singapore to learn South East Asian Economy and best
practices of Manufacturing in Singapore. The group of students also attended workshops at
National University of Singapore (NUS) on Cross-cultural Communication and Creativity.
A group of selected students participated in a six-week immersion module at University of
Cambridge, UK. As the part of the immersion programme, a few students along with Faculty
members attended the Pembroke-King’s Programme that offers an exceptional opportunity
to study at Cambridge and a chance to rub shoulders with fellow participants from Harvard,
Yale, Penn, Brown, Brigham Young and the University of California.
BKMIBA has partnered with ESC Rennes School of Business, France for students exchange.
Under this agreement, four final year students of BKMIBA would study one full semester at
ESC Rennes School of Business.
Industrial Visits
Seeing is believing and believing is learning. Industrial visits are arranged for students so
that they can see, believe and learn about functioning of various industries. Some of the
companies visited by students in the last couple of years are:
Amul Dairy
Vadilal Industries Limited
Balaji Wafers Private Limited
Torrent Power Limited SUGEN Plant
Mundra Port & SEZ Limited
Aarvee Denim Exports Limited
City Tiles Limited
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited
Arvind Mills Limited
Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited
The Placement Cell of BKMIBA strengthens its ‘Institute- Industry’ relation through placing
students for both Summer Internships as well as Final placements. Various illustrious
corporates visit the campus with competent offers for internship and placements and the
Institute in turn facilitates final placements and summer internship for interested students.
Some renowned Corporates that approached the Institute in the last few years are:
Tata Capital
Tata Consultancy Services
Info Analytica
Edelweiss Capital
Bajaj Life Insurance
DSP BlackRock
ICICI Prudential
Sayaji Group of Hotels
Span Apparels Pvt. Ltd.
Awards and Accolades
Motivation is essential in bringing out the best in students. To motivate and accredit them
for success in their endeavours, the institute with support from individuals and
organisations has instituted a number of awards.
Kuldeep Ambalal Award for All Round Excellence in FYBBA
J. B. Nanavati Award for All Round Excellence in SYBBA
Virmati Award for All Round Excellence in TYBBA
Nutan Nagarik Sahkari Bank Award for Academic Excellence in all the three years
Rupesh Chandrakant Shah Award for Excellence in Project Work
Ratnamani Award for Excellence in Research Work
N. G. Mavlankar Sarvotkarsh Award for Social Sensitivity and Action
Drishti- the vision redefined
Drishti is the Institute’s magazine brought out by a fervid team of
students with literary sensibility. The magazine is a medium through
which students’ ideas, interactions and creative essence flow in black
and white, visible for all to read and relate.
The Institute’s annual cultural festival, Antarnaad is the culmination of
creativity, talent, intellect, fine arts and exuberance that turns the
campus into a territory of fun. Antarnaad is an exceptional ebullience
that reflects the pulse of the vibrant student community of the
Concourse is an annual Intercollegiate National level management
meet hosted by the Institute. It is a unique opportunity provided to
students to exhibit their intellect and interact with not only their
student counterparts but also with stalwarts from the Industry.
Intracollegiate, Intercollegiate and University Sports events are
organized at the Institute to nurture sports talents and thereby
inculcate fundamental values of leadership, will power, self-discipline
and teamwork. A range of sports facilities, dedicated sports grounds
and courts on Campus make this endeavour possible.
Anand Mela
BKMIBA students every year enthusiastically organize Anand Mela fun fair for the children from humble social background.
Collegiate Women’s Development Cell
The Women’s Development Cell of the Institute is set up to foster and
support development of girl students and to generate the
atmosphere of gender equality on the campus. CWDC conducts
seminars, workshops and activities for both, girls and boys to
promote gender equity and equality.
Social Service Forum
The Social Service Forum of the Institute instils social sensitivity and nurtures values of
inclusive growth among the student community by organizing visits to slums, observation
homes and supporting initiatives taken by NGOs.
Clubs and Fora
Over and above these activities, students at the Institute get many more opportunities all
year round to hone their skills and talents with programmes and clubs such as:
Fresher’s Welcome and Orientation
Multimedia Project Presentation Competition
Research Projects
Going Ga-Ga - Music Club
Nautanki - Theater Club
Clapboard - Film Appreciation Club
Students' Council
The Students' Council is a core group of the students with the required interest, aptitude
and inclination for planning and organizing curricular and co-curricular activities at the
Institute. Council members act as representatives of the class, thus helping in smooth
communication between the management and the students.
Event Management Committee
The Event Management Committee (EMC), comprising of zealous and diligent students,
undertakes the organisation and coordination of events that mark the BKMIBA activity
calendar. Through strong leadership and efficient teamwork, the EMC plans, organizes,
mobilizes resources and executes events at the Institute.
Centrally air-conditioned building with audio visually equipped tiered classrooms
Library with an impressive collection of books, magazines, CDs and a plethora of national
and international journals
Computer Lab with multimedia computers and free broadband Wi-Fi access
On-campus Canteen facility that remains open for the entire day
Assistance for Limited Single Gender Hostel Accommodation available for outstation
Illustrious Alumni
It is a matter of pride that many of our students are selected to pursue higher studies in
nationally and internationally recognized institutes. Their selection and presence in
institutes of that cadre is a sign of strong foundation in their subjects that has been laid at
A significant percentage of BKMIBA Alumni are pursuing higher education from reputed
institutes and universities across the globe. A substantial few have turned entrepreneurs
or have joined their family business. However, one common factor that binds them all is
the profound respect they share for their alma mater. The institute keeps in touch with its
alumni to track their progress and make their experiences available to the current
BKMIBA was a catalyst to my growth. Besides imparting quality education, what it really
taught me is the attitude & the skill required to succeed in today's world. Having a passion
for 'something' in life, striving towards excellence, and relentless pursuit towards growth - all
this I learnt from BKMIBA.
Bhushir Mankad (Class 2006) - Head of Product Management, Samsung Electronics, Dubai - UAE
I have grown as a person post BKMIBA. The opportunity of meeting industry experts, giving
presentations to large audience, preparing business plans, organizing several events with a
set of outstanding people who are mature yet competitive, brainy yet sensitive and resultdriven yet collaborative teachers taught me a lot about leading teams, resolving conflicts
and delivering results. I also learnt a lot about subjects and aspects of business that were
obscure to me, and that has made me a better business professional.
Khush Bakeri (Class 2009) - Partner, Suveg Electronics, Ahmedabad
BKMIBA has had some of the brightest minds as teachers who have played a pivotal role in
shaping my future. I would really like to thank faculty members for investing their time and
efforts in our futures. BKMIBA is the most prestigious institution for the BBA degree in
Gujarat. I am very happy that they are introducing 5 years integrated MBA programme, I
wish it existed when I graduated.
Anandi Abhichandani (Class 2007) - Risk Analyst, Radian, Philadelphia, USA
Amrita Bihani
Ankur Gangal
Faculty in Human Resource
Faculty in Marketing
Aravind Panicker
Chirag Trivedi
Faculty in Business
Faculty in Literature and
Business Communication
Karishma Dalal
Keshav Bhatia
Faculty in Financial
Faculty in Marketing
Management and
Milan Pandya
Neha Taneja
Faculty in Literature and
Business Communication
Faculty in Quantitative
Techniques and
Nimit Thaker
Pavak Vyas
Faculty in Financial
Management and Business
Faculty in Accounting and
Financial Management
Pervin Gandhi
Rebecca Sudan
Faculty in Accounting and
Financial Management
Faculty in Literature and
Business Communication
Saumil Shah
Sujo Thomas
Faculty in Financial
Faculty in Marketing
Hema Ramani
Sharvari Dalal
Visiting Faculty in
Visiting Faculty in
Guest Faculty
The Institute invites renowned academicians and experienced business professionals who
strengthen the process of academic growth of students. The Guest Faculty bring in
practical inputs from real life business situations and share their hands-on experience to
make students’ mind application-oriented. Among eminent guest faculty members
BKMIBA has, in past few years, invited business professionals like Ms. Anupriya Sutaria,
Ms. Kanan Dhru, Mr. Neeraj Sundarani and senior academicians like Dr. Rita Kothari,
Prof. M. P. Ranjan, Ms. Sharmila Sagara and Ms. Manvita Baradi.
Communication for Management I
Communication for Management II
Executive Business Communication
Law & Taxation
Business Laws I
Marketing Management I
Business Laws II
Marketing Management II
Integrated Marketing Communication
Indirect Taxation
Retail Management
Consumer Behaviour
Economics I
Sales and Distribution Management
Economics II
General Management
Managerial Economics
Foundation of Management
International Economics
Strategic Management
Business Environment
Operations Management
Urban Management
Financial Accountancy
Heritage Management
Corporate Accountancy
Environmental Management
Cost Accounting
Services Management
Management Accounting
Management in Practice
Foreign Language
Basic Computer Skills
Advanced Computer Skills
Liberal Studies
Ethics and Corporate Governance
Financial Management I
Financial Management II
Understanding Culture
Corporate Finance
Introduction to Psychology
Financial Markets
Introduction to Philosophy
Financial Services
Developing Leadership Skills
Contemporary issues in Business
Gender Sensitization
Management Lessons through literature
Human Resources Management
Indian Short Stories and Poems
Organisational Behaviour
History of Indian art and Architecture
International HRM
Indian Constitution
Strategic HRM
Quantitative Techniques
Advanced HRM
Business Mathematics
Business Statistics I
Business Statistics II
Developing Business Ideas
Research Methods
Establishing and Growing a Venture
Business Plan
Practical Studies (Project Work)
Industrial Projects
(Human Resource/Marketing)
Financial Statement Analysis
Capstone Project
Global Education at Local Cost, Context and Ethos™
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BKMIBA Mission
To become the centre of excellence for higher
learning, holistic business education and cutting edge
research by providing meaningful and relevant
academic experience appropriate for dynamic
knowledge society.
To enable students realize their full potential by
nurturing all round excellence with a view to creating
competent and socially sensitive individuals through
exposure to multidisciplinary and research based
learning benchmarked to global standards.
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