The Physiotherapy Department at Fairfield General Hospital have

Physio Dept Will Make Every Contact Count
The Physiotherapy Department at the Trust has embarked on an initiative
called ‘Make Every Contact Count’, to engage in ‘healthy conversations’ with
their patients regarding physical activity levels.
The initiative has been driven by a growing demand for Allied Health
Professionals (AHPs) to take a proactive approach to health prevention. The
recently published NHS Five Year Forward View highlights the importance of
this, due to such factors as an aging population and a rise in obesity levels,
placing greater strain on public resources. It points out that In order for the
NHS to be sustainable, there needs to be a ‘radical upgrade in prevention in
public health’.
Deborah Bancroft, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner at The Pennine
Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said:
“Physiotherapists are exercise specialists and regularly adopt ‘behavioural
change management’ approaches with their patients, particularly in those with
persistent pain. Low physical activity levels can result in poor outcomes for
those patients self managing their long term conditions. Introducing ‘healthy
conversations’ with patients about lifestyle choices is a natural progression of
the approach we already adopt with patients, especially where barriers to
recovery are identified.
“The initiative will help us: gain a greater insight into the general activity levels
of our patient population, enable us to timely signpost them to appropriate
local services and redesign existing physiotherapy services, create wider
partnership working opportunities, encourage our staff to keep active and lead
by example as well as improving the long-term outcomes for our patients”
The departments’ initiative will be included in a report following a joint review
being carried out by The Royal Society for Public Health and Public Health
England, which is looking to provide recommendations to all AHP governing
bodies to prepare them to contribute to the current public health agenda on
health prevention.