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Bihler at EuroBLECH 2014
Hall 27, Stand D54
Servo-controlled stamping and forming machine GRM-NC
The world's fastest servo-controlled
stamping and forming machine
With the GRM-NC Bihler presents an entirely new generation of
stamping and forming machines at EuroBLECH.
The completely servo-controlled machine is perfectly designed for
the economical production of stamping and forming parts as well as
wire parts in all lot sizes. The GRM-NC shows its benefits especially
for small and medium lot sizes and if you require a large number of
different product versions. Very short, 100% reproducible set-up and
changeover operations are its key strengths. These are ensured by
modern servo technology in combination with the intuitive control
technology of the Bihler VariControl VC 1. For instance, the slide
units can be aligned in radial and linear direction simply by pressing
a button on the integrated slide positioning unit. Rapid tool change
systems help to further reduce set-up times. The GRM-NC allows
users to react to customer requirements very quickly and demandoriented.
240 parts per minute – nine times faster set-up
The GRM-NC is impressive also in terms of productivity. Up to 240
manufactured parts per minute speak for themselves. Costs for new
tools are reduced considerably by the small number of components.
Existing tools of the GRM series can be easily integrated and
optimized on the GRM-NC. Then the servo-controlled machine is
able replace several mechanical machines and allows users a much
higher creation of value. Compared to conventional stamping and
forming machines, an output increased by up to 200% can be
achieved, lot sizes can be processed in half the time and
changeover times reduced by a factor of 9. Formerly particularly
time-intensive tasks such as adjusting the material feed, positioning
the slide units and adjusting the movements of the forming punch
are now completed in a matter of minutes on the VC 1 machine and
process control system.
Consistently high product quality and process safety
The servo-controlled processing units guarantee a consistently high
product quality. All processing units are freely programmable over
the whole working range. Working stroke, lower dead center,
adjustment of the stroke position and the motion profile can be
selected freely. The maximum force can be achieved at any time
and at any stroke position. Forming movements can be executed
with constant transmission of force. The result: Strip and wire
material is processed with optimal speed at each station. For
maximum process safety, all units have an integrated cooling and
central lubrication system. Other features include a software-based
integrated overload protection as well as an absolute measuring
system for full compensation of process-related temperature effects.
Intelligent control technology
The Bihler VariControl VC 1 machine and process control system
ensures a comfortable and reliable operation. Changeover
procedures are completed by the press of a
button on the customized menu and are 100% reproducible. All
machine functions as well as the number of axes and axis
movements are configured without external programming devices
directly on the controller. The bASSIST multimedia diagnostic and
online help system supports your operators with videos,
graphics, etc. (including customized items) and allows you to easily
optimize processes.
Photos (Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG / Reprint free of
charge if Bihler is quoted as the copyright owner)
Image 1: Servo-controlled stamping and forming machine GRM-NC
with slide positioning unit for fully automatic adjustment
of the slide units in radial and linear direction
Image 2: Stamped and formed parts manufactured on the RM-NC
Image 3: Easy and secure handling with Bihler machine and process
control VC 1
With 900 employees, Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG is one of
the world's leading system suppliers of all-in-one solutions in stamping and
forming, welding and assembly technology. Bihler technology is used in
industries such as the automotive industry, electric/electronic industry,
medical technology, etc. The company headquarters are located in
Halblech/Germany. Bihler has subsidiaries in Füssen/Germany,
Phillipsburg/USA and Kunshan/China. 30 agencies in the largest
industrialized countries ensure proximity to the customer and guarantee
excellent service.