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Going On
February 2015
There are services in the parish on Sundays, some Tuesdays, Wednesdays
and at other times during festivals like Christmas, Easter and Harvest.
Each of the churches has its own character and summarised below
are the generic service times each week.
NOTE: we are still trialling some new service times at the moment
Holy Communion
Afternoon Service
(2nd and 4th Sunday)
(when needed)
Holy Communion
Young Explorers
Family Communion
Evening Worship
Holy Communion
Wednesday 10.00am:
(1st and 3rd Sunday)
(1st and 3rd Sunday)
(2nd Sunday in Church Hall
& 4th Sunday in Church
come early for tea etc)
(1st and 3rd Sunday)
(2nd and 4th Sunday)
Holy Communion
Holy Communion
Morning Worship
(1st and 3rd Sunday)
(2nd and 4th Sunday)
Holy Communion
(Tuesday after 2nd Sunday)
PARISH COMMUNION 10:30am when there is a 5th Sunday of the month
in rotation in each of the churches
For further information please contact the Wardens
on the numbers inside the back cover or check out the website:
View from the Rectory (a.k.a. HodgesTowers)
February 2015
Dear Sisters & Brothers
Let me tell you a story. It’s quite long so you may
want to get a cup of tea first. Though everything
looks the same, it is always changing. I
remember being in a classroom as a teenager and then going back into a
classroom with my own children 15 years later and noticing the changes.
Teaching methods, technology, class layout, all subtly different. You can
see the same in other walks of life if you look too.
The Church in Wales may look like it always has but it too is beginning to
undergo a period of change like it has never seen before. Not
immediately apparent but slowly arriving is the move from vicars in
parishes to teams of people working in much larger Ministry Areas to
spread the Good News of Jesus.
It all started with a review in July 2012 and in November 2014 there was a
conference, called the 2020 Vision conference, where representatives
gathered from all over the province to take stock. 2020 is a play on
‘perfect vision’ and that the year 2020 is a mark in the sand for the
The conference was in Llandudno across a Friday and Saturday. In my
opinion it was at the wrong time in the wrong place and certainly not long
enough to do the subject justice. It was exhausting and rushed. That said
the content of the conference was fantastic and the feeling of hope for the
future was greater that I have felt in the church for a long time. But for me,
even before attending the conference, my question was “Is this 2020
Vision of God, or man just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic?”
The organisers had thought of a way to make people feel more involved
at a parish level. They gave every church a football sized cardboard cube
and asked for them to be decorated to show the way that God had
worked in that place over the years. These would then all be taken to a
service in Llandaff Cathedral and then some of them would get to the
conference itself in Llandudno.
I was a little concerned about the one from Heol-Y-Cyw as it had ‘precious
cargo’. Lesley, one of our own, died quite suddenly in early 2014 and to be
truthful we are still a bit in shock all this time later. So on the cube was put
her picture and a bit about her. Inside the cube was put a little baby Jesus
that Lesley had knitted.
As I was taking the cubes down to the service in Llandaff I was having a
quiet word with God telling him to make sure he kept an eye on Lesley’s
Jesus. I know it sounds funny telling the creator and sustainer of the
universe what to do but I think he has broad shoulders! Anyway the cubes
get left in Llandaff and when I get to Llandudno I cannot see any sign of
any of the boxes that represent the parish, so I presume they never made
At the end of the conference we had a Communion service and the
culmination of the service was for the cubes that had been gathered there
to be distributed throughout the room. I was sat about halfway back in the
room on the left hand side as I remember and watched as these boxes
were handed back from person to person.
Then the lady next to me handed me one.
Guess which one it was.
It was the one from Heol-Y-Cyw.
I laughed out loud so much so the lady next to me asked if I was okay.
I explained to her all about Lesley and all about the precious cargo and all
about my bargain with God. We were both crying by this point. She then
explained that she would be more than happy to swap with the cube that
she had been given, especially as what they needed in their church was a
new Jesus for their Christmas crib!
So coming back to my original question is this 2020 Vision of God, or man
just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic? Basically is God in the
middle of all this? Well I would say if he can sneak precious cargo to a
conference under my nose and then get it handed to me without me
leaving my seat I think it is fair to say that the re-organisation of the Church
in Wales is safe in his hands if we listen to him.
Maybe that’s to be expected. After all one of the most famous verses on
planning in the bible is in Jeremiah 29 when God has just given his people
a telling off and sent them into exile:
This is what the LORD says: “When seventy years are completed for
Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill my good promise to bring you back to
this place. 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans
to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to
you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
I will be found by you,” declares the LORD, “and will bring you back from
captivity. I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have banished you,” declares the LORD, “and will bring you back to the place from
which I carried you into exile.”
He can be trusted with ‘precious cargo’; He can be trusted with 2020
vision; He can be trusted with whatever you hold dear.
Happy NEW year
SERVICES for February 2015
Sunday 1st
4th Sunday of Epiphany
Holy Communion, St David’s
Young Explorers, Church Hall
Holy Communion, St Paul’s
Evening Service, St David’s
Weds 4th
Holy Communion, St David’s
Sunday 8th
Tues 10th 10.00am
Weds 11th 10.00am
Sunday 15th
Weds 18th
Sunday before Lent
Transfiguration Sunday
Holy Communion, St David’s
Young Explorers, Church Hall
Holy Communion, St Paul’s
Evening Service, St David’s
Ash Wednesday
Holy Communion, St David’s
Holy Communion, St David’s
Sunday 22nd
Weds 25th 10.00am
2nd Sunday before Lent
Creation Sunday
Holy Communion, Llanilid
Family Communion, Church Hall
Do come early for tea etc
Morning Worship, St Paul’s
Holy Communion, St David’s
Holy Communion, St Paul’s
Holy Communion, St David’s
1st Sunday of Lent
Holy Communion, Llanilid
Family Communion, St David’s
Do come early for tea etc
Morning Worship, St Paul’s
Holy Communion, St David’s
Holy Communion, St David’s
DIARY NOTES for February 2015
Weds 4th
Mothers’ Union Pencoed, Church Hall
Thurs 12th
LGWNN Film Night in Judy’s
Mon 16th
Whist, Rugby Club, Heol y Cyw
Can you tell a spade from a club?
Tues 17th
Weds 18th
Ash Wednesday
Weds 18th
Sunday 22nd
Weds 25th
Mothers’ Union, St Paul’s
Possible Rainbows Division Service in Salem
United Bible Study
Monthly Meeting with our Christian
brothers and sisters from around
Lent Group with Bishop David in
Penarth 1st part of 5 looking at
Mark’s Gospel
Christian Care for Families
It will be well into the New Year by the time this article is read. The
events the Mothers’ Union experienced are well worth recording.
The 27th November 2014 was the day that the World Wide President,
Lynne Tembey, visited St Illtyd’s Church at Llantwit Major.
During her hour visit she gave us a very meaningful address on the First
Letter of St Peter chapter 2. she described the members of the Mothers’
Union as ‘Living Stones’ who have presented themselves as Jesus’
building material.
She emphasised that members live out their faith through a loving God,
with prayer, worship and action.
It is worth recording that, apart from the Prayer Diary, she placed the
Mothers’ Union magazine, ‘Families First’ as a help in the lives of other
people, to know their problems, their joys, their worthwhile activities, and
to pray for them.
One lady at St Illtyd’s Church was made a member of the Mothers’ Union
that morning. It was an excellent reminder for us all of the purpose and
objectives of the Mothers’ Union.
Those who were able to attend All Saints Church, Porthcawl on the
Thursday with our President Lynne Tembey enjoyed an afternoon of Gymanfa Ganu. She certainly showed herself as a Mothers’ Union prayer
in action.
Christmas has been such an extra busy time for our leader, Mrs Frances
On the 1st of December we made a return journey to Llangeinor, not to
the lovely Inn where we had our Christmas lunch, but to the Church
there. Frances very ably took this service herself due to the unforeseen
absence of the Vicar (his father had died).
Christian Care for Families
On 3rd December St David’s Mothers’ Union celebrated their Carols and
Readings Service. It was a good early reminder of what Christmas is
all about.
A sincere thank you, Frances, for all your efforts in bringing about a
successful programme.
Dates for your Diary
January 27th
Wave of Prayer, St David’s
February 7th
Branch Meeting (AGM)
March 4th
Speaker: - Judge J Charles
St Paul’s
December was a busy month, starting with our church party, which was
great fun. We enjoyed a lovely carol service with Cerys, Several of us
joined in with the choir at St. David’s Carol Service. Our little church
was full on Christmas Eve, for our Christmas Communion. Thanks Ian.
Our church may be small, but to keep it open last year we needed £86
per week. This year we are going to need more as the Parish Quota is
going up.
The next Tuesday Communion Services are 10 th February and 10th
March at 10.a.m.
Next Meetings, Monday, 16th February and 16th March at 7 p.m. at the
Heol-y-Cyw Rugby Club. We would love to have some new members. No
need to have a partner. We pair up on the night. You don’t need to know
how to play. You’ll soon pick it up!
Mothers’ Union
We held our A.G.M. at the home of Mrs Lynda Gore. Thanks Lynda for
your inviting us to your lovely warm home!
Next meeting Wednesday, 18th February. 2.0.p.m. in the church, when
we hope to have a speaker. All welcome!
Eileen Thomas
A five-part Lent Course
on Mark’s Gospel
led by Bishop David Wilbourne
Wednesdays in Lent on
25 Feb, 4 March, 11 March, 18 March
and 25 March
all at All Saints, Penarth
beginning at 7.30 pm
Christians believe that the four gospels are the word of God. God’s word
may be writ large but it is not well written.
Unlike a novel, where loose ends are tied up and motives explained,
characters in the gospels appear and disappear, never to be seen again.
Odd incidents are recorded and loose ends abound. Luke tries to tidy
things up in his Acts but on the whole much is hanging.
It is human nature to be inquisitive and to tie up loose ends. People
have asked:
Whatever happened to Joseph the carpenter? One minute he is keeping
the infant Jesus and Mary safe from Herod. Then, after his David Cameron moment and leaves Jesus in the temple rather than the pub, then
he disappears.
We also have huge gaps in the life of Christ: his years in Egypt and
as a young man before his mission. And what about the man running
around naked in the garden of Gethsemane? (Mk14:51). He was with
Jesus when he was arrested. He was only wearing a linen cloth when
the mob grabbed him and he fled leaving the cloth behind. Who was he?
Why was he mentioned? What spiritual guidance can we get from this?
Wear more clothes in the garden? When he got home, what did he say to
his wife?
These gaps provided fertile grounds for medieval scribes. Works like
The infancy Gospel of Thomas gives us the infancy of Jesus. The
Protoevangelium of James gives us the childhood of Mary, Christ’s
mother. The Gospel of Nicodemus tells of the conversion of the Roman
soldier who pierced Christ’s side. These and others now lay unread.
The fact that the gospels are badly written with gaps and loose ends
need not worry us for two reasons. Firstly let us remind ourselves of the
title of the gospels: The Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ according to…
(Mathew, Mark, Luke or John). So there is no doubt what they are about:
Christ’s good news - his ministry, death and resurrection. And there is no
doubting who is at the very centre of the gospels; the same person who
should be at the very centre of our lives – Jesus.
So it does not matter what Jesus had for his 7 th birthday, the name of
the woman at the well, or what happened to Martha.
The second reason that loose ends need not worry us is that it shows
the gospels are more history than story. In a novel, a character can appear
early on, disappears only to return dramatically on page 432. Life is not like
that – you meet people by chance and they vanish. This is life and not a
Thomas Hardy novel.
There are, however, some wonderfully told stories in the gospels.
Everyone has their favourite. When young our favourite tales were
probably the Nativity (Christmas), feeding the 5000 (young boy saves the
day) and Jesus walks on water (superpowers!).
As we grow older in age and faith so our favourite stories may change.
Here are three of my favourites.
John is baptising by the river. His followers may say:
“Do you think John is the messiah?”
“I don’t know, ask him.”
“I’m not going to ask him, you ask him!”
“John, are you the messiah?”
John says, “NO, I am not worthy to untie the thong of his sandal.”
“That’s telling us.”
“I think he’s just being modest. Look how he’s dressed. Did you see what
he has for lunch? Yuk! I would not feed that to my dog!”
Then suddenly John points and shouts, “Behold! The Lamb of God!”
Imagine the feelings of John’s followers as they followed his finger to the
approaching figure. Imagine their feelings of wonder, joy, relief, even fear
as Christ enters their life.
Was it the same or you?
Peter at the transfiguration is another favourite. His mad plan to set up
a camp there shows his confusion at events. Peter is one of Christ’s inner
circle; right at the heart of events with Jesus to answer his questions. If he
can get overawed and confused by Christ then I don’t feel so bad when I
feel the same.
Finally consider the agony in the garden. Christ facing his fate and
showing his full humanity. In the darkest of hours, before submitting to
God’s will, he felt what many of us have felt: fear, loss of resolve and
failure of courage. Maybe because the apostles had drunk too much last
supper wine, Jesus had to face all this alone.
No wonder Jesus tells us, “I will be with you always to the end of time.”
Kevin Murphy
Llanilid Church
Many years ago it was suggested by a member of Llanilid Church that it
would be a lovely idea each Christmas –tide, to ask those who wished to
remember loved ones who had passed away if they would like to buy a lily
(the purest of flowers), so that an arrangement could be displayed, along
with a list of names of those loved ones, who were to be remembered.
Last Christmas Diane Morris did two wonderful displays of the lilies, as
shown in the photos.
Dorothy Mikelssons
Family Services
February 8th at 10.30 in the Church Hall
February 22nd at 10.30 in Church.
Come early for tea/coffee and a chat
Lara 12 on February 10th and
Michael 12 on February 13th
We have had young families who have
expressed an interest in a mother and toddler
group on a Sunday after the 9am service.
Anyone interested in helping to set up a group?
Our carol singing around Pencoed in December raised £200. Thank you
to everyone who took part.
There is a meeting of our Social
Activities Group on Monday
February 2nd in Church at 7pm.
Come along — all welcome.
contribute foodstuffs for the
food bank there is a box in the
church porch and also in the
Church hall.
‘Ladies Group with no Name’ — Programme 2015
Feb 12th
18 Cae Talcen
Film night
Prince of
March 5th
Church hall
Project Knit Bring spare
and natter
Church service
April 2nd
May 7th
Heol Y Geifr Reviewing
June 11th
Bible study/ Weather
July 2nd
Sept 10th
Church hall
Oct 8th
Bible study
Nov 12th
Church hall
Pack a box
Dec 10th
Book Review
Listen out for those God Nudges!
I can’t really explain what a God nudge is, I just know I’ve been getting
them all my of my life but for some reason or another have chosen to
ignore them because it was too difficult, awkward or embarrassing. All I
can say is sometimes an idea or thought just pops in to my mind from
nowhere and even though deep inside I know it’s the right thing to do or
say I have buried it away.
Well last year I decided to let God have more of an input in my life as to be
honest I had been going it alone and even though I felt I had been doing a
great job, deep down I knew I needed God’s guidance and input.
Over the Christmas period during one of Rector Ian’s services he
mentioned for New Year writing down prayers you had for people and
putting it away somewhere and seeing what God did about them during the
year. I thought about this and wrote down my prayers for my family, for
hopes I had for them and for guidance I wanted God to give them. Now I
will let you into a secret my father is going to be 80 years old in 2015 and
loves to travel so me and my oldest son decided to would like to take him
away for his birthday in April to see Niagara Falls, a place he always
wanted to go.
Now some funds would be required to organise this and during the last
months of 2014 thought about ways to sort this out. Now my midlife crisis
involved owing a motorcycle to the horror my wife and parents! But a little
nudge (not from the wife or parents) at the back end of last year just said
that’s got to stop so I decided it was time to stop. So I put my beloved
( that’s the bike not the wife ) on EBay and waited …… and waited
………….and waited ……….the only interest I had was various Scammers
saying the cheque was in the post and could I courier it to Africa !
Well 2 months passed and I gave up.
Then just after New Year’s Day after putting my prayer list for the year
away a thought came into my head, “put the bike on sale again”. “hang on”
I thought I’ve just wasted 2 months taking bogus calls , but that thought or
nudge just wouldn’t go away and I thought I’m going with it so straight
away I put it back on sale. Within 2 days I had been contacted by a
gentleman in Bristol who was looking for exactly the model bike I had to
offer and could he come over the next day to take a look!
The upshot of this as you can probably guess is the trip is now booked! All
I want say is God nudges us all the time to help us out sometimes to do
things that at the time seem pointless or bizarre but I’m convinced he has a
plan for us all we just need to look for those nudges and have faith to act
on them !
‘Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength They will soar high on
wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary; they will walk and will
not faint.’ ( Isaiah 40: 31 )
more than 200 times (Ezekiel 2:4) (9,4)
8 Interrogated (Acts 12:19)
(5-8) 9 ‘Burn it in a wood
heap’ (Leviticus 4:12) (3)
10 Tobit, Judith, Baruch
and the books of Esdras
and the Maccabees are
part of it (9) 11 Science
fiction (abbrev.) (3-2) 13
Clay pit (anag.) (7)
Went to (John 4:46) (7)
19 ‘Therefore, I urge you,
brothers, in view of God’s
mercy, to — your bodies
sacrifices’ (Romans 12:1) (5)
22 David’s plea to God
concerning those
referred to in 14 Down: ‘On
— — let them
escape’ (Psalm 56:7) (2,7)
24 Royal Automobile Club
(1,1,1) 25 How the book
of Ezekiel refers to God
1 Seas (Proverbs 8:24) (6) 2 One of the sons of Eli the priest, killed in battle by the
Philistines (1 Samuel 4:11) (6) 3 Specialist in the study of the Muslim
religion (8)
4 ‘Do not rebuke an older man harshly, but — him as if he were your father’ (1 Timothy 5:1) (6) 5 One of Esau’s grandsons (Genesis 36:11) (4) 6 Taking a chance
(colloq.) (2,4) 7 God’s instructions to the Israelites
concerning grain offerings: ‘
— salt to — your offerings’ (Leviticus 2:13) (3,3) 12 Confederation of British Industry
(1,1,1) 14 ‘All day long they twist my words; they are always — to harm me’ (Psalm
56:5) (8) 15 The crowd’s
reaction to Jesus bringing back to life a widow’s son
in Nain (Luke 7:16) (3)
16 Disappear (Psalm 104:35) (6) 17 How Jeremiah was
likely to die if he
wasn’t rescued from the cistern where he was imprisoned
(Jeremiah 38:9) (6) 18 What the prophets do to a wall, with whitewash (Ezekiel
13:10, RSV) (4,2) 20 Made by a plough (Job 39:10) (6) 21 Noah was relieved when
the flood waters continued to — (Genesis 8:5) (6) 23 Jesus gave the Twelve the
power and authority to do this to diseases (Luke 9:1) (4)
. er uC, 32. e dec eR, 12. worr uF , 0 2
. ti bua D, 81. evr at S , 71. hsi naV, 61. e wA, 51. g ni tt ol P, 4 1. I BC, 2 1. ll a dd A, 7. ce ps n O, 6. r a mO, 5
. tr o hx E, 4. tsi mal sI , 3.i nhpo H, 2. s naec O, 1 : N WOD. dr oL ngi er ev oS , 52. C AR, 42. t nuocc a o N, 22
. r ef f O, 91. deti si V, 6 1. l aci pyT, 31.i f-i cS , 11. ahpyr c op A, 01. hs A, 9. deni maxe- ss or C, 8 : SS ORC A
by Councillor Doug John
Contrary to some views, Pencoed, in my opinion, is still a close
community and, sadly, this month we have lost two of its stalwarts:
Eric Alford and Stuart Minton.
Eric passed peacefully away on 8th January following an extended
illness and Stuart’s untimely passing followed a brain haemorrhage on
12th January.
The majority of Eric’s working life was spent with Biomet, an
American firm which took over Zimmer Orthopaedic—the company
he joined following the completion of his National Service. He served
in many capacities retiring in 2002 after some forty years loyal
A keen sportsman, Eric will best be remembered through his
association with Pencoed’s British Legion Club, later known as the
Pencoed Social Club, where he served as its Secretary for many years.
He also had a public life involvement joining the Pencoed Community
Council in 1974, becoming its Chairman in 1978 and later serving four
terms as the Town Mayor. He was also a School Governor representing the Authority on Pencoed Comprehensive School and Croesty Primary School as well as serving twelve years as a member of the Coity
Wallia Board of Conservators.
Eric was a quiet spoken “gentle” man who gave a lifetime of service to
a community which meant so much to him.
Stuart started his journalistic career with the Swansea Evening Post as
an energetic nineteen year old. He progressed to the Bristol Evening
Post and in 1969 emigrated with his young family to Zambia, working in
Lusaka, its capital, training journalists.
Leaving Africa after a three year stay he returned to his beloved Wales
and chose settling in Gowerton, Swansea, the city of his birth where his
journalistic career saw him progress to become News Editor of the
South Wales Echo.
Moving to Pencoed he soon moulded into his adopted community,
becoming Scout Leader of the Pencoed Troop and also taking an active
part in St David’s Church, organising the annual Plant Sale and giving of
his time so generously in the many spheres of church activity.
Stuart also served on the Coity Wallia Board of Conservators for many
years becoming its Vice Chairman. He was dedicated to the protection
of the common and played a large part in implementing the
Biodiversity Scheme for which the Commoners were successful in
obtaining external funding.
For many years he also undertook the organisation of the annual
St Mary Hill Fair where considerable money was raised for local
charitable causes.
To sum him up he was a genuine, sincere man and whatever task he
undertook he did it with dedication and for that alone he is to be admired.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Gill and Bet and their respective
families at this sad time.
25th January
Frazer Alexander Beddoes
St David's
May God bless him and keep him always in His care
13th December
Dean Brocklebank and Natasha Bromley-Allegretto
St David’s
May God bless their home and their life together
23rd December
6th January
8th January
20th January
22nd January
Iris Davies
Royston John Nicholas
Tamsin Joanne Morgan
David Lewis
Eric Alford
Coity Crematorium
St David's
Coity Crematorium
Coity Crematorium
Coity Crematorium
To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die
2426 (Pencoed and District) ATC
Prize Giving Ceremony and Winter Ball
Congratulations to the six members of the ATC who were presented with
awards at the Winter Ball on Saturday January 10th.
ATC Officer Commanding Simon Dring commended the whole Squadron
on their personal and collective achievements across a very eventful 50th
Anniversary year, which among many events saw the Squadron awarded
the Freedom of the Town by the Pencoed Town Council.
The ATC meet on Mondays and Thursdays at their Headquarters off The
Green from 7 to 9.30. All are welcome to join; contact Simon Dring ATC
Officer Commanding: e-mail:[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>
[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>
Phone:01656 869024 Mobile 07833 490632
There will be a full report of this event and more photos in the next issue of
the Pencoed Hyphen, due out in the late Spring of 2015
Even though there is a weekly newsletter
that you can pick up in Church or find on the website
and even though there is a monthly magazine
that you can pick up in Church or find on the website
and even though there is a website
that you can, well, find on the website
we also have a presence on Facebook too!
We have a Facebook page
where we post the most important things
that are coming up in the near future
and we also have a Facebook group
that you can join where we can have extended discussions about
Life the universe and everything.
If you have a question about
a bit of bible you are reading
or why we do something in church
or a question about
life the universe and everything
then put it in one of the comment boxes
that have appeared as if by magic
at the back of the church.
I’ll get an answer to you and if you want
and other people will benefit
we’ll put it in the magazine
Or share it some other way.
Don’t be shy!
Rev Ian Hodges
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