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Hebron Leather & Shoe Cluster
July, 2014
Issue 1
Who Are We?
In This Issue
Who are we?
Strategy Planning Workshop
PUM - Leather and Shoe
Cluster cooperation
Belgian Expert Visit
Production and Quality
Processes Development
Future Events and Projects
Public Private Dialogue Tanneries
Contact Information
he Leather and Shoe Cluster in
sory Suppliers, Designers, Mould Makers,
Hebron is one of five clusters that
Sole makers, Last Makers, Shoes Manufactur-
receive support from Private Sector
ers, and Retailers.
Development Cluster Project (PSDCP)
With support from PSDCP, a cluster
Implemented by the Ministry of National
manager, Mr. Mohammed Husain has been
recruited and hosted at the Hebron Cham-
Federation of Palestinian Chambers of
ber of Commerce. The Chamber is one of
Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
the active supporting institutions for the
(FPCCIA). This project is funded by the
Leather and Shoe Cluster. Mr. Hussain will
cooperation between cluster
Leather and Shoe Cluster started with a
core group member of 18 SMEs across
through collective projects toward enhanc-
the leather and shoe value chain in
ing the cluster
Hebron in 2013. Since then, the cluster
and market access.
have expanded to include around 50
Recently the cluster strategy was scoped out
active members with inclusive represen-
using a participative bottom up approach
tation for the whole value chain like
following a diagnosis study carried out by the
Tanneries, Chemical Suppliers, Acces-
cluster manager.
members’ competitiveness
Strategy Workshop
he Leather and Shoe Cluster has held a strategy planning workshop in
Hebron on Monday February 24th, 2014. Representatives from the
MoNE, the AFD, the FPCCIA, HCCI, the Palestinian Federation Industry,
Federation of Leather Industries, along with others working in the leather and
shoe cluster in Hebron have attended this workshop.
The workshop was launched with a presentation of the situation analysis for
the Cluster, by the cluster manager Mr. Mohammed Husain. This included a
detailed explanation and analysis of the cluster’s current situation, based on
random samples from the value chain members. The samples were taken from
the value chain and included tanneries, designers, and importers. Moreover,
the cluster manager developed a SWOT analysis, detailing the strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may face the cluster.
At the end of the presentation, the guests voted and prioritized areas for
improvement within the cluster. This helped to develop a strategy and a
work plan. The guests were divided to working groups and discussions took
place on activities and suggested projects to support the cluster in Hebron.
Cluster Manager Mr, Mohammed
Husain giving a presentation in
Strategy Planning Workshop in
PUM - Leather and Shoe Cluster Cooperation
r. Theo Verbunt, a very experienced expert in shoe manufacturing, provided by the PUM
- Netherlands, visited the cluster during the period March 8th to 20th 2014. He was accompanied by the cluster manager on his visits to the cluster members. He started from the
tanneries and visited various members of the value chain including, manufacturers, component
suppliers and shoe shops.
This was a good opportunity, for through this visit, the cluster was shown the need to enhance
their quality and reduce their operating costs. Mr. Verbunt was very supportive of the cluster
approach and emphasized that the Leather and Shoe cluster can solve these issues through clustering initiatives and projects.
This visit was very useful in that it has pointed out the need for the cluster to work
on their quality, costing and design, and at the same time it has also offered solutions
for the problems through the cluster methodology.
Moreover, The coaching projects and the business opportunities have played a vital
part in creating a strong relationship between the clusters themselves.
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Issue 1
Belgian Expert Visit
s part of its mission, PUM
Netherlands, has with the
aid of the Palestinian Federation of
the leather Industry, provided the
cluster with a Belgian expert in the
leather and shoe industry.
During the period of March 13th
to the 27th 2014 Mr. Claude
D’Anvers, an expert in tanning and
leather making, visited the cluster
tanneries. During his visits he was
accompanied by the cluster manager to facilitate his visits and the
coaching sessions provided to the
cluster members.
and pointed out some weaknesses in the
products. Moreover, he has given advice
on how to improve and solve the problems. At the end of his visit, a workshop
for the tanneries was conducted in Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
where all tanneries were invited. Mr.
D’Anvers presented his conclusions from
his visit and made recommendations for
“Mr. Claude D 'Anvers promised to come
back again in August 2014 to give a basic
training course to the tanneries about
tanning, followed up with a training in
Netherlands. He also promised to look for
an alternative for some of the chemical
During this visit the expert has
visited most of the cluster members, evaluated the situation and
has given constructive criticism
Production and Quality Processes Development
Japanese Expert Mr. Tamada, a specialist in Production and Quality management, including efficiency and effectiveness
development, has visited some of the cluster members in an attempt to pick a company to conduct a training course
on quality and production development. This one week training, which is under a program carried out by Japan International
Cooperation Agency - JICA, will work on improving the production and quality processes, conducted by a team of trained
experts, in cooperation with the company’s workers and under the supervision of Mr. Tamada.
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Edited By: Miss Iman Zubeidi &
Mr. Mohammed Husain
Contact Information
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +970 295 5565
PO Box: 2206- Ramallah, Palestine
Future Events and Projects
s the action plan was approved by the related committees, the cluster has started
with the implementation phase. For the time being three projects have started.
Those are: Costing and Pricing training (Will be conducted in August 2014), branding the
cluster (Will be accomplished in July 2014) and tanning training which will be conducted in
August 2014.
Soon other projects will be announced as well such as:
Lean Manufacturing program.
Shoe designing training.
Management and leadership course.
“Clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, service
providers, associated institutions in a particular field that are present
in a region. ”Michael Porter - Professor at Harvard University
Cluster Coordination committee meeting with Mr.
Pierre Paris, representative
of France Cluster
Public Private Dialogue - Tanneries
he Cluster is encouraging members to lobby government through a Public Private
Dialogue (PPD). The first meeting with the cluster manager on this issue concerns the
problem facing the Tanneries. The points to be presented to the first PPD meeting will
1– Access of the rawhide from Gaza.
2– Prohibit the exporting of rawhide.
3– Permission for importing of the rawhide.
4– Facilitate access to Sulfuric Acid.
5– Scarcity in the water supply.
6– New Palestinian regulations and procedures
to buy chemicals.
The date for this PPD is yet to be established
between the cluster and members of the MoNE and other ministries. We will report on the
outcomes in the next Newsletter!
Leather & Shoe Cluster
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