You already know French!

French is one of the official languages of NATO, the United Nations, UNESCO, the Olympic
games, the International Red Cross…
220 million people speak French around the world
French is spoken in over 50 countries and on 5 continents
French is the most widely taught second language after English
French is spoken in 2 of the G7 countries
French is an official language of 28 countries
French and English are the only 2 global languages
French is the lingua franca of art, cuisine, dance and fashion
French is the language of love!
French opens doors to careers in travel, business, diplomacy, research,
teaching, art, banking, medicine, military and security, technology…
The French are a world leader in medical research
France is a leader in the development of high speed trains: TGV
European leader in aerospace: Airbus, Aérospatiale, Arianespace
France has one of the most advanced systems of telecommunications in the world
2,800 French companies in the US employ approximately 550,000 Americans
US companies employ approximately 650,000 people in France
Latin à French à Better SAT, ACT, GRE test scores
Over 20,000 English words have their origins in French
You already know French!
Résumé – Omelette – Rendez-vous - Déjà vu - Nutrition – Champagne – Vinaigrette
Cliché - Bon voyage – Eau de toilette – Bon appétit – Clientèle – Horizontal - Ballet
Ingrédient – Coup d’état – Trompe l’oeil – Joie de vivre – Croissant - Perfection
Avenue – Boutique – Menu – Quiche – Cul-de-sac – Entrée – Restaurant – Virus – Crêpe
Brochure – Grand Prix – Bulletin – Cinéma – Papier mâché – Information – Format - Microbe
C’est la vie – Café – RSVP – Destination – Etiquette – Voilà – Abdomen - Distance
Bonjour, My name is Sophie Ledemé and I am your French instructor at FAU in Jupiter.
I am a French native speaker and I am eager to share the French language and culture with my students.
If you have any questions you may email me at [email protected]
French 1: FRE 1120-010, CRN 97261
French 2: FRE 1121-007, CRN 97262