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Data Integration and Near Real Time Reporting –
Advanced solutions using Teksouth Desktop Tools
The Teksouth Desktop Tools Data Integration and Reporting capability is a compilation of advanced use
of Microsoft desktop tools that integrate data from multiple legacy and current systems to provide near
real time, decision ready information. This mission essential information is presented in the form of a
customized dashboard of daily financial status for each analyst, resource manager, and directorate.
Teksouth’s advanced solutions using Teksouth Desktop Tools offers:
Commanders/Leadership executive oversight commensurate with desired level of stewardship
and make better resource-informed decisions
Current financial data available each business day – near real time
Reduced research and compilation burden on the analysts providing more time for focused
analysis – improves the organization’s decision support capacity
A solution based on tools that are already part of the standard desktop platform – (no hardware
and software costs)
Financial Visibility
The integration of data from legacy systems with current systems data gives insight and visibility into
organizational financials previously not available. For instance, in Southern Command (SOUTHCOM)
Teksouth has applied their advanced solutions to incorporate General Fund Enterprise Business System
(GFEBS) data into the existing PBAS/RMT/STANFINS data and provide detailed access to the data via
complex data tables linked to interactive dashboards that offer visibility tailored to the organization. For
the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and the Joint Attack Munitions Systems (JAMS) Program Office we
integrate SOMARDS data with other legacy data required by the customer.
Current Data
Teksouth’s solution using Teksouth Desktop Tools combines automated data feeds with daily manual
data pulls to build a near real time foundation of data to provide the critical, decision ready information
organization leaders need. This current and up to date foundation is the basis from which all dashboard
slides are updated and refreshed for daily decision and leadership support.
Reduced Research and compilation
This advanced solution reduces the time from the initial question to final decision. Traditionally, analysts
have spent weeks researching, gathering and collecting together data for presentations and briefings. By
the time this information is presented to the decision maker, it is often out-of-date or no longer applicable
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Data Integration and Near Real Time Reporting
to the mission. Teksouth’s solution provides analyst the capability to spend mere minutes updating the
dashboards that are automatically linked to decision support tools such as spreadsheets and data tables to
acquire critical information in near real time. This frees these same analysts to devote time formerly spent
gathering data to perform in-depth data analysis. Analysts are no longer data collectors but instead are
more productive focused on analyzing business issues and developing solutions.
Low Cost Implementation
The advanced solutions using Teksouth Desktop Tools is based on the Microsoft Office suite of products
that are already a part of the standard desktop platform on every user’s PC. This means there is no need to
acquire a new system, approve or participate in a complex acquisition, or fight to get accreditation or
authorization for a new “system.” Savings in acquisition costs alone are dramatically reduced. In
addition, users are already intimately familiar with the base products – Microsoft Office. Training and
fielding time and costs are greatly reduced as well. This translates to tremendous increase in capability at
minimal cost.
Teksouth Desktop Tools successful implementations: Over the past five years our
non-proprietary Teksouth Desktop Tools development and support have included
successfully meeting the needs of other DoD organizations.
Department of the Army Budget Office
US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC)
Africa Command (AFRICOM)
Southern Command (SOUTHCOM)
Pacific Command (PACOM)
Air Force (AF) Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE)
AF Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA)
Air Mobility Command (AMC) 87th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES)
Directorate of Economics and Business Management (SAF/FMCE)
U.S. Air Forces Central Command (USAFCENT)
U.S. Army Central Command (USARCENT)
Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC)
Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan (CSTC-A)
Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO)
Joint Attack Munitions System (JAMS) Program Office
Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Project Offices
Air National Guard (ANG), Andrews AFB & HIANG
Army National Guard (TN, MD, OK, WY, MD, OH, NJ, NY, GA, IL, NM ARNG)
Teksouth Corporation
1420 Northbrook Dr., Suite 220, Gardendale, AL 35079
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Data Integration and Near Real Time Reporting
Other Considerations
The advanced solutions using Desktop Tools is designed for broad application that can be tailored to the
clients’ specific business requirement. This may include the integration of relevant data associated with
Personnel, Manpower, Contracting, Logistics, in addition to the needs of financial requirements. Our
solution is scalable to the clients' needs, budget and user base.
Example” At USARCENT, Teksouth provides an automated decision support/data integration
solution, providing the USARCENT leadership with near real-time contract execution data. The
concept, known as the Theater, Requirements, Contracting, and Execution Reconciliation
(TRCER) integrates data from various financial and contract systems of record to include
STANFINS, RMT, GFEBS, ACBIS, FPDS, PD2. TRCER has been well received by the highest
levels of the OSD Comptroller and the Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer (DCMO)
requested immediate development of a similar solution.
Summary of Benefits and Value
 Low Cost: no acquisition costs …uses MS Office Suite (available on most Gov desk top
 Quick Implementation: Minimal development time…no certifications required
 Relevant, Tailored Reporting: Integrates data from needed sources as decided by client
 Timely: Data reports updated daily or as required
 Efficiency and Productivity: Less time compiling data more time analyzing
 Flexible: Can be changed as business requirements change
 Accuracy: Integrates legacy data from authoritative sources
 Leadership Insight: Access to reports available to entire chain
 More Informed Decisions: Depth and breadth of information
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