Star Report June 2014

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June 2014
Character Education Themes
Bailey Walton
Aidan Fawkes
Ryan Galbraith
Alex Higgins
- Mrs. Danells
*Charlie Meng (4KM) for sharing!
- Miss Gatien
*Jenna Allen (4AV) for helping!
- Mme. Vallis
*Meaghan Hicks (5TC) for being cheerful!
- Mrs. Ricketts
*Catherine Blue (5TS) for being pleasant!
- Mr. Coughlan
*Amena Gadoura (5JC) for being kind!
- Mme. Price
*Rachel Hughes (6K) for being polite and kind!
- Mrs. Kirkpatrick
*Julia Walker (6AB) for helping!
- Mme. Lawlor
Siobhan Gordon
*Sarah Kinney (6/7 L) for cake!
Nathan Doiron
Lucy Wolfe
Luke Walsh
Kyle Boulos
Erin Cusack
Micheal Allen
Sydney Irvin
Jasmine Roy
Sadaf Sarbazi
Mahmoud Atef
- Ms. Lamb
*Caleb Murphy (7N) for picking up garbage around
the playground without being asked!
- Ms. Lawlor
*Chelsy Gallery-Cross (7W) for doing the right thing!
- Mrs. Watson
*Lily Barrett (8F) for being a Star student!
- Mr. Corey
*Rose Cusack (8C) for being amazing!
- Mr. Corey
*Nicole Driscoll for being responsible!
- Mme. Gignac
Every month we celebrate a different character
education theme. During the month of May we
focused on Integrity. The following students have
been recognized by their homeroom teacher as a
student who shows this quality:
3 Crosby
3 Fillion
3 Ferguson
4 Dempster
4 Vallis
4 Matthews
4 McLaughlin
5 Sullivan
5 Craig
5 Cyr
6 Arseneau-Basque
6 Kirkpatrick
6/7 Lamb
7 Watson
7 Nelson
8 Gignac
8 Fox
8 Corey
Erik Reiman
Diana Silivestru
Ryan Wills
Pat on the Back
The following students were recognized with Pat on
the Backs this week.
*Brianna Baxter (3CC) for being “toujours gentile”!
- Mme. Crosby
*Chris Allen (3CF) for good writing!
- Mrs. Ferguson
*Connor Campbell-Buchanan (3AF) for participation!
- Mme. Fillion
*Leyah Laskey (4RD) for working well!
- Mme. Dempster
*Vicky Xiu (4PM) for listening!
Celebrate Items:
Mme. Dempster would like to celebrate her entire
class for working so hard to prepare for the
Provincial Assessment that took place in May.
Mr. Whelton would like to celebrate MNS Robotics
Club for an excellent year of learning and fun. The
group did very well at the 2014 Saint John Robot
Competition which took place at MNS on May 29th.
Mme Price, Mr. Whelton and the Middle School staff
would like to celebrate the Middle School students
who received 176 awards and special recognition at
our year end awards assembly Wednesday
- Abby Enman, Meaghan Hicks, Bailey Ellis,
Abby Ring-Dineen
Ms. Price and Mr. Whelton would like to celebrate
Ms. Patullo and the grade 8 students for a fine job
on their silhouettes this year. They are very
Thank you Ms. Dempster, Ms. Vallis and Ms. Gatien
for your work with the team!
Congratulations to our Middle School Track and Field
athletes for a great showing at the District Track and
Field meet at UNBSJ. Many thanks to Coaches Mrs.
Sonya Fox, Mrs. Carol Gatien and Mrs. Erika Nelson
for their work with the students.
The MNS Elementary Track and Field Team had 49
participants this year. The SJEC Central Track Meet
was held on June 11th and several MNS students
were top 3 finishers. As a result, these have been
invited to attend the Hershey Provincial
Championships in Moncton on June 29th.
100m - Mya Irving, Zander Spellman, Abby RingDineen, Claire Wilbur, Nathan Doiron, Kyle Allen
200m - Norah English, Sarah Paterson, Chad
400m - Erin Vringer, Kate LeBlanc, Evan Cleveland,
Alex Higgins, Maia Grant, Shayla Green, Michael
Doiron, San Lee
800m - Regan LeBlanc, Ethan Adams, Stuart White
Long Jump - Margaret Holder, Isobel Milutin, Connor
Jellison-MacLeod, Ciaran Miller, Logan Tait, Matthew
Mason, Logan Roy
- Adam Boyd, Gregor Small, David Fury. Ethan
Middle school Track Meet
Grade 6 Girls 1200 M (3rd Madelyn Woodruff)
Grade 7 Girls Shot Put (6th Alexis Clark)
Grade 6 Boys 100M (1st Luke Walsh) (6th Jacob
Grade 6 Boys 400M (2nd Simon Jackson)
Grade 7 Boys 400M (2nd Justin Fitzgerald)
Grade 8 Boys 200M (Colin Sleigh)
Grade 7 Boys 800M (6th Ethan Higgins-Watson)
Grade 7 Boys 1200M (1st Connor Given)
Grade 8 Boys 1200 (6th Anthony O’Hara)
Grade 7 Boys Shot Put (5th Colton Murphy)
Grade 8 Boys Shot Put (5th Ben Rankin)
Grade 8 Girls Long Jump (6th Valerie Dykeman)
Grade 6 Boys Long Jump (2nd Simon Jackson)
Grade 7 Boys Relay (3rd Place)
Grade 6 Boys Relay Team (1st Place)
Grade 8 Boys Relay Team (2nd Place)
Grade 6 Boys Long Jump (1st Jacob Morrell)
Grade 7 Boys Long Jump (3rd Colton Murphy)
Grade 6 Boys High Jump (2nd Simon Jackson)
Baseball Throw - Taylor Richards, Katrina Martin,
Brian Ash, Kyle Hamm
Overall Team 5th out of 15 Teams.
Shotput - Sean Keyes
New Start and End times for September 2014
Relay - Emma Kelly, Delia Whitaker, Lauren
Campbell, Mya Irving
MNS will be starting the instructional day at 8:30 am
in September and dismissing students at 2:40pm.
Bus students and walkers will be allowed on campus
starting at 8:10am and enter the school at 8:20am.
We presented our schedule to PSSC earlier this year
for input. These improvements will support
maximum instructional minutes as outlined by the
Department of Education. This will align
- Spencer Cole, Charlie Ming, William Cooke,
Zander Spellman
transportation and start up times with other schools
serving our area.
Marigold’s on Main Street
Planting was a great success! Our students did a
fine job planting Marigolds on Main Street
Thursday. A total of $ 209.00 was raised from
Popcorn sales and the Teacher versus Student
ball hockey game for the YMCA Strong Kids
campaign. Thank you Mrs. Kirkpatrick for
organizing our team.
Rave Run
Congrats to an excellent showing at the Rave
Run this year Stars! The “Young and the Rest of
Us” Team were the largest, most spirited team in
Grand Bay on May 31st. Grade 8 student Charlie
Cavanagh finished 3rd in her age class for the
the food and refreshments. The cafeteria looked
amazing! Thanks to Mme. Dempster and her
decoration team for their hard work. Good luck in
High school Stars!
New Grade 3 Parent Orientation
A parent orientation meeting for our new Grade
3 parents & students coming to MNS in
September was held on June 10th from 6-7pm in
the Cafeteria. A large group of new families
from M. Gerald Teed, St. John the Baptist,
Centennial, Princess Elizabeth, and Prince
Charles were welcomed to our school
community and provided an orientation.
Saint John Junior Robot Competition
The 2014 Saint John Robot Competition took place
at MNS on May 29th and MNS presented very well
against the other schools. Congratulations on
June Field Day and BBQ
Grade 8 Ottawa Trip
Thank you very much to our Home & School parents
for organizing a very successful field day on June
12th. The students had a wonderful time! Many
thanks are extended to our PSSC for taking care of
the BBQ Picnic that was organized on the same day.
Your support this year on a variety of initiatives has
been greatly appreciated.
The Grade 8 Class had a wonderful trip to Ottawa
last week. Check out their Blog entitled ‘Posts from
the Road” Many
thank to Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Marilee Price, Mr.
Terence Sullivan and Mr. Whelton for chaperoning
the trip.
Middle School Awards Ceremony
Interested in hosting an International Student
The Middle School Awards Ceremony took place on
Wednesday, June 18th . 167 awards were presented
to our Middle School students this year. Academic
Achievement, Athletics, Leadership, Turn Around
Awards , Art and Music pursuits were recognized.
Thanks are extended to our many coaches, faculty
advisors parents who have volunteered their time to
support our many sports teams and clubs this year.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to
experience another culture?
Hosting an international student can be an
experience of a lifetime!
Grade 8 Moving On Ceremony and Dance
The Grade 8 Moving On Celebration took place on
Thursday, June 19th. It was a wonderful send off to
our students moving on to High School next year.
Thanks are extended to our Home and School
association and our parent community for providing
Our schools work closely with the School District to
host students from all over the world. Visiting
students live with a host family, attend classes with
our students and participate in extra-curricular and
community activities. Fully immersed in the English
language, international students develop their
language skills and create new and lasting
Host families around the province welcome students
from abroad into their homes – not as foreign
students, but as members of their families – and
surround them with a safe, caring, and supportive
Many of the staff in ASD-S are currently hosting
and/or have hosted students and we wanted to give
all staff the opportunity to get in on the
excitement. If you live in one of the areas where
students are being placed, you may want to consider
this opportunity.
Please contact Mr. Whelton at 658-2738 for
additional information.
School Mission Statement
The mission of MNS, a diverse family of learners, is
to develop independent and confident community
members. By promoting kindness and responsibility
within our school, we create a nurturing and positive
learning environment.
School Vision Statement
MNS’s vision is to:
STRIVE for high expectations & academic excellence
TEACH the whole child
APPRECIATE and celebrate diversity
RESPECT needs, interests and abilities
SHARE within our community
On behalf of the faculty
and staff have a happy
and safe summer!