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29th March 2014
By Arthur & Debbie
Crewe, Cheshire, North
AGM Meeting & Trip
We would like to say
thank you to everybody
that turned up for the
AGM and a very big
thank you to Gerald &
Simon Emerton of
Emerton Collection,
Nantwich, Cheshire &
Michael Warbuton of
Routemaster Buses
Tours, Nantwich,
Cheshire (the driver of
Leyland National
WBW 735X)
Here is the list of
vehicles at the Emerton
(the group was shown a
film about how the buses
looked before & after
work was carried out,
usually over several
years, some vehicles
were just the shells)
AG 6470, EC 8852,
HL 7538, SB 5348,
WP 6114, WX 2658,
ABH 358, ETA 280,
ETU 710, GDL 33,
HDM 473, HUY 655,
KTB 672, NKR 529,
SVA 438
Routemaster Buses
Tours, Nantwich,
152 CLT, 490 CLT,
JXN 370, MXX 439,
VYJ 876, WLT 642,
MUI 4784, ALM 59B,
CRU 180C, CUV 243C,
JJD 400D, JJD 512D,
JJD 514D, BYM 108F,
PRJ 323G, EGP 132J,
ODV 404W, ABW 82X,
TPD 109X, H28 YBV,
H119 SAO, M301 BRL,
N327 NPN, N466 TPR,
N472 TPR, R159 VPU,
R247 NBV, X615 JCS