29th - Rotary Club of Jindalee

The Official Journal of Rotary Club of Jindalee Inc. www.jindalee.rotaryclub.asn.au 29 April 2014 Mee ng No 1746 The Rotenary Russ’ Ramblings
Thanks to Peter of standing in for me while I was in Melbourne, would ra‐
ther have been at Yamba with the gypsies though! Ajit gave us his 'this is your life' or at least 40 years of it, thanks Ajit for your presenta on. He is also organising an art union to support a project in Sri Lanka and will be looking for some cket selling support, more to come on this shortly. Mother's Day will see a breakfast at the boat ramp, note the new venue, details elsewhere in this issue. Peter Veale is looking for addi onal help for the Arch Klump dinner which we are hos ng in late May, please see Peter if you can help out, assistance needed in several relays from about 2 pm at Rotary House. Meanwhile we have a few on the sick list, Hugh Hamilton caught a nasty bug in hospital and Paul 'van Gogh' Curnow lost a fight with his caravan boot. Best wishes for speedy recoveries. Quite a bit of ac vity going on with Rotary Founda on ac vi es with our involvement in a global grant and also support for the nano patch project and polio. We'll provide more info on these projects over the next few weeks. Des Turville has taken on the role of team leader for Bowelscan this year. This is a great project aimed at early detec on of bowel cancer. We distrib‐
ute kits to local pharmacies who sell them to the public who then return them direct to the pathology clinic. Each year new cases are detected ear‐
ly, the best me for successful treatment, and it's cheaper than other com‐
mercial kits. If you would like a kit or two, see Des or your local pharmacy. So, un l next me, engage Rotary and change lives. Russ PRESIDENT Russ Higginbotham Phone: 0411 750 694 Email: [email protected] Calendar SECRETARY Irene Lategan Phone: 0424 560 200 Email: [email protected] Editor for Jan ‐ June 2014 Lyn Miles Phone 0414 564 537 Email [email protected] APOLOGIES & GUESTS Anthony Torbey Phone 3375 5577 [email protected] APOLOGIES … BE ADVISED Our Club required 8 hours no ce of your absence from the regular Tuesday night mee ng. Your Club has to pay the Golf Club for meals pre‐
pared whether you turn up or not. Failure to advise of your absence will necessitate a payment from you to make up the outlay from the Club. 2 MAY Tuesday 6th Sunday 11th Tuesday 13th Tuesday 20th Saturday 23rd Tuesday 27th Thursday 29th Partners’ Night & PP Chris Hopkins’ Mt Everest Experience Mothers Day Breakfast: All welcome 8am at the Jindalee Boat Ramp Rotaract/RC Debate: Can Gen Y survive without IPhone? Club Membership Night Rotary E‐Club NRG (Qld) Charter Night at Boggo Road Gaol Peace & Conflict Resolu on Mohsen Solhdoest Volunteers needed for Bostock House Arch Klump Func on (Contact Peter Veale) JUNE Thursday 3rd A Project with RC Pretoria East, South Africa Johan de Muelenaere UPCOMING DUTY ROSTERS 6th May 13th May 20th May Chairperson Soo Choong Richard Kwiecinski Susan Quintarelli Duty Officer Don Gordon Mike Langford Stu Reed Duty Officer John Gallagher Garry Page Keiyh Rogers Duty Officer Paul Killoran Alex Milanovic Gabe Rowlings Fellowship John Odlum Lyn Miles Lilla Stewart Should you have any problems fulfilling this re‐
sponsibility, please arrange to swap with another member and advise Sue Tupicoff: 0439 337 670 The Interna onal Toast: David Vine U arakhand is a state in the northern India. It is o en re‐
ferred to as the "Land of the Gods", because of the many Holy Hindu temples and pilgrimage centres which are found throughout the state, the provisional capital is Dehra Dun, the largest city in the region, which is a railhead. Sanskrit is the primary liturgical language of Hinduism, a philosophical language in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, and a scholarly literary language that was in use as a lingua franca in the Indian cultural zone. The Rotary club of Dehradun, was chartered in 1940 has 53 members, meets on Wednesday at 7.30pm in summer and 7.00pm in winter at the Dehra Dun Club, President is Jyo Dhawan, Secretary is Sandeep Aggarwal. Why is all this relevant? On the South Coast of NSW, about 2 hours south of Wollon‐
gong is the township of Kiama which is world famous for the Blow‐ Hole. In Aboriginal language, Kiama is the name of the Creator Spirit and means place of noisy water ( when a big sea is running it is very noisy and spray goes everywhere), also place of many fish, (this I doubt very much because a er fishing there many mes, I never caught a feed) plus others. However, in Sanskrit Kiama means ‘holey’, hence the name Blow‐ Hole, and Kiama is recognised as a hallowed place in India, and the Kiama Blow‐Hole is good place to commence reincarna on. Invited Speaker: Ajit Abeyewardene My First 40 years in Australia Having had no future in Sri Lanka, (formally Cey‐
lon) Ajit a empted to enter Australia in 1970 and failed. His luck changed in 1974 when his brother who had migrated in 1973, sponsored him. On the 14th June 1974 Ajit arrived in Darwin, and ten days later joined Interna onal Harvester Aust Ltd. His experiences were clouded by the ugly face of racism and he transferred to Rocklea in Septem‐
ber 1974. His wife Manel followed him in December 1974, forgoing an opportunity to study in England. Ajit and Manel both studied and worked successfully here in Australia. Ajit received honours in diesel engineering at South Brisbane Tech and high awards in other related courses. Ajit proudly became an Australian in 1980. Not long a er this Manel and Ajit were blessed with two sons. Ajit le paid employment and purchased Western Fuel pump and Injector Service in 2001, re red, then started an impor ng business. Although Ajit has been faced with many challenges in Australia he says “his life experiences while growing up in my country of birth Sri Lanka came in good stead helping me to cope with all of these. I believe that living in the past is ok as long as you learn from it to adjust when things go wrong. In conclusion I would like to thank Australia & her people for the opportunity given to me, the main reason & the only reason why I became a Rotarian, to pay back to society in a small way for all that I have received in abundance over the 40 years I have lived in Australia. “ Lilla Stewart TOP: Manel’s million dollar smile MIDDLE: Ajit’s story BOTTOM: Lilla Stewart thanking Ajit CONGRATULATIONS BIRTHDAYS 5th May Sue de Muelenaere 9th May Greg Mitchell 19th May Liz Main 19th May Paul Curnow (60) WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES MEMBERSHIP ANNIVERSARIES 13th May Keith Rogers 17th May Ma hew Bourke LEAVE OF ABSENCE Graeme Buntain Vicki Cathcart Gordon Hanley Nick Ne o John Palmer Phil Turley APOLOGIES FOR 29/04/14 Bob Barkla Stephen Chester Ron Clark Paul Curnow Lindsay Ellwood Don Gordon Hugh Hamilton Richard Hampson Russ Higginbotham Chris Hopkins John Ive Greg Killoran Jay Killoran Paul Killoran Richard Kwiecinski Irene Lategan Alex Milanovic Lyn Miles Robyn Nixon Warren Oates Susan Quintarelli Adrian Tiller Cameron Webb 5 Dinner is served Johan doesn’t get the Joker Duty and Fellowship Officers for the evening An ‐Graffi Roster: Date Driver Helper 11 May Rene Bongers Ivan Walker 18 May Rene Bongers Lyn Miles 25 May John Papa 1 June Centenary State High School Breakfast Roster Thurs 1st May 8th May 15th May 22nd May 29th May Bryan Cathcart Required Vicki Cathcart Alex Milanovic Bryan Cathcart Peter White John Ive Chris Hopkins Richard Kwiecinski Ron Clark The Breakfasts are on Thursdays, 8 to 9.00am Ivan Walker is 1st reserve if you are unable to a end on your rostered day: 3376 3540 Cameron Webb is his back‐up on 3375 9577 Please direct any queries to PP Chris Hopkins