The performance management process is designed to support the continuous improvement
of DPS through a cycle of setting and achieving high impact goals, sharing frequent and
focused performance feedback, and demonstration of our Shared Core Values. This guide
provides managers step-by-step instructions on how to suggest a goal for an employee.
Before you begin
Putting it together
Not only do goals drive personal, team and district achievements,
they are a key component of the performance management cycle.
Goals are a component of the year-end appraisal. The year-end
appraisal overall score may impact compensation through our payfor-performance program.
Key dates
The performance year runs 7/1 – 6/30. It’s important to set goals
that will be completed within this time period.
Goal setting typically takes place during the summer with goals
being finalized by September.
New employees or employees new to their current role should set
goals with their manager within their first 60 days.
Manager Suggests a Goal
EPMP 2014-15
Think about your department goals and what you want your team
to achieve over the course of the performance year. Review the
Denver Plan for possible alignment.
Additional resources
For more information on writing SMART goals, FAQ and other
information on the performance management process, please visit
the EPMP Website.
Who to contact
For questions about the process, please contact your HR Partner or
Employee Services at [email protected] or via
phone at 720-423-3900.
Enter GHR via your desktop icon (if applicable) or
go to https://employeeinfo.dpsk12.org
 Click on the link labeled “Click here to
access Employee and Manager Space.”
(If you receive a pop-up box stating
“Java Update Needed,” please update
Java before proceeding.
 Log in using your DPS log-in and password
If the above doesn’t work, click here for other PC
support instructions.
If you are accessing GHR on a Mac, Firefox is the
recommended browser. Click here for further
Macintosh support instructions.
If you are still unable to get into GHR following the
above instructions, please contact the DoTS Hotline
at 720-423-3888.
Enter Manager Space by double-clicking on the
“Manager” icon.
The Manager Space appears.
Click “Manage Goals” and select “Goals.”
EPMP Manager Suggests a Goal - EPMP 2014-2015
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To easily find the employee you are looking for,
type their last name in the search box and hit the
enter key.
Please note, a red exclamation mark indicates
that the employee has pending goals for your
From any tab, click “Suggest New Goal.”
On the “Suggest Goal” form, complete the Goal
(title), Type, Category, Start Date, Due Date,
Weight, Description, Expected Results, and Align
with Organizational Goal.
Please note the goal period for 20142015 is July 1, 2014 through June 30,
2015. It is critical that the goal’s start
date and due date fall within or
match these dates.
Do not check the “Public” box.
Checking this box will make your goal
visible for all employees to copy.
Please check the boxes for Specific, Measureable,
Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound (SMART). If
all the boxes are not checked, the goal will
display as Unlikely to Achieve.
When you are satisfied with the goal, click ”OK.”
EPMP Manager Suggests a Goal - EPMP 2014-2015
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This goal is now found in draft status on the
Pending tab.
If you would like to make further changes to the
goal before submitting it to your employee,
double-click on the goal to open and make edits.
When you are ready to submit the goal to your
employee for acceptance, select the goal and
click “Submit Goal.”
The goal will now have a status of “Submitted for
Your employee will receive an email from the
system letting them know that they have a goal
to accept. The goal will remain on the pending
tab until the employee accepts the goal.
EPMP Manager Suggests a Goal - EPMP 2014-2015
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