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Electronic Patient Caseload and Workforce Planning
Getting the right people, with the right skills, in the right place
at the right time within Community Care is a real feat.
Community care brings additional complications to workforce
planning through geographical issues and across multiple
care disciplines. eCommunity puts the patient’s needs at the
heart of caseload and workforce planning, whilst supporting
improved service delivery and efficiency savings.
About eCommunity
 Applicable for District
Nurses, Community Matrons,
Health Visitors and Specialist
An Overview of QES eCommunity
 Delivers both operational
caseload management and
strategic workforce planning
Assigning community staffing
effectively and predicting the
needs of the patients, both in the
short and long-term across
multiple teams is now a reality.
 Clearly identifies service
pressure points and the
available resources to
manage them
eCommunity enables team leaders
to match skills to patient’s need,
maximizing existing recourses
available to them.
Visibility and ease of diary
management offers patients more
choice around appointment times
with the aim to provide better care
continuity whilst reducing the
number of missed or duplicated
Predicting skills gaps and changes
in service demands is displayed
in live dashboards and therefore
can be planned for in advance.
Workforce planning comparison
between historical and live data
also informs commissioning and
skill planning within your service.
Alongside the day-to-day diary
management, information is
recorded to assist learning of
best practice within service
delivery and reporting for
business needs, eg for CQUINs.
The solution is fully hosted and
supported by QES through web
access and disconnected
(mobile) applications.
The background of eCommunity from QES
Originally a project grant funded by the QNI to support frontline staff
in Stockport NHS Foundation Trust. Their goal was to deliver a
digital diary system which enabled district nurse team leads to better
match skills to patient’s needs. The advantages realised over the
coming 18 months drew in the attention of neighboring trusts that
wished to adopt the developed solution known as DominiC.
 Increases available time to
deliver more services with
existing staff
 Reduces the number of
missed or duplicated visits
 Offers more patient choice
and continuity of care
 Delivers both live service
delivery reporting and CQUIN
 A fully hosted solution that is
accessed via the internet
supported by disconnect
mobile apps
For further details please call
Nick Chinn on:
01454 269576
QES have partnered with Stockport NHS to make the solution
available to other trusts in a supported, road-mapped and technically
future proofed environment.
Or e-mail :
[email protected]
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