Nicholas White

RCN South West Board
Elections 2014
Candidate statement for
Nicholas White
Professional career
Dates (years)
2011 – present
1995 – 1996
1993 - 1995
1987 – 1993
1986 – 1987
Main achievements
Training & Development
Manager Mental Health
Partnership, Plymouth
Community Healthcare – CIC,
Training & Development
Manager Mental Health
Partnership, Plymouth Primary
Care NHS Trust,
Manager, Challenging Behaviour
and Mental Health Services,
Plymouth Community Services
NHS Trust (to April 01),
Plymouth Primary Care NHS
Trust Learning Disability Service.
Nurse Advisor/ Community
Nurse, Plymouth Community
Services NHS Trust, Learning
Disabilities Service.
Directorate of Corporate
Development, Plymouth
Community Services NHS Trust,
Senior Nurse Manager,
Community Nursing and
Physical Health, Plymouth
Community Services NHS Trust,
Learning Disability Directorate
Community Nurse, Learning
Disabilities, Plymouth
Community Services NHS Trust
Deputy Charge Nurse, Learning
Disability Acute Service,
Plymouth Health Authority
RCN involvement
Dates (years)
2011 – 2014
1981 – 1983
Northern Region - Association of
Nursing Students
1983 - 1986
Northumberland County Council
Residential Child Care Officer,
Education Department
1980 – 1983
Northumberland Health Authority
Student Nurse, Northgate
Hospital Nurse Training School
Dudley Health Authority, Nursing
Assistant, Ridge Hill MHU
West Midlands Press,
Reporter/Photographer, Dudley
1979 – 1980
1987 – 1979
Main achievements
Completed Stewards Training,
became an executive member
of the Plymouth Branch,
supported recruitment activities
to enliven the branch,
developing the Branch Action
Plan. Attending regional CPD
events. Led negotiations with
Organisation for RCN and Staff
Side re Pay, Pay Protection,
Terms and Conditions, Policy
Reviews. Successful
negotiations on behalf of
individual members re work
issues. Joint Chair of Staff
Side then Chair of Staff side
(first RCN chair in the
Organisation). Speaking at
RCN CPD day in Plymouth in
October 2014.
Represented Students at
National ANS meetings.
Attended Congress as ANS
Other relevant experience
Nomination statement
Nic has been Training & Development Manager in Mental Health since 2003 starting
nursing in the West Midlands in 1979. Nic qualified in Northumberland in 1983
working in Health, Social Care clinical settings and in Education, always looking to
develop and improve services, improve care and effect attitudinal change to the
delivery of care.
Nic joined the RCN in 1980. He was Northern Region Representative of the
Association of Nursing Students for two years. He has maintained active
membership of the RCN and in 2011 became a Steward; in this role he has
represented member issues as well as having a key role in the Staff Side Trade
Union Forum as Chair.
The qualities of patience, knowledge, persistence and calm with the experience of
those roles in clinical and political discussions and negotiations he would bring to
the Board.
His early experiences in health care and career had a profound effect on his thinking
both in terms of approaches to care for people who use services as well as
individual staff members and organisations. This has led him to be a passionate
supporter of person centred care and Whole Systems approaches to care and
recovery. The principles of which can be applied to the members of the workforce
and organisations.
Nic has presented as a Key Note speaker at conferences in the UK and Europe and
he has spoken at RCN Congress as voting member for Plymouth Branch. Nic
balances his work and RCN interests with sailing, music, art and DIY.
Published as written by the candidate