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Heating Systems
TS 10 / TS 10-VD
TS 10 Ex-temperature controller (pix.1)
Bimetallic controll component. For use wit
ith our ex-heaters FSHK 200/300/ 500, EHP 200 and EHP
EH 200-R
and can also be used as a room thermost
Fixed rated value:
Switching current:
Surrounding temperature:
Protection degree:
+20°C opening; alternate possibilities: +10°C, +30°C,
C, +40°C (others on request)
6 A, 230 V, 50/60 Hz
+/- 3°C
-50°C to +80°C
IP 68
apprx. 0,15 kg
GOST-R Zulassung:
EC Type-examination certificate no.:
Explosion-proof according to 94/9/EG:
Nº POCC DE.ГБ05.B03260
PTB 00 ATEX 2203 X
II 2 G Ex mb II T6,
II 2 D Ex tD A21 IP68 T80
TS 10-VD (pix.2)
Ex-Temperature controller with 6,3 A fuse
se completely wired in Ex-junction box for connection wit
ith explosion-proof heaters.
Construction subject to change without no
notice – Dimensions in mm