Agreement - lx national qsl bureau

Agreement between the luxembourgish amateur radio associations „Association des
Radioamateurs du Kayldall a.s.b.l. (ADRAD Kayldall a.s.b.l.)“ and „Luxembourg
Amateur Radio Union a.s.b.l. (LARU a.s.b.l.)“ concerning a national QSL bureau.
The concerned associations establish a national QSL bureau for Luxembourg.
1.1. The object of the bureau is to promote the exchange of QSL cards (receipts between
amateur radio operators) and to elaborate and operate an infrastructure for incoming
(QSL IN) and outgoing (QSL OUT) cards.
1.2. The name of the bureau is „LX National QSL Bureau“.
1.3. The national QSL bureau is divided into an incoming bureau and an outgoing bureau.
QSL IN (incoming bureau)
The name of the incoming bureau is „LX National QSL IN Bureau“.
The ADRAD Kayldall a.s.b.l. will operate the incoming QSL bureau.
The incoming QSL bureau is based on absolute "hamspirit". Free access is granted to
incoming QSL cards for all amateur radio operators with luxembourgish callsign (prefix
2.4. Incoming QSL cards for amateur radio operators whose club membership is known will
be forwarded to the concerned club.
2.5. Amateur radio operators whose club membership is unknown, or who are not members
of a club can have their QSL cards after consultation. This is also possible for amateur
radio operators who are members of a club, provided that they notify this wish to the
incoming bureau.
2.6. The address of the incoming QSL bureau is: LX National QSL IN Bureau, c/o ADRAD
Kayldall, P.O. Box 26, L-3601 Kayl, Luxembourg
QSL OUT (outgoing bureau)
The name of the outgoing bureau is „LX National QSL OUT Bureau“.
The LARU a.s.b.l. will operate the outgoing QSL bureau.
Amateur radio operators who are member of the ADRAD Kayldall a.s.b.l. or of the
LARU a.s.b.l. can make use of the outgoing QSL bureau.
3.4. Amateur radio operators who are members of a different luxembourgish amateur radio
association can make use of the outgoing bureau if their association joins the national
QSL bureau and accepts this agreement in all respects.
3.5. The costs incurred by the sending of the QSL cards are allocated among the affected
amateur radio operators. Here, everyone pays a contribution proportional to the number
of his sent cards. The association in which the amateur radio operator is member can
take over a part these costs.
3.6. The outgoing bureau may demand a payment advance from the concerned amateur
radio operators.
3.7. Amateur radio operators who use the outgoing bureau give the cards to the QSL
manager of the outgoing bureau. A record is kept of the call sign of the sender, the date,
and the number of cards submitted to shipping.
3.8. The outgoing bureau sends QSL cards preferentially to foreign bureaus granting free
access to incoming QSL similar to the "LX National QSL Bureau" for all amateur radio
operators in the country.
3.9. The collected QSL cards will be handed over or sent at least once per year to the various
foreign bureaus. In cases where a low-cost shipping is not possible, cards will be sent at
least every 2 years.
3.10. The administrative address of the outgoing QSL bureau is: LX National QSL OUT
Bureau, c/o LARU, P.O. Box 85, L-9201 Diekirch, Luxembourg.
Amendments of this agreement are only possible under the following conditions:
4.1. Changes can only be performed when an absolute majority prevails (quorum > 50%).
Here, each signatory association has one vote. The two founding associations, however,
each have two votes.
4.2. Each association can leave this agreement at any moment. However, this must be done
in the sense of "hamspirit" so that the remaining associations suffer no damage. The
remaining associations define new rules by respecting the absolute majority.
4.3. The paragraph 2.3 is not negotiable and must be retained unchanged whenever this
agreement is changed.
4.4. The „LX National QSL Bureau“ is voided, if it has no member (luxembourgish amateur
radio association) for more than a year.