Responsible Raw for Vet ( product )

Responsible Raw Facts
New Study on
Raw Feeding
March 2014
Abstract: An email survey was conducted to
gather quantitative and qualitative data on
veterinary practitioners’ historical experiences
of advising raw food feeding to cats and dogs.
A seven point questionnaire asked for
numerical data followed by a request for
comments on the practitioners experiences.
Data was anonymized and collated on a single
Microsoft Excel spreadsheet ( available on
request ). 71 practitioners from 10 countries
with a combined raw feeding experience of
885 years, returned data from a total of
approximately 251,948 patients; 183,659 dogs
and 68,289 cats. Infectious disease cases
considered to result from a raw food diets
(RFD) were estimated at 28 (0.01%); dental
problems from RFD 667 (0.3%) and foreign
body blockages due to RFD 463 (0.2%) patients
of total. The percentage of healthy and sick
animals showing a subjective improvement
when moving onto a RFD was 84.5% and
85.8% respectively. Practitioners’ comments
qualify some of the data given and expand on
their experiences and recommendations to
veterinary surgeons. Although the
questionnaire had elements of ambiguity and
over-simplicity, this survey suggests
overwhelmingly that feeding raw food under
guidance from vets is safe in terms of infection,
dental disease and foreign body obstructions.
The great majority of animals in this study
demonstrated marked subjective
improvement in health markers when
moved onto a raw food diet.
Complete & Balanced
Nutritionally balanced and complete
raw pet foods are available today
Natures Menu is balanced and nutritionally complete
Natures Menu guarantees complete nutrition to FEDIAF
European nutritional standards – these standards are reviewed by
European institutions.
Natures Menu complete diets safely provide in excess of
15millon meals per year. As production volume 2013
Raw pet food in Europe must comply
with the EU Animal by-products regulation
1069/2009 and 142/2011 guaranteeing the safe
production of raw pet foods in Europe
(completely different from US raw products)
The EU regulations set :
Restricted list of raw materials which can be used in the
preparation of raw pet foods, Annex XIII,Chapter II, para 1
N.B. Our products are all gland free
Sets microbiological standards ( Salmonella ZERO TOLERANCE )
Requires all raw pet food producers to be approved and monitored
Annex XIII , chapter II, para 6
by the AHVLA (Animal Health Veterinary Laboratory Agency )
Our raw meats have been deep frozen at °18C
for more than 10 days which will address any
potential parasite issues.
Natures Menu is a registered raw pet food producer,
making raw pet food since 1981 and a member
of PFMA ( Pet Food Manufacturers Association )
Defra Approved
28/720/9200 ABP/PTF
Natures Menu raw pet foods are naturally
produced from meats which have been veterinary
inspected and passed fit for human consumption.
Natures Menu raw pet food is healthy and
completely natural in its ingredients and processing.
The clear labelling of Natures Menu
“natural” raw pet food is evident from the
easy to understand packaging.
Our natural pet foods
are free from . . . . .
• Preservatives
• Colouring
• Flavourings
• Gelling
thickening agents
• Added sugars
Natures Menu is actively promoting the development and knowledge of raw feeding.
If you would like to talk to an associate vet concerning any of the above or join our
veterinary development programme please contact our Communications Manager
Caroline Griffith free on 0800 018 3770 or [email protected]
Natures Menu Petfood,
Threxton Road Industrial Estate,
Watton, Norfolk, IP25 6NG,
United Kingdom