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OMS January 2015 Newsletter
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This month we would like to share:
Returning Customer List Report
One of the most valuable assets of your business is your returning customers. Therefore, it is
important to review their buying patterns. In the Customer File screen, if you enter the
number of days in the Last Active (Invoiced) Days to print a report, you will get a list of
customers who had business activities with you since the indicated days from today. On the
other side, if you enter the number of days and add a minus sign, you will get a list of
customers who had no business activities with you since the indicated days from today. You
may easily analyze, strengthen your business relationships, and generate more sales.
Sales Order Tool Window
People always say time is of the essence, and that it true when you do the manual sales order
entry. In the Sales Order Processing screen, after you enter a Customer# and Item#, you can
simply right-click the mouse to see this customer’s outstanding invoice list and this item’s
historical selling price with this customer as well as other customers, etc. Furthermore, an
optional Customer and Inventory Assistant window can pop out to show you: (1) this
customer’s accounting information such as credit limit, due balance by due days categories,
etc. (2) this customer’s buying patterns such as previously purchased item#, quantity, price,
etc. (3) this item’s selling information such as current pricing, current in-stock quantity, open
sales order quantity, open purchase order quantity, etc. This Assistant window provides
essential information and helps you increase efficiency on your sales order processing.
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